Supercharged Project: 1963 Studebaker Avanti R2

Whether then-president Sherwood Egbert really thought the Avanti could help save Studebaker is debatable, but legend has it that the concept of the car was born on a cocktail napkin. Rushed into production in 1963, the Avanti never reached… more»

1 of 7 Show Cars! 1964 Studebaker GT Hawk R2

The Studebaker Hawk enjoyed a long run through several variants from 1956 to 1964. The Gran Turismo (or GT) Hawk was the last incarnation from 1962 and 64 and was perhaps the most luxurious iteration, as Studebaker was trying… more»

49-Year Barn Find: 1964 Studebaker Daytona

In 1959, Studebaker needed a new car to help stave off the Grim Reaper. And it arrived in the form of the compact Lark, which would stick around through the end of Stude production in 1966. However, the Lark… more»

50k Mile-Cruiser: 1960 Studebaker Lark

Studebaker merged with Packard in 1954 to help preserve both brands. Yet by 1958, Packard was all but gone and Studebaker-Packard Corp. was hanging on by a thread. Enter the Lone Ranger, aka the Lark, a new compact that… more»

Bobby Darin Owned? 1962 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk

Between 1956 and 1964, Studebaker built several cars with the word “Hawk” in the name. The last was the Gran Turismo Hawk or GT Hawk. It was more formal looking than its predecessors, with styling cues that resembled both… more»

Grandfather’s Car: 1961 Studebaker Hawk

The Hawk series of Studebakers was born in 1956 and their design and styling are tied to the earlier Starliner coupes. From then until 1964, the variety of Hawks would be numerous, but in the 1961 model year, only… more»

Upgraded V8: 1954 Studebaker Commander Garage Find

By 1954, Studebaker was looking financially embarrassed. That’s a polite way of saying that it was losing money at an alarming rate. Management faced the choice of merging with another manufacturer or collapsing into bankruptcy. Eventually, a merger with… more»

Project Car: 1963 Studebaker Avanti

UPDATE 04/21/2022: The owner of this 1963 Avanti has learned the meaning of frustration. They previously completed what appeared to be a successful auction, only for the winning bidder to back out at the last moment. Therefore, they have… more»

1 of 519: 1964 Studebaker Avanti R1

As the story goes, the Avanti was conceived on a cocktail napkin by then Studebaker President Sherwood Egbert. From early 1961 to mid-1962, fast track development work was done to go from concept to a production-ready vehicle. Egbert had… more»

Post War Survivor? 1949 Studebaker Champion

From its beginnings in 1939, the Champion would be Studebaker’s price-leading model. It would remain in the company portfolio through 1958 when it was replaced by a new compact car, the Lark. The seller’s 1949 Champion is a very… more»

History Lives On! 1982 Avanti II

When Studebaker closed its South Bend, Indiana manufacturing plant at the end of 1963, everyone who had been following the new Avanti thought that was the end for the car. While Studebaker would keep building automobiles in Canada into… more»

Small Block Project Car: 1960 Studebaker Lark VIII

Studebaker beat most of the competition to the new compact market space by at least a year, introducing the new Lark in 1959. The car and its variants would remain in production through the demise of Studebaker auto production… more»

European Flair! 1963 Studebaker GT Hawk

The Gran Turismo Hawk (or GT Hawk) was the final evolution of the Studebaker Hawk series that began with the Golden Hawk in 1956. The most elegantly styled of the Hawk models, it was built between 1962-64 with production… more»

Not Many Left: 1949 Studebaker Commander Convertible

After World War II, Studebaker offered two automobiles, the Champion and the Commander, with the latter targeted at those who wanted a more upscale automobile. The first series would have a production run from 1947-49, which included the seller’s… more»

23K Miles! Rare 1955 Studebaker Speedster

Based on Studebaker’s well-known President model, the Speedster was a 2,200 copy, 1955 only model. Who knew? Well, some of you probably did but I missed this one. And, it’s claimed to have only experienced 23K miles! OK then,… more»

Hot Rod Coupe: 1953 Studebaker Commander

It’s a strange thing that Studebaker has the reputation that it does. In the popular imagination, the name can invoke a sense of the uninspired and stodgy. Yet Studebaker was, in many ways, a very innovative company, managing to… more»