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The North Carolina Find: Miscellaneous Makes

NC Find Porsche

This installment of the North Carolina find is going to be a bit different. If you have been following the previous stories, you know we have been breaking the find up by makes, but what do we do with cars that there is only one of or not enough of to make a full post on? We decided to put all of these cars into one post. The owner of this collection has discerning taste and knows that it didn’t have to come from one of the Big Three to be a great car! He has collected everything from Studebakers to Jaguars, so kick back and get ready to identify a wide variety of makes and models from all over the world.

NC Find Stutz

Billy doesn’t have many pre-war cars in his collection, but the few that he does have are rather interesting. Our personal favorite is his Stutz and while it’s not a Bearcat or one of the other sporting models, it’s still a Stutz. If you haven’t ever heard about the racing exploits of Stutz and some of their owners, it’s a worthwhile history to research.

NC Find VW

We love the incredible diversity of cars in this collection, from ultra-rare muscle cars to the run of the mill classics. How many collectors can say they have the likes of Jaguar, Porsche, Stutz and Rollys Royce sharing space with Volkswagen Beetles, Honda z600s, and Hudsons? And if that isn’t a diverse enough selection, Billy even has a few NASCAR bodies. Rather than us naming each of these cars, we will test your knowledge and challenge you guys to name them all! Good Luck!


  1. Alfieri

    So many cool, rare, special, desirable cars. Still can’t wrap my head around the neglect and the way they’ve been treated.

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  2. Joey K

    Pics 11, 12, 13, 14 Studebaker Golden Hawk with Supercharged 289 (With A/C!)

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    • paul

      Yep caught that one as well, I have a friend who just sold one ( very mint ), broke my heart to see it go, they do sound VERY nice when running.

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      • Joey K

        Personally I like the slightly newer Avanti sound myself – they had glass packs from the factory and had a more rumbling tone than the Hawks did (or so I’m told)

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  3. erikj

    Gezz,s ( pardon my spelling!!!) This find is killing me. I could name most of the pics, but there all so amazing. As I,ve wrote before for billy to have collected all of this amazing. I don’t know about the money spent or if he knows special people to have access to some of these, i.e. those nascar bodys! Can we hear a bit about Billy,I bet he is a very interesting gentlemen. This guy is living my dream!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Hugh

    Interesting maroon Hudson Hornet. 51 front turn signals, 51/52 grill, 51/52 hood emblem, 52/53 rear tailights, 54 Hornet emblems on the fenders!

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    • Andy

      Maybe Billy was inspired to build the Hornet based on Johnny Cash’s experience in “One Piece At A Time”…

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  5. paul

    Quite the collection, that Jag 120 or 140 would be my pic.
    or the Stude.

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  6. Jim C

    You think the “Find” is killing you, you should have seen the expression on my face when I was walking around taking the pictures. The other guys in the club kept making fun of me because my mouth was wide open. The sad part is we ran out of time and didn’t see everything.

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    • Bob

      I sure would like to hear some of the stories! Any chance of you being able to share some of them with us?.

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  7. Rene

    I think, the “beatle” can indeed be found all over the world!

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  8. Jim

    I’m coming in late on this find but any chance that Billy is willing to let some of these cars go to a new home and get the care they deserve ? I’d be willing to take that Pantera of his hands for a fair price before it melts into the ground.

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    • Chris Member

      That’s my question as well, are these cars going up for sale at some point?

      If not, this is just some cruel tease to make us all watch great cars revert back to their original elements by way of rain & rust….


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  9. erikj

    to JIM
    Ya I would have had the same look as well. What do you know about Billy? How did he come to all these cars. Are they going to be for sale?
    I,M sure a lot of us are as curious. But I’m glad you where able to be around these.

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  10. Douglas

    I’ve gotten really interested in cars now that I have family obligations, made poor financial choices and am in debt. If we could do it all over again….really kick myself for not being more persistent about my grandpas 63 rambler wagon. Even if it was slow I would be ok with a cruiser.

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  11. jim s

    i will take the green sprite ( might be a midget) for sure and the beetle. i too would be interested in knowing more about billy and his long term plans for his collection. thanks for sharing and all the work that went in to this.

