Get Your Special Edition Barn Finds T-Shirt!

During our last run of t-shirts, a number of you asked if we could offer a shirt with Barn Finds text on the front and the BF logo on the back. So, we’ve decided to do a special run… more»

Get Your Limited Edition Black Plate T-Shirt Today!

With springtime comes spring cleaning! We were just doing some cleaning around the Barn Finds Office and we discovered a treasure trove of our limited edition California Black Plate t-shirts. So, I guess you could call these cabinet finds!… more»

Get Your “Back To The Barn” DeLorean T-Shirt!

UPDATE 11/14/16 – Today is your last chance to order this design! FROM 11/12/16 – We have watched a lot of low-mileage DeLoreans come out of storage lately so when Barn Finds reader Jon S sent in this t-shirt… more»

Get Your Sunken Samba T-Shirt!

UPDATE 7/25/16 – We’ve extended the ordering deadline to tonight! FROM 7/19/16 – We’ve sold quite a few t-shirts this past year, but we haven’t been very consistent in coming up with new designs. We are going to try… more»

T-Shirt Tuesday: The BF Rally Mustang!

If you’ve followed this site for a while, then you probably recognize the Mustang on this new t-shirt. That’s the car Josh and I took to the rally over in Oregon! We had a blast with that car, so… more»

Get Your Superbird T-Shirt Today!

With all the winged Mopars popping up, I thought this might be a good idea to relaunch our Superbird t-shirt! So here’s your chance to get this popular design. This one will be screen-printed on a Petty Blue colored… more»

Get Your Patriotic Barn Finds T-Shirt Today!

Today is a special day here in the United States. It’s a day in which we honor those who have died sacrificing for our country. We salute all those living and dead who have served in the military. To… more»

Last To Chance To Get Your “Wild4Wedges” T-Shirt!

Surprisingly, we’ve had sold quite a few t-shirts since we started offering a new design each week. Guess there aren’t a lot of people who are actually wild for wedges though because this one has been a dud. Perhaps… more»

Like Wedges? Get Our TVR Inspired T-Shirt!

If you’ve been following along as we bring our TVR Tasmin back to life, then this silhouette may look familiar. The shape may not be for everyone, but once you see one of these cool little sports cars in… more»

Save 10% On Your “Field Day” ‘Cuda T-Shirt!

To celebrate our recent acquisitions (TVR, Spitfire) we have decided to offer a discount on our “Field Day” t-shirt for a limited time. We are accepting orders through Sunday and you can use the coupon code READER10 to save… more»

Have A “Field Day” With This T-Shirt!

A field find ‘Cuda may not look like much, but to a Mopar enthusiast it looks like a “Field Day”! This one will be screen printed on a high quality 100% cotton t-shirt and prices start at $17 plus… more»

Last Chance To Order Your “All Smiles” T-Shirt!

This is just a quick reminder that today is the last day to order your “All Smiles” t-shirt. We aren’t going to offer this one in the same color combo again, so if you like the design on red,… more»

“All Smiles” Bugeye Sprite T-Shirt

It may not be the fastest thing on the road, but when you’re behind the wheel of a Bugeye, you’re ALL SMILES! We’ve wanted to do a Sprite inspired shirt for a while now, so we are excited about… more»

Second Chance: Black Plate T-Shirt

We’ve had many requests for more of our “Black Plate” t-shirt, so we are going to go ahead and run another batch. These are silk-screened on high quality Gilden shirts and prices start at only $15 + shipping. Get… more»

Do You Like Your T-Shirt?

With the exception of some of our international readers, everyone who ordered one of our t-shirts should have received it by now. We were surprised by the good response received when we started selling shirts, but we wanted to… more»

T-Shirt Batch #2 Has Shipped!

Our latest batch of t-shirts turned out great and we are happy to report that they have all shipped. If you ordered a shirt than you should have received an email containing a tracking number. This was a big… more»