Hold That Tiger: 1966 Sunbeam Tiger

In discussing with a professor why the British had such a hard time waging war in North America during the 1700s, he remarked that they didn’t understand the distances.  Everything in England and Europe was fairly… more»

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EXCLUSIVE: 1976 Sunbeam Imp Restomod

Update 6/22/2017 – After emailing the seller about his asking price, he decided to set an asking price of $15k. Considering he spent about $12k just on the engine, this seems like a great buy! Seller… more»

1965 Sunbeam Tiger Project

A humble Sunbeam Alpine might not normally get your blood going, but this isn’t just any old Alpine. This is a V8-powered Tiger! Carroll Shelby had a hand in its creation and there’s a Ford engine… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1966 Sunbeam Alpine V6 Swap

Seller Description: Very rust free car, most of the body work is done, new windshield, new convertible top, new seat covers, new wiring plus a hardtop. Registered in Massachusetts. It runs and drives very well. It’s equipped with… more»

Hold That Tiger: 1962 Sunbeam Alpine

What a ray of sunshine this car is, which is fairly coincidental with it being a 1962 Sunbeam Alpine. This Series II car is listed on Collector Car Ads in Olympia, Washington with an asking price of… more»

Build an Alger: Sunbeam Tiger + Alpine Projects

When I first glanced at this Sunbeam Alpine / Tiger duo project, I thought for sure the blue car was the Tiger and the red one was the Alpine. Nope – turns out the blue coupe… more»

Two Sunbeams On The Wall!

Thanks to Mike F for this intriguing find. Normally a posting on craigslist with so little information or pictures would not be very interesting, but $3,000 for these 2 Apine bodies with a lot of parts… more»

Glamour Shots: 1963 Sunbeam Alpine

It really is amazing what quality photos can do for an old barn find! This Alpine wouldn’t look nearly as appealing if the photos had been taken on a side street in the middle of the day… more»

Grrrrrr! Mostly Original Sunbeam Tiger

It’s rare to find a survivor Sunbeam Tiger; so many have been modified both nicely and not-so-nicely if you want an original one they are hard to find. But that’s what we have here! Located in… more»

V6-Powered 1962 Sunbeam Alpine!

It’s probably safe to say that we would all love to own a Tiger someday. I’m not talking about the striped variety though. I’m talking about the V8-powered Sunbeam that was built between ’64 and ’67!… more»

The Beamer: Modifed 1953 Sunbeam Talbot

I’m not sure how to treat this one. The seller has a history of restomodding old classics to a high standard; the predecessor to this project brought $55,000 at an auction in 2008. So unlike some… more»

Undercover Find: 1965 Sunbeam Imp!

I’m going to call this an “undercover find”, because it’s been kept under cover for the past ten years waiting to be put back on the road again. Not only that, it’s a pretty unusual car… more»

All Wound Up! 1961 Sunbeam Alpine

This 1961 Sunbeam Alpine looks remarkably straight, and being a California car for a while is pretty solid as well. There will need to be some minor dent repair, but I don’t see anything beyond the… more»