Still In The Crate: 1988 Yamaha XV250 Route 66

Here’s another motorcycle for the in-a-crate series here on Barn Finds. Actually, this one has been for sale in the past and is on the market yet again, here on eBay in North Hills, California, and there are no… more»

Pinky: 1992 Yamaha TY250R Trials

As with golf, racking up points in a trials ride is a bad thing. No points, good. Points, bad. Having an interesting motorcycle doesn’t hurt either, and this 1992 Yamaha TY250R trials bike is listed here on eBay in… more»

Still In The Crate: Zero-Mile 2001 Yamaha YZ250

Being brand new and still in the crate sure seems to be making a difference in the bid price of this 2001 Yamaha YZ250. Having zero miles on a vehicle is pretty unusual, when you buy a brand-new vehicle… more»

Two-Stroke ATV: 1995 Yamaha Banshee 350

Still ranking among the best ATVs in history and a favorite among many riders, Yamaha’s Banshee is a powerhouse relative to its normal appearance. I mean, other than the bright purple and yellow paint scheme on the 1995 models…. more»

Two-Stroke 21-Incher: 1971 Yamaha R5B 350

I still think of Yamaha as the king of two-stroke bikes from the 60s and 70s. Ok, Yamaha is one of the kings of two-stroke bikes from the 60s and 70s. The seller has this 1971 Yamaha R5B 350… more»

Youth-Oriented ATV: 1984 Yamaha Tri-Zinger YT60

A lot of us older adults did things as kids that would make parents today cringe. It’s a wonder that a lot of kids have any fun at all today – or the type of fun that involves riding… more»

Two-Stroke Survivor: 1964 Yamaha YG-1 80

Small, vintage motorcycles can be addicting. To paraphrase the classic slogan of a certain potato chip, I betcha can’t buy just one… small, two-stroke motorcycle, such as this 1964 Yamaha YG-1. This bike is posted here on craigslist in… more»

Yamahauler Tribute: 1971 Dodge B100 Van

The early-1970s were what I consider the beginning of the adventure decade. Bicycles, especially ten-speed bikes, and downhill skiing were big sporting activities. Another one that really caught me by the neck would be motorcycles, especially offroad motorcycles. This… more»

Parked 30 Years! 1986 Yamaha Big Wheel 80

The nostalgia factor may hit some of you right in the feels when you check out this listing for a pair of Honda big Wheel BW 80s. The seller has gone into his parents’ barn and dug out this… more»

Japanese Spec Superbike: 1984 Yamaha RZV500R

Made only for the Japanese market, this 1984 Yamaha RZV500R was created to pay homage to a similar motorcycle – the YZR500 – that well-known motorcycle Grand Prix racer Kenny Roberts rode to victory in the early-1980s. The seller… more»

Two Stroke Survivor: 1971 Yamaha CS3 200

Most of us started our lifelong love of motorcycles on a small CC bike. Whether it was a Honda 50 or a mini bike with a pull starter, not many of us were riding huge motorcycles as our first… more»

Yamaha’s Last Real Enduro? 1973 Yamaha RT3 360

I was never a big math fan even though I somehow made it through college and was and still am a licensed architect. At least geometry is something that most people can wrap their heads around compared to calculus…. more»

Second Fiddle? 1982 Yamaha Tri-Moto YT125

Seemingly always playing second fiddle to Honda, like Burger King is to McDonald’s or everything is to Amazon, Yamaha made some very nice motorcycles. I have two, at least, that I can think of off-hand. This 1982 Yamaha Tri-Moto… more»

Original Big Wheel: 1985 Yamaha BW200

I never really thought about it before, but with the 1980s being an era when where starting and owning a business was a real goal for a lot of people, even the names of a couple of motorcycles reflected… more»

Giant Killer: 1975 Yamaha RD350

This zippy little hornet surprised many much larger bikes back in the mid-1970s, and it wasn’t just the trail of blue smoke that was left behind from its two-stroke engine. This 1975 Yamaha RD350 was known as a giant… more»

The Other One: 1985 Yamaha YT125 Tri-Moto

Most of us know of the famous Honda ATC90, arguably the one that started it all in 1970, as in the three-wheeler craze. This is the other one, or one of the other ones as many motorcycle companies made… more»