Little Ninja: 1987 Suzuki Samurai

This tough little bruiser just has fun written all over it. Rugged, 4X4, economical, shaped like a Lego, worn in enough to be able to enjoy and not worry about. Beach, trail, commute, it can do… more»

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The Other GTI: 1989 Suzuki Swift GTi

There are certain cars that I will absolutely concede are past the point of saving – even cars that I love. It’s easier to make this determination when thinking about production volume, and how many of… more»

Memphis Mudder: 1972 Suzuki LJ20

Jumpin’ Jimny, this is a nice looking rig. This is a 1972 Suzuki LJ20, better known as a Jimny in other markets. This one is listed on eBay in Elvis country – Memphis, Tennessee – for… more»

No Reserve Castaways: Cheap Projects on eBay

One of my favorite sellers on eBay tends to get a lot of donated, abandoned and tax write-off vehicles in their yard, and while most of the cars are completely forgettable, there’s always a few that… more»

Mighty Tiny: 1986 Suzuki Mighty Boy

Do not adjust your set, this 1986 Suzuki Mighty Boy SS40T pickup is really this small, about 10.5 feet long. If you have a tiny load to haul and you like unusual Japanese vehicles, this is one… more»

Funky 4WD: 1961 Nash Metropolitan 4×4

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m normally a purist by heart. I normally prefer vehicles that are either original or restored to original specs. In the case of this 1961 Nash Metropolitan 4×4, I would have… more»

Domestic Or Foreign? Which Monster For You?

Yes, I know some of you will say none of the above, but play along with me. Pretend that you have to bring one of these two honking tall hybrids home–which one would you choose? The 1963… more»

Little Big Box! 1980 Suzuki Kei Class Van

I must have just beaten Scotty to writing this one up, so I’ll try to do it justice! This tiny little big box (you’ll understand in a minute) has been recently imported from Japan. It’s waiting… more»

Ran Good 7 Years Ago: 1970 Suzuki LJ10

For reasons I can’t get into here, old Japanese tin is becoming a bigger part of my life. For years, I’ve been all BMW, all the time, but interests are changing and some of these oddballs… more»

All-Original 4×4: 1972 Suzuki LJ20

Here’s one that’s literally in a barn, or at least a pole building, which may be considered a barn, especially when it’s filled with spectacularly-restored tractors like this one is. It’s a 1972 Suzuki LJ20 and… more»

Trail-Tested Time Machine: 1987 Suzuki Samurai JX SE

This is a bit newer than we usually show here, but it’s unusual enough, and nice enough that I thought I’d take a risk! The 1987 Suzuki Samurai JX SE seen here is in Carlsbad, California… more»

Pair of Scare: 1969 & 1970 Suzuki T500 Titans

Thanks to Jim S. for sending in this tip! Here is a pair of bikes, 1969 & 1970 Suzuki T500 Titans, that will both need restoration. They’re in the Gem City – Dayton, Ohio – and are listed… more»

Gold Medal Original: 1966 Suzuki S32-2 Olympian

This small bike is in the Big-D: Dallas, Texas. It’s a 1966 Suzuki S32-2 Olympian and it’s listed on eBay with a bid price of just over $1,000 and almost three days left on the auction. The… more»