Twin-Track Treat: 1974 Raider Double Eagle

As we’re on track (no pun intended) to get yet another foot of snow over the next day or so in the upper-Midwest, my thoughts always turn to Tucson. And after that, they turn to vintage snowmobiles, such as… more»

Never Ridden on Trails! 1974 Raider Eagle 400

This 1974 Raider Eagle 400 snowmobile is described as a lightly-used example, with the seller explaining that it was never used on trails but just across open fields on their family farm. The Raiders featured a unique design comprised… more»

Stored Since 1983: 1973 Raider 44TT

As someone who grew up in the golden age of snowmobiling – the 1960s and 1970s – anything unusual like this 1973 Raider 44TT is solidly on my radar. They’re rare and they usually end up being among the… more»

Minnesota Twin: 1972 Raider Twin Track

A snowmobile? On Barn Finds?! Is the new guy out of his mind? Wait, he’s from Minnesota, that explains it. The last gasp of winter has a choke hold on us as we’re getting 2″-4″ of the s-word here today…. more»