Cool Custom: 1951 Willys Woody Station Wagon

If there’s one thing that I’m pretty sure of, it’s the fact that when this 1951 Willys rolled off the production line, its designer would not have… more»

Visit to RI Junkyard With Fellow Barn Finders!

Recently, we profiled a Cadillac Eldorado coupe which had been photographed several times over the years as part of large junkyard collection in Rhode Island. You can… more»

Hemi Powered 1933 Willys Coupe Garage Find

Reader Mike C just found one of the coolest hot rods finds that we’ve seen in a while. This 1933 Willys Coupe was stashed away in a… more»

Restored 1951 Willys Station Wagon

While the truck market is growing in popularity, and Jeeps are always desired, this 1951 Willys Station Wagon is a best of both worlds scenario. Currently at… more»

Peugeot Diesel Swap: 1962 Willys Pickup

I like this seller straight away: he starts with the bad news first as it relates to this 1962 Willys pickup he has for sale. Fortunately, the… more»

Former School Bus: 1947 Willys Station Wagon

When I was a wee little one, my kindergarten school bus driver had one of the few non-bus options available in the form of a bright yellow… more»

Lark Parked Since 1963: 1952 Willys Aero-Lark

As a base model car, this 1952 Willys Aero-Lark sure had some modern features that would be found on cars that came a few years after it…. more»

Success Story: More Sales from the Georgia Collection!

While I haven’t updated you all with any new listings recently (that will change in January), we continue to move classic inventory from the Georgia collection Barn Finds is… more»

All Original Driver: 1949 Willys Jeep

Although FJ40s and Suzuki LJ-series trucks tend to get more attention from collectors, it’s hard to deny that the early Willys Jeep was effectively the American version… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1960 Willys Pickup Project

As some of you likely know, I am helping to clear out a large collection of salvage and project vehicles from a private owner. You can read more… more»

Volunteers’ Rig: 1955 Willys 4×4 Fire Truck

I can’t recall ever seeing a fire department with a rig this nice, but perhaps this 1955 Willys really did look this good when it was new…. more»

50 Year Barn Find: 1943 Ford GPW

This 1943 Ford GPW has been hiding out in the back corner of a UK barn for fifty years. Making it a touch more interesting is that… more»

Don’t Restore It: 1946 Willys CJ2A

One of the first vehicles to find a new home in the large Georgia collection we’re helping to market was the highly original Willys CJ2A. It’s not… more»

Ready for Power! 1960 Willys Custom Flatbed

The previous owner of this cool Willys flatbed started an engine swap, but it was never completed. This particular truck is a 1960 and can be found here… more»

Reader Ad: 1939 Willys Ute

Our good friends over in Australia might be able to find a Willys Ute, but over here in the States, you just don’t find any late ’30s… more»

Is This 38 Special? 1952 Willys M38A1

An old soldier not quite yet ready to retire is this ex-military 1952 Willys M38A1 or Willys MD that is on auction here on eBay in Terre… more»

Ace In The Hole: 1954 Willys Aero Ace DeLuxe

The Willys Aero was such an interesting car. These cars really had a strong aircraft theme with their model names and some features like aircraft-inspired dash control… more»

Coal Miner’s Daughter: 1949 Willys CJ-2A Jeep

When I saw this ad, the first thing that came to mind was the 1980 movie Coal Miner’s Daughter. The movie is the life story of country… more»

Same Family Since ’53: 1946 Willys CJ2A

In a few days, the 1949 Willys Jeep from the large Georgia collection we’re helping clean out will be on its way home with a new owner…. more»

FC Find! Jeep Forward Control Truck Collection

From 1956 to 1965 Willys Motors produced various models of the Jeep Forward Control truck in what turned out to be a modestly successful attempt to expand… more»

BF Exclusive: 1949 Willys Jeep

As some of you likely know, I am helping to clear out a large collection of salvage and project vehicles from a private owner. You can read… more»

Meant For A Metalworking Michelangelo: 1941 Willys Coupe

Look at any old school drag racing pictures and you are likely to see a few prewar Willys coupes.  Compact, lightweight, and good looking, these cars were… more»

Beach Find: 1961 Willys Gala Runabout

It’s not uncommon to find an old Jeep in a barn, but this particular one is a different story! This is a rare Gala Runabout model and… more»

Brazilian-Built A108: 1966 Willys Interlagos

We often turn our noses up at replicas, realizing they’re a far cry from the genuine article and fail to deliver the driving experience promised by their… more»