Three Pedal Performer: 1994 Ford Taurus SHO

Super High Output! What’s not to like? Finding a new domestic sedan in the late ’80s that was only available with a manual transmission was a total throwback – in a good way! Kudos to Ford for the Taurus… more»

Low Mileage Driver: 1993 Ford Taurus SHO

The Ford Taurus SHO remains one of the few limited-production performance cars that are seriously cheap to buy and not that much more expensive to own over the long term. This example wears attractive blue paint over gray leather… more»

America’s Answer: 1990 Ford Taurus SHO

The U.S. has an impressive track record building everything from family sedans to pick-up trucks, and of course, the best muscle cars money can buy. But when it came time to fight the super sedans from Europe, we didn’t… more»