Saab 99

The Saab Collectors Overlook: 1969 Saab 99

Everyone is familiar with the Saab 96, 900, 9000, and the unique Sonnett.  However, the company also produced a very good, and larger, vehicle to share the showroom with the 96 called the Saab 99.  Many were produced but… more»

Rebuilt Powertrain: 1974 Saab EMS

OK, let’s momentarily ditch the sugary diet of GTOs, Mustangs, Chargers, et al. and take a look at what I would consider to be a quirky car, but one that had some spirited moves, a 1974 Saab EMS. OK,… more»

Ready To Race! 1977 Saab 99 Rally Car

When it comes to building race cars on a budget, Grassroots Motorsports has built more than a few, and apparently, back in 2008 they built this done-right rally car. The 1977 Saab 99 model, here on craigslist in Santa… more»

Dirt Cheap: 1972 Saab 99

If I lived closer to this 1972 Saab 99, I would be all over it. This represents a cheap and interesting project car that could stand out with a bit of work. Returning it to its former glory is… more»

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