Barn Collapse Find: 1928 Star Coupe

It’s a Star! No, not that kind of Star but a “Star Car”. What’s a Star Car you ask? Well, it was a coupe designed to compete with the likes of the Model T Ford back in the late… more»

Tales From The Crypt: 1927 Durant Star

Most people have never heard of Billy Durant.  His influence in the automobile industry, however, is still with us today.  Durant was the man who founded General Motors, and designed the brand system that the company uses today.  Unfortunately,… more»

A Puzzle: 1926 Star Speedster

After Billy Durant, co founder of General Motors, was forced out of GM he founded Durant Motors. The Star Automobile was one of the Durant Motors Brands designed to compete with the Model T. They were built from 1922… more»

1925 Star Motors Model F: The T-Fighter

I love cars with interesting stories and history! This pair of Star Motor Company Model Fs not only have their own interesting history, the company that built them has a good story all it’s own. If you haven’t heard… more»