Rare Cat: 1988 Jaguar XJ-SC

In 1975, Jaguar introduced its grand touring luxury car, the XJS. Against all odds, the model was successfully managed through more than twenty years of production. Its rough start began in the engine bay, where the decision to give… more»

One Owner Rarity: 1988 Jaguar XJ-SC

Automotive history is littered with compromises, and the 1988 Jaguar XJ-SC perfectly demonstrates this. The company was keen to regain some ground lost due to the demise of the E-Type Roadster. However, there were rumors that US legislators were… more»

6,554 Genuine Miles: 1988 Jaguar XJ-SC

The Jaguar XJ-S suffered the same fate as so many cars to emerge from the strife-torn British Leyland concern. That problem was that when it was new, it wasn’t particularly good, and by the time it was good, it… more»