Pickup Conversion Candidate? 1952 White 300 COE

COE projects are always so compelling. The art deco design is extremely attractive, and you know that trucks like this White 3000 will look absolutely killer when someone builds a high-quality rat rod out of it. And while commercial-grade… more»

Midwest Junkyard Stash? Montana Solid Iron Collection

There’s an interesting collection that’s being cleaned out in Montana, with a mixture of project vehicles stored indoors and sprawling fields of classics outside. The seller doesn’t provide much in the way of background, but it does seem like… more»

Studebaker Powered 1948 White-Buick Rat Rod

This one is hard to categorize, or even name. What is it?! It’s a 1948 White Super Power cab that’s married to a 1960 Buick Invicta sedan rear and it’s powered by a 1953 Studebaker engine. Whatever it is,… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Vintage Trucks from the Georgia Collection

As part of the large Georgia collection we’ve featured here on Barn Finds as an Exclusive, I wanted to create a post specific about some of the vintage trucks that are available. The trucks tend to drive the most interest, and… more»

Patina’d Cab Over: 1953 White 3000

Cab-over trucks occupy a unique place in the vintage vehicle market, as their innovative design keeps trucks like this 1953 White 3000 on the radars of enthusiasts looking for a slightly larger restoration project. Despite their crudeness compared to… more»

Coast Runner: 1953 White 3000

While I’m not much of a truck guy, I do love old White commercial haulers. This 1953 White 3000/Model 3022 PLT semi-tractor is hanging out in Oregon, where its tired paint and mossy coating offer some indication as to… more»

Crazy Cabover: White 3000 COE Sleeper

COE or Cab Over Engine trucks were a staple in the trucking industry for decades.  They were partially developed due to length limits imposed by the government for commercial vehicles.  By placing the cab over the engine you can… more»

Possible Pair: White 7400 and 4000

Ever feel the need for a big rig? How about two of ’em? How about two big rig cab projects that need practically everything? Well, your prayers could be answered based on this listing here on craigslist for a 1960 and… more»

Looks Cool: 1920 White Bread Truck

The White company first produced sewing machines then steam powered cars and then switched to gasoline power in 1911. After World War 1, they switched from producing cars to trucks and buses. Perhaps the best remembered vehicles of the White… more»

Stub Nose: 1955 White Truck Cab

I don’t normally get into the patina or rat rod scene, but this truck is begging to have its desert-blasted surfaces captured in clear coat and then dropped a bit closer to earth with some widened steel wheels and… more»