Volkswagen Barn Finds

Aircooled Camper: 1980 Volkswagen Westfalia

Earlier this week, I wrote about a project Volkswagen Type 2 Bus, which is one of the most fabled vehicles of its type. It’s successor, the Volkswagen Vanagon (T3), offers many of the same qualities in a slightly more… more»

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Panel Project: 1963 Volkswagen Type 2 Bus

As one of the most popular vehicles of its type, it is hard to find an affordable specimen of Volkswagen’s Type 2 Bus that doesn’t require a full-blown restoration. This running and driving 1963 Volkswagen Type 2 Bus that… more»

Lime Green & Running! 1969 Bradley GT II

This find is definitely not for someone that doesn’t want attention! As far as stares per dollar, you won’t find much more value than this Bradley GT II listed for sale here on eBay. Currently, the bid is up… more»

Dashing Diesel: 1980 Volkswagen Dasher Hatchback

Most folks are familiar with Volkswagen’s Passat, a midsize vehicle which the company has sold globally since 1973. Even though the Passat name made its way to the United States for the 1989 model year, the automaker sold the… more»

No Reserve ‘Rocco: 1985 Volkswagen Scirocco

While it doesn’t earn a ton of praise from enthusiasts, I’ve always enjoyed Volkswagen’s Scirocco sports coupe, which was available in the United States from 1975 to 1988. While it is mechanically similar to other Volkswagen models from the… more»

Field of Dreams: Massive Classics Junkyard in Kansas

This seller of literally acres of sunburnt classics has access to two full yards of vintage tin, and has been advertising his wares on craigslist and eBay for months now. This latest posting on craigslist is a means of… more»

Camper Conversion: 1984 VW Vanagon

This 1984 Volkswagen Vanagon is a standard van model that was previously converted into a camper with all the Westfalia package trimmings, sans pop-top roof. The interior features some smart upgrades to make living the van life possible without… more»

Restoration Worthy: 1958 Volkswagen Beetle

This 1958 Volkswagen Beetle isn’t perfect, but it’s a numbers-matching example that has seemingly survived largely intact. It will need some rust repair in areas you can’t see from the outside, but the overall condition would seem to support… more»

Original Paint: 1963 VW Beetle

This 1963 Volkswagen Beetle is back for its second go-round on eBay, and it’s hard to see why it didn’t sell the first time. It’s an original paint survivor wearing great colors and equipped with some nice options, like… more»

Ran When Parked: 1960 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

If you haven’t already noticed, air-cooled German classics are currently hot items. While most people are hunting for Porsches, their VW siblings are great affordable alternatives. If you want something that looks more sporty than a Beetle, then a… more»

A Helicopter, Harley Servi-Cars And More!

Estate sales can be a very fine way to spend an afternoon, especially if the estate owner was a gearhead. Sometimes, the sale itself can be fairly boring, consisting mostly of old appliances and furnishings. But when a listing… more»

What The? 1961 VW Short Bus

If you are looking for an instant attention-getter or conversation piece, check out this super short VW bus! It was supposedly built in California in the mid-1980s and spent a lot of time in Arizona after that. Currently located… more»

Porsche 944 Hoard Hiding in South Carolina!

Incredible finds have a way of showing up when you least expect them! And that was the case for Reader Scott H and his recent find. While house hunting in South Carolina, he drove past a warehouse with a… more»

Worth Fixing? 1963 Volkswagen 15-Window Bus

Thankfully, some of the insanity around air-cooled VW Buses has seemingly calmed down. Like so many other vehicles that get white-hot for a moment, there’s a period when even terrible examples still fetch crazy money, and you have to… more»

Rescued And Running: 1971 VW Beetle

It’s no surprise that people toss away perfectly good cars on a daily basis. I know this for a fact, as I’ve now rescued three vehicles from junkyards, and while all of the vehicles had some needs, two of… more»

No Reserve Westy: 1978 Volkswagen Bus

This 1978 Volkswagen Bus is genuine Westfalia model with the pop-top camper roof and the complete assortment of cooking and lounging equipment inside. The exterior is rough in places and cosmetics are definitely a priority for the next owner,… more»