One Year Wonder: 1957 Pontiac Star Chief

The 1957 Star Chief Custom Transcontinental Safari has what may be the longest car name ever and was built for only one year by Pontiac. It had a mid-season debut that some might think of as a 4-door Star… more»

Airport Coach: 1961 Pontiac Catalina Safari

Given the attrition that occurs over 60 years, you don’t see all that many 1961 cars these days. But you almost never see one that was converted into a coach to transport passengers to and from the airport. Such… more»

Unfinished Project: 1957 Pontiac Custom Safari

When Chevrolet came out with what would become known as the “Tri Five” Chevies, that included the addition of the Nomad 2-door sport wagon. Pontiac would follow suite with its version called the Safari and – it, too –… more»

Survivor Wagon: 1970 Pontiac LeMans Safari

Before the Sport Utility Vehicle, there was the station wagon. They were popular throughout the 20th Century, especially the 1960s and 1970s. If you were looking for a mid-size people hauler with pizzazz in 1970, the Pontiac LeMans Safari… more»

Nomad Alternative: 1956 Pontiac Safari

Most car people remember the 1955-57 Chevy Nomad, a sporty 2-door station wagon that is in demand today due in part to low production. But not as many recall that Pontiac had its version of the same wagon called… more»

Rare 1957 Pontiac Safari Wagon Project

In 1955, Chevrolet and Pontiac pooled their resources to come up with a special line of 2-door station wagons. Chevy’s version would become the now-iconic Nomad, while Pontiac called theirs Safari. 65 years later, the Nomad is better known,… more»

Mad Max Inspired? 1998 Chevrolet Corvette

In the automotive world, trends tend to come and go quickly, but an emerging one at the moment is “Safari” customization, which involves adding a suspension lift, beefier tires, bumper bars, and other rugged accommodations to prepare unconventional vehicles… more»

Fly In Drive Home: 1989 Pontiac Safari

A lot of us like milestone vehicles, and by that, I don’t necessarily mean groundbreaking feats of engineering or drop-dead styling exercises. Sometimes it just means a first or last model year that a particular vehicle was made, this… more»

Wheeler Dealers: Mike Brewer’s 1971 Citroen Safari

I think if the Cat in the Hat drove a car, it would look like this 1971 Citroen Safari. Why? It just has those goofy looking proportions of an eight-door airport limousine from yesteryear – something that would fit… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1992 GMC Safari Van Touring Edition

What Makes It Special? I purchased this Safari when my 2nd daughter was born. I still have my 1985 GMC S-15 Jimmy (which is also perfect and has not been driven in over 20 years) that I purchased when… more»

18k Genuine Miles: 1979 Pontiac Bonneville Safari

Car trends can be very cyclical, and it wasn’t that many years ago that the large station wagon was a car that most would never consider as a classic. Times have changed, and the station wagons of bygone days… more»