Summer Driver: 1992 Saab 900 Turbo Convertible

Now’s the time to sell a convertible if you’ve got one in the driveway taking up space. Summer driving season is upon us, and cars like this 1992 Saab 900 Turbo convertible represent an ideal way to cruise with… more»

Cheap Hot Hatch: 1984 Saab 900 Turbo

When you sit around lamenting the rising price of enthusiast vehicles (like me), you can spiral around a whirlpool of despair – until you see a listing that reminds you deals for good cars are still out there, provided… more»

Cars and Parts: Pair of 1973 Saab Sonetts

The Saab Sonett was a 2-seat sports car built by the Swedish automaker between 1966 and 1974. The last edition of the automobile was the Sonett III which was powered by a 1700-cc V4 engine supplied by Ford. From… more»

Monte Carlo Yellow Duo: 1998 and 1997 Saab 900s

Two of something is not always automatically better than one, but it doesn’t necessarily hurt, either. And when you find two of a kind that happens to be quite rare, well – it gets even better. Now, that’s not… more»

1979 Saab 96 With Only 4 Miles From New!

Wow – we’re certainly a fan of low mileage vehicles on this page, but a mere four miles on the clock may take the cake as being one of the lowest ones yet we’ve seen for a car of… more»

Rare Early Saab: 1969 Saab Sonett V4

Saabs have always been sporty so for a sporty carmaker to make a sports car… well, you have to know that it’s doubly-sporty or somethin’. I’m not sure where I was going with that but the seller says that… more»

Bargain Swede: 1984 Saab 900 Turbo

This 1984 Saab 900 is a rare four-door with the turbocharged engine option, a powerplant typically reserved for the three-door hatchback. It’s hard to tell whether this photo is staged or if it just rolled out of storage, but… more»

No Reserve Driver: 1992 Saab 900 S

There’s something reassuring about finding a classic car that its owner offers for sale with a complete service history. That is the case with this 1992 Saab 900 S, and its overall condition helps explain why it has already… more»

Stored Since ’75: 1972 Saab Sonett III

The second owner of this Saab Sonett III removed the car from the road in 1975 and it’s been sitting in their garage near Fairfield, California ever since! Apparently, it’s time to pass the car on to a new… more»

Sporty Swede: 1969 Saab Sonett V4

1970-74 Saab Sonett IIIs come up quite frequently here on Barn Finds; I’ve written about three of them myself. Its predecessor, the 1967-69 Sonett V4, is not quite as common, with only 1610 produced over that three-year period. After… more»

Ran When Started? 1974 Saab Sonett III

Styling is always subjective. There can be agreement at either end of the spectrum, as in a knock-out look, or something that is so ugly it would make a freight train take a dirt road – but there’s a… more»

Show Winning Barn Find: 1969 Saab 96

This 1969 Saab 96 has a fascinating back story and has been stashed in a California garage for 12 years. The seller notes it belongs to his mother, who purchased the car as a lightly restored example in 1995… more»

32K Original Miles: 1985 Saab 900S Notchback

This gorgeous 1985 Saab 900 is a rare three-door notchback model made rarer still for having just 32,000 miles on the clock. The car appears to be a stunner with no significant cosmetic flaws and a spotless interior, not… more»

UK-Market Souvenir Edition: 1977 Saab 96

Saab officially entered the British market in the early ‘60s with the 96, their first model to be offered in right-hand drive. Over the years, Great Britain became the Swedish manufacturer’s second largest export market, the United States being… more»

Sitting 29 Years: 1974 Saab Sonett III

Considering their low production volume relative to other Saab models, it’s amazing how many Sonett IIIs have survived and can still be found for sale. Having only been writing for Barn Finds for a few months, this 1974 Saab… more»

Commemorative Edition: 1993 Saab 900 Turbo

When you think about a Saab, what model comes to mind? For many, a “Classic” 900 is the iconic Saab. The 900 debuted for the 1979 model year, and took Saab upmarket in the United States as an unconventional… more»