Volkswagen Barn Finds

Street Legal Buggy: 1976 Allison Daytona

There are many classic cars that get a backseat and suddenly lose everything that made them visual stunners. I hate to pick on an obscure car like this 1976 Allison Daytona dune buggy, but this is a case of… more»

Westy Alternative: 1975 Volkswagen Riviera Camper

When it comes to Volkswagen’s beloved Type 2 Bus, most people are familiar with the Westfalia camper vans, a conversion commissioned by VW itself. However, other coachbuilders made camper conversions for the Type 2, such as this 1975 Volkswagen… more»

Perfect Panel Project: 1959 Volkswagen Bus

This 1959 Volkswagen panel bus has a little bit of rust and will need a tow because it has been parked for a number of years and is not running. At the time of writing, the bid price is… more»

Oval Window Sleeper: 1957 Volkswagen Beetle

The owner of this 1957 VW Beetle Oval Window refers to it as an older restoration, but I would probably call it a refurbishment. Certainly, what occupies the engine bay today is enough to grab your attention when you… more»

Nicely Preserved: 1970 VW Beetle Convertible

This 1970 Volkswagen Beetle convertible is said to be a genuine 48,000 mile example, and it looks quite nice in pictures. The Bug is being sold due to a family illness, and the seller claims it runs straight and… more»

Classic Convertible: 1958 Volkswagen Beetle Karmann Kabriolett

It certainly isn’t too late to grab hold of a classic convertible and enjoy some top-down Summer cruising, and perhaps this 1958 Beetle Karmann Kabriolett would be a great option for those on the search for a true classic…. more»

932 Original Miles! 1967 VW Beetle

This 1967 Volkswagen Beetle is said to have been part of a family collection since new, seeing very limited use that kept its mileage to a mere 1,500 kilometers. If I’m reading the listing correctly, this is a German… more»

Stunning Type 34: 1968 VW Karmann Ghia

The Type 34 Karmann Ghia, to me, is one of the most beautiful cars Volkswagen has ever produced. Offered in limited quantities and never officially in the United States, good examples are few and far between. This car appears… more»

1-Of-400! 1974 VW Thing Acapulco Edition

If you’re an Air-Cooled Aficionado, you need to see this! It’s a special edition one-year-only car, and it’s available here on craigslist near Tempe, Arizona. Thanks go to Ikey Heyman for suggesting it!

Oklahoma Barn Find: 1969 VW Single Cab

UPDATE 7/11/2019 – The seller of this Single Cab apparently wasn’t happy with the lackluster bidding it received, so they’ve now relisted it here on eBay. This time they have set an asking price of $15,900. It seems a… more»

Cheap Split Window: 1965 Volkswagen Beetle

Scan the listing for this pretty 1965 Volkswagen Beetle. Did it take you a second to spot the word “graft” and understand its significance? It did for me, as I was all too excited to gloss over the fact… more»

Surprisingly Straight Panel Van: 1959 VW Bus

Usually, when a vintage Volkswagen Type 2 comes up for sale, we start the usual lament of how cool the early ones are but oh-my-G0d-look-at-the-rust. This 1959 model may not be pretty from the outside, but it’s surprisingly solid… more»

23 Years Owned: 1988 VW GTI 16V

In general, the second generation of Volkswagen’s U.S. lineup has all but disappeared from U.S. roads. They’re not showing up in junkyards, either, and the hot versions of the standard Golf and Jetta – the GTI and GLI –… more»

World Traveler: Overland Build 1970 VW Bus

While we respect the right for everyone to sell a car or truck of their choosing for any reason and at any time, I don’t think I could ever part with a vehicle with a history like this 1970… more»

Fjord Blue Driver: 1959 Volkswagen Beetle

While the movement among VW faithful to give their cars the rat-rod treatment is hardly new, it’s hard for me to ignore a well-done air-cooled. This 1959 Volkswagen Beetle isn’t over the top in its use of patina to… more»

Junkyard Find: 1969 Volkswagen Beetle

With over a 21 million Beetles sold, you’d think the junkyards would still be littered with them. When was the last time you saw one though? We hadn’t seen one in a long time so when we spotted this… more»