Tennessee Roadside Sighting!

We love a good roadside sighting! There’s just something exciting about seeing a collection of classics parked out in the open that’s probably never been posted online and that you might not ever get to see in person. So, huge thanks to Lilredex for sending us photos of their sighting in Tennessee! It looks like an interesting mixture of vehicles and would be fun to have a closer look at in person.

From Lilredex – On our way home from Memphis, we spotted a yard full of old vehicles near Union City, across from an SC Housing and a TSC store. There was nobody around, so we took pictures through the fence. There was lots of construction equipment also, that was not photographed. A modified Dodge Power Wagon, Corvairs, and a lot more!

If you’ve spotted an interesting group of classic vehicles, we sure would love to see it! You can send us your sighting via mail@barnfinds.com.

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  1. jw454

    I’d like to take the little Chevy coupe home.

  2. hurley cumbee

    don baskin owns these. these are in covington tn he owns baskin truck sales the warehouse on the lot has about 300 restored gm muscle cars. he was also featured on car crazy

    • George

      You are correct, they are in Covington, TN. Across from TSC at 975 US Rte. #51 to be precise. Had misplaced my notes initially, and was relying on memory.

  3. ccrvtt

    I’ve personally done time in Union City. Few people understand the huge significance of Union City in our nation’s westward expansion. Were it not for Union City there would be no California.

    This is a true fact. You can look it up.

    As the settlers were pushing west out of Virginia and the Carolinas they soon found themselves in Union City. They looked around and decided, “There’s gotta be something better than this out here.” So they moved on and invented Omaha, Denver, & Petaluma.

  4. deak stevens

    Settlers did”nt invent nothing, indian were already in these places. Do your history.

    • ccrvtt

      Union City is home to the Reelfoot meat packing plant, the enterprise that lends the town its unique odor of burning animal flesh.

      Reelfoot was the Anglicized name of the local Native American leader whose deformed foot gave him a pronounced rolling gait. In fact, the locally famous Reelfoot Lake was formed in the early 1800’s when the New Madrid fault generated an earthquake that caused the Mississippi River to flow backwards for a short time.

      I know my history.

      My original intention was to provide a bit of humor. If I have offended anyone’s sense of social justice, I am truly sorry.


  5. Terry L McNutt

    Truth be told, the Indians were not here already as you say. They are just the last group that was here before the white man. There are no native Americans. They all came here from some where else.

    • Rusty

      So in that case, no one is a “native”; anywhere!

  6. Alexander

    “I spent a miserable month in Covington one night.”


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