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  12. TBall

    100% enjoyed all three editions of this story – some photo’s made me want to cry (cars left to the elements), some made me wish I was holding one of those Mega Million tickets. Very nice bit of automotive history. Oh well, back to my F-1 and Mustang fastback…

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  13. Jim-Bob

    Sheesh! And I feel guilty because I have a 1992 Geo Metro in my back yard that is slowly returning to the Earth. (One day soon I hope to pull it out and build it, but that’s what they all say!)

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  14. Mark E

    erikj: it’s not hard to obtain older used NASCAR bodies (ie: rollers) after they’re updated. They just have very limited use unless you’re either going to collect them OR put in a drivetrain and continue to race them.

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  15. Don Andreina

    Tail lights say MkIX Jag saloon to me.

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    • Henry

      There is a sad story about this car. All of the wood was taken out of the interior for refinishing. The gentleman who was going to do the refinishing died. His wife thought the wood to be scrap and burned it.

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  16. Andacar

    I just want the Stutz. Everybody back away and nobody will get hurt.

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  17. Jim C

    Erikj, Send me your email address and I’ll send you some info. I understand Billy will sell some stuff, just not sure what.

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  18. Jim

    Jim C, Can you let me know if Billy is willing to sell the Pantera ?? Thanks, Jim

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  19. Justin Allison

    Hey! One of my favorite cars, a Detomaso Pantera! That and the ’69 Mustang Sportsroof makes the whole find.

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  20. Brian

    That Beetle ‘vert looks to be sinking fast! Quick! Somebody save it!!

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  21. Beach Roo

    Porsche 356 coupe, 61 Jag mk IX, Jag XK 150 coupe, 74 Super Beetle Convertible, Detomaso, Pantera (74?) Stutz Bearcat, MGB, Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, Studebaker Golden Hawk, Hudson Hornet, 62 Chevy Biscayne Wagon,

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  22. Chris N

    Oh man, I WANT that HUDSON sign!

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  23. Jim C

    Jim, Without spashing our personal info all over the internet, I’m not sure how we can contact each other in an effort to keep Billy’s location and contact info private. If you come up with a way to contact me, let me know.

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  24. Ranco Racing

    Is there a list somewhere of all makes? What is the intended disposition of these: Auction? When and where?

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  25. Jim

    Jim C., The moderator keeps removing my contact info !!! WTH are you people at Barn Finds doing ??? I thought this site was all about finding, buying, selling, restoring and collecting cars ????

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      We have been having a ton of people leaving comments with the intention of finding the location of this collection. In order to protect the privacy of the owner we have been removing any contact information posted. It also does you the favor of preventing spambots from harvesting your address. If you have a legitimate reason to contact someone here on the site please send your email to us (mail@barnfinds.com) and we will forward it on to them. I hope you understand. Thanks.

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  26. Jim

    Jesse, I don’t need to know where the collection is as I’m not interested in knocking on the guys door. I’m interested in buying one or more of those cars if the owner wants to sell and I would be buying it that same way I’ve purchased the last 15 or so cars I have, through pics and email communication and I was under the impression that Jim C. was the individual who was in contact with the owner. I thought this was a “sharing” site. I’ll send you an email with my contact info as well but I think you should allow us adults to speak to each other as well. Sincerely, Jim

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    • AJ

      I respect BF’s position on keeping things protected. This collection has been presented from day one as a collection, not a sale. And I agree with keeping people’s email off the posts. Utilize other ways to figure out the who and where on the interweb if you are so inclined. It wont be that hard. Trust me.

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      • Jim

        What and who is being protected ? Are we trading national secrets on this website ? I’m sure hackers have better websites to screw with then grabbing info from a bunch of guys talking about old rusty cars (myself included). What’s wrong with people’s interest in purchasing and conversing right here in the open ?? Whether it’s a collection, sale or just a discussion, isn’t the whole purpose of a Barn Find type website to bring those of us enthusiasts together as a whole community, restorers, collectors, buyers, sellers, etc alike ??? Why should someone have to scrub the internet and find a way around the guy who found the find ?? Isn’t that guy entitled to a finders fee for scouring the countryside looking for these gems (if the owners are so inclined to purchase) ?

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  27. Ian

    That S1 Rolls looks pretty together. The TU plate is same as some factory owned
    plates ie 100TU…wonder if it’s a demonstrator

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  28. RickyM

    The Rolls Royce with the English number (licence) plate looks to have been registered in Chester, England, which is where the plates for the Rolls Royce press cars were registered. See http://www.bentleyspotting.com/2013/01/tu-explained-again.html
    It’s a long way from home !

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