Stylish 9 Seater: 1958 Dodge Sierra Wagon

A classy and stylish station wagon is often a dream come true for many of us, especially when equipped with a factory V8. Appearing like a derelict field find, this ’58 Dodge Sierra is a runner… more»

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Plymouth Rock: 1964 Valiant Wagon

Thanksgiving has arrived, and there are many things to be grateful for including this rock solid surviving Valiant wagon. Very clean on the outside while needing a little help on the interior this classic station wagon… more»

Short Work: 1966 Chevrolet Gasser Wagon

Even without photos of the side of this car and just one overall exterior photo, it’s still easy to see that this 1966 Chevrolet Chevy II wagon is a shorty and a gasser, and possibly a… more»

Beautiful, Cheap Survivor: 1987 Dodge Van

Having owned and driven Dodge vans for all of the 1980s and into the early-90s, this one really caught my eye. Thanks to Matt W. for sending in the tip for this great-looking 1987 Dodge Ram… more»

2 of 2400: 1952 Mercury Woody Wagons

Woody’s are considered to be quite rare as these fine works of art always didn’t age as gracefully as their sheet metal brethren. Often difficult to find one, this seller appears to have two 1952 Woody… more»

1963 Dodge Dart Muscle Wagon

Classic V8 wagons aren’t exactly difficult to find but, a stick shift V8 wagon is a not so common treat like this ’63 Dart wagon. Packing a 360 V8 and a four on the floor, this… more»

Exner Designed Wagon: 1960 Dodge Matador

Mopar offered some interesting and unique styling in the early 1960’s like this ’60 Dodge Matador wagon. With space for the whole family, and fins that would catch the eye of any Cadillac fan, this wagon… more»

Cheap Driver: 1966 Ford Country Squire Wagon

After a 13 year hiatus spent in a field, the seller of this ’66 Country Squire revived this great looking wagon, and is now offering it in running and driving condition. Although driveable, this wagon could… more»

Cheap Wagon: 65 Rambler Classic Cross Country

Stored away for 15 years or longer, this Rambler Classic Cross Country wagon is close to being a driver. Solid, with a touched up original appearance, this wagon has a great look, and packs a factory… more»

V8 and Air Conditioning: 1972 Dodge Coronet Wagon

Here it is wagon fans, the extremely clean, reasonably priced, air conditioning equipped wagon that you have been looking for. There is even a V8 under the hood of this low mileage wagon! All of these… more»

Expedited Shipping: 1955 Chevrolet Handyman Wagon

Delivered from the Western part of the USA, this ’55 Handyman wagon is currently set up as a hot rod “delivery.” Ready to drive with a V8 and a 4 speed, this wagon has great beginnings… more»

Cheap Wagon Alert! 1971 Chevrolet Kingswood

“Cheap” and “wagon” are two of my favorite words and it only gets better when the two words are paired together. In fair condition and offering a nice “original” appearance, this Chevrolet Kingswood is ready to… more»

Two Door Toaster: 1951 Nash Station Wagon

Although these Nash’s are known for their bare bones simplicity, their styling is magnificent and extremely eye catching. Considered a true “Barn Find” by the seller, this toaster like wagon is a fairly solid survivor that… more»