Big Block Driver! 1987 Chevrolet Suburban

Trailering mirrors, cab lights, bumper protectors, 16 inch aluminum wheels, a front receiver, and a burly 454 under the hood help this 1987 Chevrolet Suburban stand out from the crowd. The tricked-out classic from Clearwater, Florida just logged a… more»

Clean As A Whistle! 1979 GMC Suburban 4X4

Looking like the cover of the 1979 GMC Suburban sales catalog, today’s find, a four-wheel drive Sierra edition is as clean and tidy an example as you are likely to find. While interest in GM’s “Square Body” (’73-’87) pickup… more»

No Reserve: 1946 Chevrolet Suburban Project

The Suburban holds its place in history as the longest-running automotive production nametag, not only at your Chevrolet dealership but also worldwide, so kudos to the folks at Chevy for offering a vehicle that’s evolved over the years to… more»

One Family 1965 Chevrolet Suburban Carryall 4×4

The seller’s father bought this 1965 Chevrolet Suburban new, and the highly original 4×4 runs and drives and “needs nothing.” The Clackamas, Oregon classic can be yours with the high bid here on eBay, where at least 12 suitors… more»

79K Mile Survivor: 1987 Chevrolet Suburban 2500

While large, truck-based SUVs have moved upmarket into luxury territory in today’s marketplace, there was a time when they were considered to be a job site-rated truck that pull double duty as a family hauler.  Chevrolet’s “Square Body” Suburbans… more»

BIG Rat Power! 1973 GMC Suburban

Nothing says 1973 like a butterscotch hue! And when it’s sprayed over something the size of a GMC Suburban – well, that’s a lot of butterscotch! Known as a “Super Custom”, this 1973 Suburban presents pretty well but shows… more»

Cool Patina! 1972 Chevrolet Suburban

The seller says it took him 15 years to pry this 1972 Chevrolet Suburban from the hands of the original owner, and after a close look around I can definitely appreciate its charm, but now after all that effort… more»

No Reserve! 1989 Chevrolet Suburban 4X4 5.7 Liter V8, Rare Manual

This handsome beast, for sale on eBay, is a 1989 Chevrolet Suburban in good original condition. The bidding is up to $9499, and the vehicle can be driven away from Spokane, Washington. The Suburban’s roots go back to 1935… more»

Extraordinary History: 1927 Cadillac 314 With Air Brakes

Cadillacs of the mid-1920s were influenced by a new designer who left Stanford University to work at his father’s firm, Earl Automotive Works – Harley Earl. The family firm was purchased by Don Lee Cadillac, of Los Angeles. Earl… more»

Resto-Mod: 1948 GMC Suburban 6.0 LS V8

Hot rods and their resto-mod cousins are so idiosyncratic that selling one for a reasonable price can be a long shot. Either someone else’s vision comes close to yours, or it’s so far off that you won’t even look… more»

Barely Used! 1999 GMC Suburban SLT K1500 4X4

Shiny and clean, this 1999 GMC Suburban SLT K1500 4X4 in Wichita, Kansas shows a mere 106,000 miles on the odometer. These sturdy steeds regularly reach a quarter million miles on their original powertrain, and this generation of the… more»

In Storage 50 Years! 1952 GMC Suburban Military Ambulance

Did you know that the Chevy Suburban has its own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame? I kid you not. Since 1952 (when it wasn’t called an SUV), GM’s big Suburban has “starred” in over 1,750 movies and… more»

Remarkably Well Kept: 1988 Chevrolet Suburban Silverado

Trucks are huge in the collectible market.  However, finding original condition trucks in great shape is difficult.  Thanks to our ever vigilant reader T.J., we have found one of the nicest vintage Suburbans in the United States.  You might… more»

Suburban Carryall: 1950 Chevrolet 3100

The Suburban nameplate originated in 1935 and survives today as the longest continuously used automobile nameplate in production. The third generation appeared in 1947, part of the first post-war vehicles offered and based on the Advance Design series of… more»

1985 Chevrolet Suburban 4×4 6.2 Diesel

This seemingly museum-quality 1985 Chevrolet Suburban Silverado in Spokane, Washington comes to market as a never-restored, barely used, and highly original people hauler! In addition to the Detroit Diesel V8, this 3/4 ton Suburban comes loaded with the Silverado… more»

Blank Slate Ambulance: 1940 International Harvester Woody

The story goes that, due to the steel shortage during World War II, manufacturers began using wood as replacements for body panels. Hence, the “woody” was born. The style maintained popularity throughout the decades, even so much as starting… more»

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