Ambitious Project: 1959 Triumph TR3

The TR3 successfully replaced the TR2, resulting in nearly 75,000 assemblies between 1955 and 1962. The cars were changed little over time and the TR3A and TR3B were unofficial variants of the evolving design. This 1959 edition is said… more»

Estate Sale: 1969 Dodge Charger R/T and More!

It’s sad when you see someone’s entire world being auctioned off. That’s because no one else loved that stuff like the deceased, and the memories he/she once had are all but lost. Case-in-point is this upcoming auction in Ashland,… more»

Parked In ’84: 1958 Triumph TR3A

One of the great subsets of our hobby is that of postwar British sports cars.  Triumph, MG, Austin Healey, Sunbeam, Morgan, and others all came to market after the war with two-seat sports cars.  Each accomplished the role in… more»

Beautiful But Needy: 1960 Triumph TR3

One of the more iconic British sports cars is the Triumph TR3.  Remembered for its cut-down doors and jaunty good looks, the TR3 has but one enemy: rust.  If you are looking for a handsome, easy-to-work-on British sports car,… more»

Parked in The 1980s: 1957 Triumph TR3

Classic British sports cars from the 1950s and 1960s make ideal candidates for a novice considering their first restoration project. Their elegantly simple engineering means that dismantling these vehicles to the last nut and bolt is straightforward for those… more»

Still Runs: 1957 Triumph TR3 Project

Hankering to step into a stalled British roadster project? Here on craigslist is a 1957 Triumph TR3, partially dismantled four years ago for a brake job that was never completed. I think that’s plastic or a windshield laying over… more»

Needs a Bonnet and Windshield: 1960 Triumph TR3

As a kid growing up in the 60’s, I vividly remember seeing my first Triumph TR3 (and a red one at that). I fell in love with its classic British roadster looks and its low-slung styling that made it… more»

Forest Find: 1958 Triumph TR3

Many moons ago, when I was spending most weekends in my shop working on car restoration, a friend tipped me to an MGA roadster located just off Wilsonville Road, near Woodburn, Oregon. I didn’t even change from my coveralls,… more»

Take Your Pick! California Cache of Cars

Most cars in a collection have something in common. Makes, models, production years, and body styles are just some of the things that collector cars may share. But in this case, the eight vehicles offered here on craigslist seem… more»

30-Year Barn Find: 1958 Triumph TR3

The TR3 was a British sports car (aka roadster) built between 1955 and 1962, sandwiched between the TR2 and TR4 models. These machines used plexiglass side glass for windows and were quite successful in rallies across Europe. This ’58… more»

1959 Triumph TR3 With Factory Hard Top

In 1952, Standard Motor Company needed a new sports car to replace the Triumph 2000. A gap in the marketplace had opened up, between MG’s tiny Midget series at the low end, and the Jaguar XK 120 at the… more»

Easy Project? 1958 Triumph TR3A

The Triumph TR3 was a British sports car built between 1955-62. It succeeded the TR2 model with greater power and improved braking. The TR3A was a slight evolution to the TR3 but was never an official model. This ’58… more»

Double the Fun: A Pair of Triumph TR3As

Owning a classic roadster is something to which many aspire, but to have two on hand means one has graduated from enthusiast to collector. If ever you wanted to become a member of this particular club in one fell… more»

Sitting For 45 Years: 1957 Triumph TR3 Project

It’s always nice to have a few options available when considering the question of a project build. That is what is on offer with this 1957 Triumph TR3. The car has been parked for the past 45-years, but the… more»

Our 1960 Triumph TR3A Needs A New Home

We recently found a new project and need space in our garage, so we’ve made the hard decision to let one of our other projects go. Since it’s the closest car to being finished, we’ve decided our 1960 Triumph… more»

Final Model Year: 1962 Triumph TR3B

The Triumph TR3 was a British sports car built between 1955-62. It was an evolution of the company’s  TR2 and had more power and better braking capabilities. The “TR3B” is an unofficial name given to the final year of… more»

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