Late Production Survivor: 1980 VW Beetle Convertible

When it comes to air-cooled Beetles, the most desirable cars are either super early or very late. This 1980 VW Beetle convertible falls into the latter category, seemingly one of the last cars produced and showing… more»

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Flower Shop Truck: 1974 VW Thing

This 1974 VW Thing is just how a Thing should look: tired, weatherd paint, knobby tires and a vintage motif on the removable doors. Freshly-painted Things are a major turn-off for yours truly, as adventure vehicles… more»

Hippies Love Biodegradables: 1969 Volkswagon Camper

Occasionally, a vehicle is tied to a time, an event, or even an era by history.  While not as influential as the Beetle, the Volkswagen Van and its camper variant was as integral a part of… more»

Fun In The Sun Bug: 1974 Beetle Special Edition

This little rusty number has all the elements of an original Special Edition 1974 Sun Bug – including a (partial) original deck lid emblem, the correct Hellas Sun Gold Metallic paint scheme and matching gold Lemmerz… more»

It’s All For Sale: Collection in Bridgeport, CT

This listing on eBay is very hard to decipher, and at first glance, it’s just for a camper top with no truck to pull it. Dig a bit deeper and it looks more like the clean-out… more»

Texas Oval Well: 1957 Volkswagen Beetle

  If you ask just about any Volkswagen fan what they wish they could find, their choices will always be an Oval, a Split, or a Kombi. Although time marches on, nice “original” condition cars are… more»

Package Deal: VW Karmann Ghia & BMW 2002

We tend to be wary of sellers that set hard-to-reach terms in their advertisements, so tread carefully with this one: a package deal-only sale of a 1974 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia and a a 1972 BMW 2002. Both… more»

Original Everything: 1958 Volkswagen Beetle

This VW was parked in a nice dry storage unit in 1982 along with the family’s other treasures. Can you imagine the conversation? “What are we ever going to do with all that junk in the… more»

Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder: 1962 VW Beetle

One look and you know – you either love it, or hate it. This 1962 Original Paint Beetle is primed to be that classic Rat Rod you’ve dreamed about. And the owner claims it’s in good… more»

German Surf Wagon: 1957 Auto Union Universal

The last time I saw a DKW/Auto Union was in the flesh during the failed Vermont junkyard excursion of 2016. On that trip, the most interesting car in the yard was what I believed to be… more»

One Owner Survivor: 1970 VW Sunroof Bug

Volkswagens, especially the Beetle, have been part of our culture for many years. Some of us have fond memories the familiar clatter of an underwhelming VW engine and the meandering progress across the landscape of our… more»

GT40 Wannabe: 1968 Fiberfab Avenger GT

Listed as a “Ford GT40 replica,” this Fiberfab Avenger GT-12 is more inspired by the GT40 than it is designed to look like it. It is very clear that this car is not a replica, but… more»

Canvas Roof Baja: 1963 VW Beetle

The seller of a Baja-ized air-cooled Beetle claims he knew of this car for 40 years and finally rescued it from the barn that fell in around it. Strange to see it get sold so quickly… more»