1-of-19: 1953 Chrysler Special by Ghia

For some people, the Ghia name is immediately associated with a luxury trim level of some domestic Ford models. However, there is more to Carrozzeria Ghia than a mere badge because it has designed and produced bodies for concept… more»

All Original: 1956 Buick Special Riviera Hardtop

Cars from the mid to late 1950s were generally renowned for two things; flamboyant styling and rusting at an alarming rate. This 1956 Buick Special Riviera Hardtop is quite refreshing. Its lines are restrained by the standards of the… more»

Nicest One Around? 1956 Buick Special

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve really liked most of the muscle cars Buick offered, as in high school one of my friends had a ’70 Gran Sport that I can still vividly remember 40 years later how… more»

DIY Pickup: 1951 Kaiser “El Camino”

At first glance, this Kaiser looks like it may have once been a Manhattan sedan. But that nameplate didn’t move over from sister company Frazer until 1952. So, this 1951 Kaiser probably started life as a Special or Deluxe… more»

Weekend Special: 1940 Buick Series 40 Special

There’s nothing like finding a project car whose needs are so minimal that the new owner could tackle them at home over a couple of weekends. That is the tantalizing prospect offered by this 1940 Buick Special. It is… more»

Aluminum Block V8: 1962 Buick Special

After the introduction of the Chevy Corvair in 1960, other General Motors divisions would get into the compact game as well. Pontiac had the Tempest, Oldsmobile the F-85, and Buick the Special, all based on the new unibody Y… more»

Three Owner Barn Find! 1937 Buick Special

Even Buick’s entry-level Special boasted a super-smooth “straight eight” engine in 1937, and this 1937 Buick Special Series 40 in Caldwell, West Virginia could become special to a new owner soon. The long-stored, long-nosed Buick comes to market here… more»

47k Mile, Original Paint 1955 Buick Special

Fans of the classic “Highway Patrol” 50’s TV show know that the show’s star, Chief Dan Matthews (played by the gruff, fast-talking, fedora-wearing Broderick Crawford), drove many cars in its five-year run. But his ’55 black and white Buick… more»

Original Tires! 12,750 mile 1967 Buick Special

Finally, after decades of calculations and countless theories offered by science and science fiction, this Buick establishes, without question, that time travel exists. No other rational explanation accounts for the condition of this 1967 Buick Special, described as original… more»

Ran When Parked: 1948 Kaiser Sedan

Some of the most interesting cars that we come across for review are, I believe, what I would call fallen flag marques and Kaiser-Frazer certainly is one of the more notable. There are so many reasons why various different… more»

Custom 1950’s Road Race Coupe Special

In the world of custom builds, you’ve got a spectrum going from things like a rebodied Beetle to the wild creations of George Barris. Our feature today lies somewhere closer to George Barris, but with the apparent usability of… more»

Texas Barn Find: 1967 Buick Special

Offered on and off between 1936 and 1996, the Special was typically Buick’s lowest-priced model. The car is noted for introducing in the 1960s the modern Buick V6 engine that became a core motor at GM for several decades…. more»

Rare Find: 1954 Kaiser Special Two-Door Sedan

There are a lot of great things about the old car hobby, but surely one of them is that rare doesn’t always mean expensive. Case in point: this 1954 Kaiser Special. This two-door is located in Gilbert, Arizona, and… more»

23k Miles: 1974 Lotus Europa Special

The Lotus Europa was a mid-engine GT sports car that was built between 1966-75. “Federalized” versions of the car were built for the U.S. market but lost some of their aerodynamic characteristics in the process. The Europa Special, like… more»

Clean Low-Mile Barn Find 1951 Buick Special

Post-war United States saw the beginnings of ever-increasing vehicle sizes, chrome, highways, and luxury. A big, heavy, comfortable car was now solidly included in the idea of the American Dream, and General Motors was ready to fill that need… more»

Running Project: 1957 Buick Special

The Special was typically Buick’s lowest-priced car and represented a sizeable portion of their sales in the 1950s. This 1957 Special (aka Series 40-48) is a 2-door sedan with a V8 engine, likely a 364 cubic inch Nailhead. The… more»