Scout 80

Cheap Project: International Scout 80

There is no doubt that this is an early Scout but the seller does not know what year because he or she lost the title. International Harvester built the first generation Scout, called the Scout 80, from 1961 to… more»

Rot Free: 1963 International Scout 80

Things in the 1960’s were just simpler compared to today. One look at this 1963 International Harvester Scout 80 shows that sometimes simpler is better. This is a running and driving 57 year old 4WD that can still put… more»

Rustic 4×4: 1963 International Scout 80

This 1963 International Harvester Scout 80 is said to be in running condition although it looks like it was just pulled from a field. With mismatched colored body panels and tow bar, the Scout has survived 57 years of… more»

Restorable 4×4: 1963 International Scout

Here is an early International Harvester Scout 80. The 4WD truck is red with a black interior. With 4 days remaining in the auction, the 1963 Scout 80 can be seen here on eBay. The vehicle is located in… more»

Patina Driver: 1964 International Scout 80

This Scout 80 was originally owned by the US Department of Interior. It has lived out its 56 years in the dry Wyoming climate. The Scout is listed for sale here on eBay with three days remaining in the… more»