Halloween Comes Early: 1979 Dodge Warlock II Pickup

Don’t you get mad when a car manufacturer names a new vehicle some inexplicable combination of numbers and/or letters?  What do all those letters and numbers mean, and do they mean anything to the purchaser?  Cars… more»

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1 Of 90: IMSA-Inspired 1980 Chevrolet Hugger Camaro

OK, first off, a “Hugger Camaro” is a real thing. According to BangShift.com, this regional special model came to life through a collaboration among Jacksonville, Florida Chevrolet dealers, IMSA racer Tom Nehl, Chevrolet’s Special Vehicle Department… more»

Sky Bird! 1978 Pontiac Firebird Sky Bird

Update 1/23/17 – The seller contacted us to let us know that since we posted this, they have removed the Buy-It-Now and lowered their reserve! They also mentioned that the show plaque is from sometime in… more»

Bombshell Betty: World’s Fastest 1952 Buick

A 1952 Buick Super Riviera is not exactly a car you would imagine being a Bonneville Land Speed Record holder, especially one that is powered by Buick’s famous but heavy straight eight engine. Bombshell Betty, perhaps… more»