Tri-Power Bubble Top: 1961 Pontiac Ventura

The GM 2-door hardtops with the thin C-pillar are often referred to as “bubble tops” and were a one-year-only body style for Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and Buick in 1961. However, Chevy would use it a bit longer. This ’61 Ventura,… more»

GTO Clone: 1974 Pontiac Ventura Shed Find

The GTO is credited with starting the mid-size muscle car craze in 1964. But a decade later, higher insurance premiums, more stringent emissions controls and rising gas prices signaled the end of the line for the GTO (and others… more»

400 V8 Hot Rod: 1974 Pontiac Ventura

The third generation of the Chevy Nova was selling so well that Pontiac clamored for and got their own version of it. They would call it the Ventura II beginning in 1971 and it would differ little except in… more»

Worth Saving? 1974 Pontiac GTO

The GTO was a hot property in the 1960s, but by 1974 it was an option package on the compact Ventura. That would be its last year until a brief resurrection in 2004 on an Australian-based GM model. This… more»

Rare Double Optioned: 1975 Pontiac Ventura SJ/Sprint

Ventura is a name that Pontiac used twice in its 85-year history. Its second go-around was based on an X-body architecture which was the underpinning for the Chevrolet Nova. Novas to this day are still commonly found, the Ventura?… more»