Worth It Sooner Or Later: 1988 Ford Mustang LX SSP Coupe

Here at Barn Finds, we spend a lot of time writing about muscle cars.  Not many people care how many four door Ford Fairlanes were equipped with 390s, but you drop a fastback 1967 Mustang with a four speed,… more»

Georgia Pursuit: 1988 Mustang SSP

The more I read about Ford’s Special Service Package Mustangs, the more I want one. Lightweight from the factory and built in limited quantities, it just seems like a car you can enjoy everday while never losing a dime… more»

Cop Components: 1989 Ford Mustang SSP

The Ford Mustang Fox Body notchback remains one of my favorite muscle car designs ever to roll out of the showroom. Combine that with the rarely seen police model known as the Special Service Package like this example here on… more»

Four-Eyed Justice: 1986 Ford Mustang SSP

There are cars that I like and there are cars that I believe should be in every enthusiast collection. The Special Service Package Ford Mustangs fall into the latter category, as it rubs me the right way on multiple… more»

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