3 for 1: 1958 Ford Ranchero Trio

When Ford redesigned its automobiles for 1957, two additions arrived: the retractable hardtop and the coupe utility. The latter was considered a “gentleman’s pickup,” based on a 2-door wagon platform rather than the F-100. It would be successful enough… more»

What’s It Worth? 1979 Ford Ranchero 500

“Where comfort and capacity come full size”, says a Ford Ranchero brochure from 1979 showing these unique cars in all their glory. It truly does look like an LTD II with a pickup bed on the back, which I… more»

Donated To Charity: 1973 Ford Ranchero

Ford pioneered the “gentlemen’s pickup” in 1957 with the Ranchero. Based on the company’s 2-door station wagon, the product was more “civilized” that the F100 or other Ford trucks. Though different platforms and sizes were used over the years,… more»

Pickup Pair! 1970 And 1971 Ford Ranchero GT

When I stumbled upon a listing for a pair of Ford Rancheros I thought, hey maybe it’s a BOGO deal or a package arrangement. Nope, it’s a single listing advertising two similar cars but they’re still worthy of a… more»

One Owner Woodie? 1971 Ford Ranchero Squire

If you’re a fan of the days when the coolest station wagons had those faux wood panels running down the sides, perhaps the only concept I can think of that may one-up it (even if ever so slightly) is… more»

Fully Loaded: 1979 Ford Ranchero 351 Survivor

With 1979 marking the final year of production for Ford’s Ranchero, it wasn’t unusual for buyers to treat themselves by adding a few creature comforts to their new purchase. That is the case with our feature vehicle because its… more»

Custom Combo! 1965 Ford Comechero Pickup

When it comes to custom vehicles, it’s hard to say what’s more important, the vision or the skill set of the person making it, although both of course are vital.  We’ve featured a few custom trucks here on Barn… more»

Driver Quality: 1964 Ford Falcon Ranchero

The Ranchero began in 1957 as something of a “gentlemen’s pickup,” based on a car platform rather than a truck. It was full-size from 1957-59, then switched to the compact Falcon for 1960-65, and finally to the intermediate Fairlane… more»

Holman-Moody V8 Power! 1969 Ford Ranchero

The Ford Ranchero was a “gentleman’s” pickup that was based on three types of platforms during its 23 years on the market. This edition from 1969 is pretty rough and was a parts car at one point. That is… more»

Rare 1971 Ford Ranchero “Special Value Package”

While it never received the mainstream acceptance that its builders expected, the Ford Ranchero and Chevy El Camino were recognized as attractive propositions by a particular segment of the motoring community. While they didn’t possess the load-carrying capabilities of… more»

#111 Off The Line: 1960 Ford Ranchero

Ford launched the first “gentleman’s” pickup in 1957, a truck based on a car platform (2-door wagon). After selling 45,000 copies in three years, they went in a different direction for 1960 – basing it on the new Falcon… more»

Utility Coupe: 1962 Ford Falcon Ranchero

The Ranchero was the first of the “gentleman’s” pickups, which was based on a car platform rather than a truck. While it started as a full-size model in 1957, the Ranchero shifted to a compact when the Falcon came… more»

Nicely Restored 1969 Ford Ranchero 302

There are times when I look at vehicles like this 1969 Ranchero, and I wonder how a new version would sell if Ford were to produce it. Would it be a massive sales hit, or would it be a… more»

Simply Spotless: 1958 Ford Ranchero Custom

Vehicles like the Ford Ranchero represent an interesting compromise for the motoring public. They offer greater load-carrying capacity than you might expect to find in a sedan or station wagon but with greater comfort and refinement than most people… more»

Hot Rod Ute! Modified 1957 Ford Ranchero

The story famously goes that a customer wrote to car companies about how they needed a car to go to church on Sunday, and carry farm equipment on Monday. The “ute” was born, and Chevrolet cornered the market with… more»

428 Cobra Jet! 1969 Ford Ranchero GT

The fourth-generation Ford Ranchero GT with the R-Code 428 cubic inch Cobra Jet V8 was a rare truck when new. With an automatic transmission, production may have been as little as 100 units. This pickup seems to be in… more»