4,195 Original Miles? 1987 Suzuki Samurai

“Questionable” is a word that comes to mind when reviewing this listing for a Suzuki Samurai that the seller claims has under 5,000 original miles. The Samurai, in general, has become a favorite of 1980s collectors given the novelty… more»

Homebuilt Offroader! 1948 Crosley on a 1987 Suzuki Samurai

Crosley was an American manufacturer in the first half of the twentieth century, specializing in subcompact affordable cars for the masses. The Suzuki Samurai was the North American version of the Suzuki Jimny and was basically a smaller, lighter… more»

No Reserve Survivor: 1996 Suzuki X-90 4×4

The Suzuki X-90 was not the sales success that the company had hoped for when it was new, but today the little Japanese off-roader has developed its own dedicated following. This 1996 model is a tidy survivor that needs… more»

Original Unrestored 1975 Suzuki RE5 Rotary

I’ve had a few unusual vehicles in my life but I’ve never owned anything with a rotary engine. I may need to step outside of my comfort zone, life is too short as we all know. This 1975 Suzuki… more»

Tin Top Survivor: 1987 Suzuki Samurai

The Suzuki Samurai continues to appreciate nicely as a classic Japanese SUV that had decent off-road chops but is also perfectly happy as an in-town cruiser. Surprisingly, the seller bought this rare “tin top” – meaning, hard top –… more»

33K Miles! 1992 Geo Metro Convertible

We’ve had a resurgence of non-spring-like weather here in the upper Midwest lately with temperatures in the 40s, but most of the country is ready for convertible season, I know that I am. This super clean badge-engineered drop-top is… more»

Saved from the Trails: 1987 Suzuki Samurai Special Edition

This may look like a lost cause, but it actually may be a good news story for a special Suzuki Samurai being saved from becoming yet another aggressive off-road build. This is a rare 1987 Samurai Special Edition, send… more»

Super Sammy: 440-Powered 1986 Suzuki Samurai

The Suzuki Samurai has long been a favorite of fans of vintage Japanese cars and the off-road crowd for years, as it’s equally appealing as an affordable trail bruiser and an appreciating youngtimer classic. But one thing it’s never… more»

Mild To Wild! Midwest Projects

In the middle of Iowa lies a very eclectic collection of vehicles. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the collection, but there’s no doubt that almost anyone could find a cool project here. It’s unclear from… more»

Jimny Barn Find: 1972 Suzuki LJ20

It’s easier to buy a loaf of bread rather than to make your own. That’s sort of what Suzuki had in mind when it wanted a 4×4 and purchased an existing company, Hope Motor Co., which had come out… more»

Never This Nice: 1986 Suzuki Samurai

Not too long ago, more than a few of us would have found it surprising if the crystal ball of car valuations pointed to a Suzuki Samurai closing in on $10,000 on eBay. But in recent years, many collector… more»

Kei Convertible! 1992 Suzuki Cappuccino

The word “kei” in Japanese has multiple meanings and translations to English, but kei cars are synonymous with compact bodies and small engines, that get good fuel economy and fit into tight spaces. This particular one is up for… more»

Fuel Injected & AC: 1993 Suzuki Samurai JL

Suzuki’s Samurai found success in global markets as the Jimny, but unfortunately, that was not the case in the United States. Partially due to its cheaper price tag, the Samurai originally outsold its most notable competitor, the Jeep Wrangler…. more»

Big Personality: 1989 Suzuki Alto Works RS/X

We all know at least one person who is short in stature but huge in personality and bravado. I’m the exact opposite and I sometimes wonder if it would be more fun to go through life shorter but with… more»

Mazda + Suzuki = 1992 Autozam AZ-1

There’s no mistaking this 1992 Autozam AZ-1 as being from Japan. It has almost everything going on in the design department, yet it somehow all works together. This highly-unusual Kei zoom-zoomer can be found here on craigslist in the… more»

Jumpin’ Jimny: 1972 Suzuki LJ20V

Legend has it that when Suzuki dignitaries were visiting Scotland during the period before bringing the LJ10 to market, somewhere along the way the translation got messed up and the name of these vehicles went from Jimmy, their intended… more»