Take Your Pick! 15 Mostly Mopars

OK, let’s call it a Barn Find but it is really more of a warehouse. 15 cars from the 1940s – 1970s are being sold from a warehouse on craiglist. The pictures don’t tell us much and the listing doesn’t say much more! What it does say is that these are “Mostly Mopars” with a Buick, a Ford and a Camaro thrown in. Find it here on craigslist in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Alright automotive detectives let’s try to figure out what we have here. What year and model is the Dodge with very shiny paint? Obviously these are stored in a warehouse and many have been recently washed. At least I hope that’s why there is water on the floor! The paint on many of these cars looks great but I see that some of them were covered in plastic.  Hopefully that plastic didn’t trap moisture and cause much rust.

Wow, this is a promising sight!  This is a 1970-73 Dodge Monaco with the headlights working!  From the popped hood we can be certain that a battery has been recently dropped in.  It probably hasn’t been driven in a while but it looks good from the little that we know.  The ad mentions mostly 400 and 440 cubic inch engines in the Mopars and this should have the 400 V8 (since the 440 was dropped for 1970 in the Monaco.)

This is either a 1972 or 1973 Chrysler Town & Country with very nice (and very period correct!) green paint. The chrome looks good too and if you are in the market for a full size Chrysler wagon this may be a good bet.

The seller doesn’t give us much to go on with dark pictures only showing parts of his collection but from what we can see there may be some desirable vehicles here in good condition.  This blue 1974 Dodge Dart looks great even with the huge rubber bumper guards and the loose trim on the passenger door. Let’s just hope that these cars are wet from a wash and not from a leaking warehouse.


  1. redwagon

    Well technically Mopars.

  2. guy w gilmore

    Price on either for and of the wagons each one price wanted?? Thank you Guy Gilmore.

  3. Mountainwoodie

    Thats a fine Craigslist add

  4. guy w gilmore

    but it has no prices for any of them and have left e-mail to find out and have looked all over craigslist to find anything on a price for any of the 15 cars???

  5. Karguy James

    Such a strange collection of non-collectible cars.

    • St. Ramone de V8

      My thoughts exactly. Not junk, though.

    • Michael

      WOW…. Other Mopars exist besides Chargers, Challengers and Road Runners?

  6. Tonyf

    Those cars are sitting in a pool of water, looks a few inches deep. Selling due to flooded warehouse looks like . Look how high up the water is against the tires.

    • Linda Walker

      There is not a pool of water, maybe it was rinsed off before picture!

    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      The picture of the Dart clearly shows soap suds in the water on the floor. These cars were just washed.

      • jdjonesdr

        Plus you can see the hose in the picture of the Dodge with the lights on.

  7. GP Member

    Boats that float…Really, they do look like they are in nice condition. I would look if it was closer.

  8. cudaman

    That front shot of the Monaco with the headlamps up has a strange resemblance to a ’66 Olds Toronado………..

    • glen

      I didn’t realize it is a Monaco, until you pointed that out. I was thinking it’s an Olds.Clearly,I didn’t look carefully.

  9. JimmyJ

    There’s soapy water on the floor when it’s not clean everybody’s like “the flipper didn’t even wash it!” Then when they wash it it’s like ” boy the warehouse must be leaking and rusting them out” I guess the seller can never get it right!

  10. stillrunners lawrence Member

    What JimmyJ said…..lots of C body station wagons….those two Darts…An C – body Fury 4 door – about 1972….the early Dart 1963? is really clean. Wonder if these were dealer left overs ?


      I believe that the early Dart is a 1964 model.

      • Mike

        I think you’re right. The ‘63 had a push button automatic with a lever on the dash. At least mine did.

        The ‘65 front grill didn’t have those vertical slats just underneath the hood.

  11. Rustytech Member

    Wow! We complain constantly about sellers listing cars without washing them first, this guy washes them and we complain because the floors wet! Boy we’re hard to please.

  12. Ken Bashara

    72 dodge monaco, 72 Chrysler, 74 dodge dart

  13. JRP

    Couple of nice demo-derby wagons in there…… That ought to get you purists going! Just hope the seller doesn’t put the plastic back on these with all that moisture in there. Some interesting cars but not enough info.

    • mike D

      yeah, I’ll complain! you don’t see these vehicles anymore! if they were rust buckets, SURE, never will pull in performance car prices, but would sure pull in the looks on cruise night or at the car show!

  14. DayDreamBeliever Alan (Michigan)

    A good friend lives in Cincy, and I’d bet that he’d be glad to take a look. BTW, he is a MoPar fan from way back…..

  15. Ponyman1

    I like the stuff no one else wanted. Cool collection looks like my garage. Lol

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