The Salvatore Salerno Special?

Who knows why guys decided to build their own cars in the 1950s! Of course, the availability of fiberglass incited considerable creativity, but still, it took a special person to tread that path – cobbling together a brand-new car… more»

Make Local Deliveries! 1963 Jeep FJ Fleetvan

Most people associate the Jeep brand with small, off-road vehicles that date back to World War II. But did you know that Willys Motors and Kaiser-Jeep were also in the delivery van business? They built the little FJ Fleetvan… more»

Just Out of Storage: 1953 Willys Overland Station Wagon

In Witold Rybczynski’s new book The Driving Machine, he discusses the genesis of the Willys Overland station wagon, a very nice 1953 example of which is here on Facebook Marketplace in Grace Valley, California. After the complexity and maintenance-heavy… more»

It’s Not a Jeep! 1953 Willys Aero

When you think you the Willys brand, you likely have visions of the venerable Jeep that was built in huge numbers during and after World War II. But they were also in the automobile business for a time, including… more»

Incredible Patina: 1978 Jeep CJ-5

People talk about patina all the time but rarely with a good sense of the distinction between what makes a vehicle honest and loved versus unrestored and neglected. To me, patina carries much more weight when the vehicle in… more»

Post-War Civilian Jeep: 1947 Willys CJ-2A

At the close of World War II, Willys-Overland introduced a civilian version of the military Jeep they had built a countless number of in the 1940s. Dubbed the CJ-2A, it differed from the Armed Forces version only slightly, with… more»

Post-War Survivor: 1948 Willys Jeep CJ-2A

Did you ever wonder where the Jeep term “CJ” came from? It stands for “civilian Jeep” as Willys was transforming the war-era workhorses into commercial applications. The CJ-2A was an early example, in production from 1945 (as WW2 was… more»

Private Collection in Vermont For Sale!

This is one of the more interesting collections we’ve seen come up for sale, and the irony is not lost on me that it’s located in Vermont. With an impressive collection of Volvo 240s along with some vintage American… more»

Military Ambulance: 1965 Willys Jeep M679 Project

The M679 was a military variant of the FC-170, a “Forward Control” Jeep by Willys. In this case, it used a van body with two cabin doors and no side windows, fitted for use as an ambulance. We’re told… more»

Supreme Example! 1962 Willys Interlagos

Stunning and smartly refreshed with a mixture of retained original and new parts, this 1962 Willy Interlagos makes a rare American offering as it comes to market here on Barnfinds classifieds. The Costa Mesa, California classic comes from the… more»

Déjà Vu: Stash of Mopar Project Cars

If you think you’ve seen some of these cars before, you may have. Some of these autos were on the market in 2018 (yep, five years!) and featured here on Barn Finds and have returned – along with some… more»

38K Miles? 1952 Willys Aero Ace 2-Door Sedan

The Willys (pronounced Willis) Aero, sometimes seen as Aero Willys, should be more popular than it is. It personifies post-WWII design and naming conventions in America, and they’re just plain cool. This 1952 Willys Aero Ace is posted here… more»

Just Out of the Barn: 1953 Willys Aero-Lark Sedan

The 1950s were a race to excess among the major American car makers. Cars grew longer, wider, and more elaborately trimmed. Marketing intensified the fight for primacy; take a look at this ad for a 1955 Pontiac Star Chief… more»

Off-Road Warrior: 1959 Willys/Jeep CJ-5

The Willys CJ series of offroad vehicles had an impressive post-war run of 42 years. CJ stood for Civilian Jeep and evolved from the war effort transports that served our military (and country) so well. This CJ-5 is from… more»

Shop Find: 1951 Willys Wagon

Researching Willys Wagons for this article left me with one overwhelming impression: this vehicle has attracted serious restomod efforts. With hardly any effort, I found one Willys with a 283, a couple 289s, one 302, several 327s and 350s,… more»

BF Auction: 1953 Willys Aero

UPDATE – The seller was able to fix the fuel leak and replaced the hand brake cable. The fuel system is now working as it should with no leaks and the hand brake functions properly! The seller has provided… more»

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