Turnkey 1978 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

Some classics are undeniably cool, and this 1978 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible fits that mold. Its overall condition is impressive, and its interior bears little resemblance to what owners received with earlier versions. There are Convertibles that are faster and… more»

Sun Bug Edition; 1974 Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle

The Sun Bug was a special edition of the venerable Volkswagen Type 1 (aka Beetle). It was offered from 1973 to 1975 as either a sedan with a metal sunroof or a typical convertible. All the photos online show… more»

No Reserve: 1964 Volkswagen Beetle “Show Car”

Describing any classic as perfect is risky because an in-person inspection almost invariably reveals minor flaws or defects. However, the seller states that the supplied photos fail to do this 1964 Volkswagen Beetle justice. The owner left no stone… more»

Baja Champion Edition: 1972 Volkswagen Beetle

Here’s a special edition I have legitimately never heard of before today: a Baja Champion edition Volkswagen Beetle, apparently sold to commemorate the company’s successes in Baja off-road racing in the late 60s and early 70s. The package is… more»

Super Sleeper: 1972 Volkswagen Beetle

Building a sleeper vehicle is like a rolling form of art, where a visionary seeks to keep the outside appearing as stock and unassuming as possible, attempting to thwart the focus of an unexpected level of performance hiding under… more»

Mod Kustom: 1963 Volkswagen

Just when you think you’ve seen it all – you discover you haven’t. Jeff found us this handmade fiberglass … buggy? jalopy? … motorcar built on a 1963 Volkswagen chassis, listed here on facebook Marketplace, with an asking price… more»

The Original Dune Buggy: 1969 Meyers Manx

Ever since we were kids, we have been admonished to recycle and repurpose whenever possible.  While it is nice to think that we are making a difference, often, we don’t see the results of our efforts. However, Bruce Meyers… more»

Bright Orange 1972 Volkswagen Beetle

If you were a teenager in the 1970s or 1980s, there’s a fair chance you tooled around in a VW Beetle. That’s because zillions of them were around and they were cheap as dirt. Detroit finally began to seriously… more»

No Rust, Just Dirty: 1972 VW Beetle Convertible

“No rust, just dirty…very solid!” That’s how the seller describes this 1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle Convertible. I’d like to know the story behind this Bug and why it has been sitting and accumulated all of that dust for so… more»

Barn Find “Thing”: 1974 Volkswagen Type 181

Who remembers the VW Thing, a 4-door Jeep-like vehicle that was sold in the U.S. for only a couple of years? Inspired by similar military equipment and using existing VW parts and components, the VW Thing has developed something… more»

BF Auction: 1955 Volkswagen Beetle

This auction has been pulled for now. Thanks for all the interest! UPDATE – Additional photos of this Beetle have been added to the gallery below, including photos of the floor pan and previous rust repairs. Few automobiles have… more»

Patina Bug: 1966 Volkswagen Beetle

Some enthusiasts find the prospect of owning a pristine classic attractive, while others find the lure of a car dripping with character irresistible. This 1966 Volkswagen Beetle could be a hot prospect if you fall into the second category…. more»

On Or Off Road Fun: 1978 VW The Thing Baja

The Volkswagen Thing has roots going back to the West German Army before it became available for civilian purchase back in 1968, and it’s truly one of those vehicles that sort of defies description, in written words anyway.  But… more»

Original Paint! 1970 VW Type 3 Fastback

Though the Beetle was the most popular VW back in the earlier decades of the brand, it wasn’t just Bugs that were adorning our roadways, as the Bus was also a popular choice along with a few Karmann Ghias… more»

Matching Numbers Oval: 1955 Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle remains a hobby and classic car standard with a following that seems to withstand the test of time. To me, this is one of the more redeeming qualities of this well-loved model: decades after its introduction,… more»

BF Auction: 1966 Volkswagen Beetle

UPDATE – The seller made some adjustments and the clutch noise went away so they have relisted the Beetle with a lower reserve! Being forced to part with a classic project due to circumstances beyond your control is a… more»

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