“T” Ya Later: 1923 Ford T-Bucket

The definition of a “hot rod” is broad and deep.  Anything from a modified late-model car to a vintage belly tanker can be an example.  However, when you mention the term, most people think of what is commonly known… more»

T-Bucket Time Capsule: 1921 Ford Model T Hot Rod

Hot rod builders by definition build something new with old parts.  One of the most common hot rods built was what came to be known as the T-Bucket.    Built with a Ford Model T roadster body, everything else… more»

Bucket List: 1922 Ford T-Bucket

This 1922 Ford T-Bucket has been sitting for two years. The owner admits that he has become tired of the vehicle, so has decided to sell it. His loss could well be your gain, and I would like to… more»