Paper Boy Special: Whizzer Motorbike

Although there was little separation between early 1900’s motorcycles and bicycles, motorbike kits would grow to be popular for bicycles in the 1940’s. Whizzer was one of those motorbike kits you could purchase to motorize your… more»

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Pocket Project: 1951 Crosley Hotshot

How many times have you wished that you had a cool classic car that you could squeeze into your garage?  With a little practice you could easily navigate this Crosley next to your lawn mower, bikes,… more»

Front Wheel Frenchman: 1949 Citroen Traction Avant

A favorite in France, the Traction Avant was a well received and quite stylish auto available to the masses from 1934 to 1957 with nearly 760,000 cars built. This particular car appears as a garage find,… more»

Gas Free: 1981 Ford Escort EV

As a general rule, you rarely want to have all of your exterior photos of a vehicle that you’re selling with the hood open. Maybe if it was a perfectly-restored engine ready for Pebble Beach or… more»

Vintage Rail: 1950’s Dragster Project

It is always a blast to seek and find unusual cars that have come up for sale. Projects often come to a close, leaving a void to have yet another project in our sights. For those… more»

Not A Hornet Or A Wasp: 1945 Hudson Pickup

Easily one of my favorite classic trucks, these Hudson Pickups are unmistakable with their unique styling. Appearing to be a worthwhile project with little rust present, this old pickup is a grand start to an uncommon… more»

Wiley Coyote’s Car: 1959 Edsel Ranger

Having thrown in the towel on trying to catch the road runner, this Wiley Edsel has been parked for quite some time. With a charming patina, and some neat hand pin striping, this Edsel was signed… more»

1966 Chevrolet Rough Camino

Desired by many, the 64-67 El Camino’s just don’t seem nearly as common as the later models. For someone who desperately wants one, this could be a possibility, but that possibility is going to come with… more»

Cheap Wagon: 65 Rambler Classic Cross Country

Stored away for 15 years or longer, this Rambler Classic Cross Country wagon is close to being a driver. Solid, with a touched up original appearance, this wagon has a great look, and packs a factory… more»

Cheap MK II: 1957 Continental MK II

Seemingly the perfect mechanical attire for a booming business man, the Continental MK II’s are stunning cars, offering posh looks and exclusivity. Often difficult to find for sale, and typically having a lofty price tag, this… more»

Garage Find: 1937 Plymouth Coupe

Simply described as a 1937 Plymouth, this coupe is carefully tucked away in a garage looking for a new home. Stunning in appearance, it is a mystery as to whether or not this one has been… more»

Swamp ‘Stang: 1966 Ford Mustang GT

Mossy, moldy, and a bit wet like swamp thing, this ’66 Mustang could use some help. Although parked 13 years ago, don’t allow its current appearance to deter you. Nearly more green than blue, this mustang… more»

Bubble Top Camper: 1968 Dodge A100 Camper

It would seem that as the week progresses that cool vintage camper vans keep showing up for sale. These Dodge A100’s are great looking vans, and offer a great use of space with a nice range… more»