No Reserve! 1956 Studebaker President

We’ve covered a range of 1956 Studebaker Presidents in the past, including this example earlier this year that was purchased and then resold by a Barn Finds reader that shows how handsome these cars can be…. more»

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Command the Road: 1953 Studebaker Commander

Once or twice a decade it seems Studebaker was able to knock a home run out of the park. Bullet-nose Stude’s, Avanti’s, Presidents, and Larks all wowed car buyers when they were introduced, then were allowed to whither… more»

Rare Project: 1948 Studebaker M5 Pickup

This perfect-patina 1948 Studebaker M5 is the start of a great project.  For sale here on craigslist in Havre, Montana with an asking price of $4,900.  Studebaker trucks of this vintage are a double edged sword. … more»

Stude-What-O? 1981 Studemino

Have you ever dreamt about a car that you wish had been built but sadly never came to be? Well that could very much have been the driving factor of building this unique “Studemino”. Appearing to… more»

Twice A Barn Find: 1927 Studebaker Commander

This old Studebaker has an interesting history. The owner died and left the car to his sons who couldn’t decide who should get it. Without a solution as clever and wise as Solomon’s, neither won so they… more»

It’s The Champ! 1963 Studebaker Pickup

If you have been following Barn Finds for a while, you know I’m a pretty big fan of Studebaker pickups, although I have yet to pull the trigger on one. If this one weren’t so far… more»

Stored 43 Years: 1964 Studebaker Avanti

This round-headlight Studebaker Avanti sure looks the part of a garage find–it’s been sitting since 1974! I’m willing to bet a sizable portion of our readers weren’t even born then! It has been hiding all this… more»

Rare Rig: 1937 Studebaker J5 Coupe Express

This is what you get when you cross a Dictator and a pickup. It’s not the first sedan-based pickup, but it was introduced years before the Hudson Pickup, the El Camino and other car-based trucks. They didn’t… more»

Bird Of Prey: 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk

Studebaker always employed unique and interesting styling on their cars, and thanks is owed to Raymond Loewy for the Hawk. Born and raised in California, no harsh elements have ever reached this ’56. Having only two… more»

Champ In The Barn: 1962 Studebaker Truck

Studebaker built some great look trucks over the years, ranging from the flowing design of their late 1930’s Coupe Express to the brawny looks of this 1962 Champ. This dusty light duty truck has been parked… more»

Deco Dictator: 1937 Studebaker

Many things can be said about 1930’s America, but some of the automotive styling that was born during the Deco era really left a heavy impression upon American creativity and beauty. With a wide array of… more»

Sleek Prewar Sedan: 1941 Studebaker Commander

Off of the road for quite a while this ’41 Studebaker Commander appears to be a worthwhile project. Still wearing its original paint after 76 years, this sedan seems solid enough to hit the streets once… more»

1 Of 44: 1963 Studebaker GT Hawk R2

Long before the ’90s, when bolting a belt-driven supercharger to your 5.0 Mustang catapulted you to the status of neighborhood Car God, American auto makers experimented with superchargers, including the one in this 1963 Studebaker GT… more»