1-Of-676: 1992 Ford Tempo GLS 2-Door

The 1992 Ford Tempo was not a car that was designed to get your pulse racing. It was a car that was adequate as a daily driver, but the 1992 GLS V6 did offer a welcome boost in performance…. more»

Unlikely Survivor: 45k Mile 1985 Ford Tempo GL

For a car to make the cut here at Barn Finds, it needs to be interesting, rare, iconic, or preferably, all of the above. With more than 300,000 examples rolling off the production line in 1985 alone, the Ford… more»

Strange Survivor: 28k Mile 1992 Ford Tempo GL

Although labeling it as a classic might be stretching the friendship a bit, this 1992 Ford Tempo GL rates as something different right now, and has the potential to be something a bit special in years to come if… more»

Never Seen One: 1958 Tempo Madator

As some of you have likely seen, one of my favorite aspects of vintage car culture is asking the question of, “How did it get here?” That’s certainly the case with this 1958 Tempo Matador, a German-made utility van… more»

What Is That Thing? 1959 Tempo Rapid

This thing looks for all the world like the love child of a Volkswagen Type 2 pickup and a catfish! It’s actually a Tempo Rapid, possibly the only one extant in the U.S., and while it needs a full… more»

Never Seen One: 1956 Tempo Viking Matador Van

I admit having to look this one up! Tempo made a large variety of small commercial vehicles in Germany and elsewhere, with the Viking Matador (big name for a small vehicle!) being made from 1953 to 1963 according to… more»

Oddball Truck: 1957 Tempo Matador

There is nothing like discovering a vehicle that you previously didn’t know existed. Well this 1957 Tempo Matador is the first I’ve ever seen, as a matter of fact I’ve never even heard of the German manufacture Tempo. This… more»

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