True SS: 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle

According to the ad, this Chevelle was parked in a barn for 20 years, but it looks like it has been sitting right where it is for quite some time as well! I’m a Mopar guy, but the ’66 and ’67 Chevelles are some of my favorite cars. This 1966 Chevelle bears a “138 VIN,” which means it is a factory Super Sport car. A non-SS Chevelle would have 136 in the VIN instead. This car is a little rough, but it looks like it would clean up well and be a decent project. Find it here on eBay in Connecticut with bidding at $6,400 and reserve met. 

The interior on this car is filthy, with one of the vent windows broken allowing in dirt, moisture, and anything else that could float or crawl in. There is no doubt that this car will need a restoration, but a good cleaning would go a long way. It is possible that the seat material could be saved if someone really wanted to, but being a Super Sport it is likely that this car will receive a restoration. This Chevelle actually has ’67 or ’68 bucket seats in it as evidenced by the latch on the upper corner, as the 1966 seats would just fold forward by being pulled. This car has had some interior work done in the past as the door panels appear to be custom, so it is not far-fetched that the seats have been swapped for seats that lock.

The engine is described as a “built 350,” which would be consistent with the high rise intake and the winged valve cover bolts. The engine last ran “about 8 years ago” but the lack of a carburetor or air cleaner is concerning due to the rust holes in the hood and the apparent outside storage. It would probably not be a bad idea to rebuild this engine, as it has been sitting with the intake open. This is not the original engine, nor is the transmission original, however the transmission is a Muncie 4-speed.

The seller has all of the chrome as well as the bumpers, which makes this a mostly complete car. With minimal rust and no missing parts, this Chevelle is the perfect starting point for a restoration. The trunk is full of various spare parts, and the interior is complete with the exception of the non-original door panels. Though it needs some work, this car is sure to find a new home. This generation of Chevelle is very popular, and a real SS model like this would be a great vehicle for an enthusiast once restored.


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  1. Jwinters

    who would let a car sit that long without at least sticking a rag in the carbureator hole?

    • elrod

      see, ya gotta understand the theory know as “The JimBob Principle”….

    • Mark S. Member

      Common sense ain’t that common.

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      • Andrew Tanner Member

        Full agreement to all stated above!

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  2. elrod

    JimBob inherits an old car from his uncle Blowhard.
    “I’m a gonna restore this heer caw!” and JimBob promptly rips the car apart.
    “JimBob, you need 10k just to fix this engine, its completely shot.”
    “Well shoot, I knows a guy up in Powdunksville will gimmee a 6 pack for this thang!”
    JimBob gets drunk, ends up in the local slammer for 4 months, and the car gets pushed out into a barn as is.
    20 years later, farmer cleans out barn and discovers old muscle car. Kaching!
    “I’m a gonna restore this heer caw!”

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  3. half cab

    Pitiful…pit teee ful I tell ya.

    • Mountainwoodie

      Shee-it…………y’all jess a bunch of hi falutin pantywaists………..snowflakes! This here Chivelle is rare. Rare I tell ya. Y’all probably voted fer that there pantssuit…….

  4. 86 Vette Convertible

    Truly sad, having owned a 67 Malibu they are great cars.

  5. Blaine

    Car has bad rot from sitting under trees for a long time.. That’s mold and mildew on the outside

    • Andrew Tanner Member

      I agree! They didn’t say how long it has been out of the barn!

  6. Sparkster

    The Crager’s look like they held up better than the car

  7. tom

    Probably not Jimbob’s car since it’s in Connecticut and not Alabama. But still, parking that car under trees for what appears to be years, they might as well take $10,000 cash and use it to start a nice warm fire. Thinking is hard. People are dumb.

  8. gbvette62

    “With minimal rust……………….this Chevelle is the perfect starting point for a restoration.” I’m thinking that car could be hiding some serious rust issues.

    The hood has holes rusted thru it, and the left lower side of the dash board, below the missing vent glass, is completely rusted away! I’m betting the floors, are pretty bad, and despite the seller’s claims, the trunk might be rusted too. The quarters are beginning to show signs of rust, and who knows what the frame looks like? The missing vent glass, makes me wonder how much rust is inside the door. Those 66-67 bodies rot out around the rear window, but due to the conveniently placed leaves, we have no idea what kind of shape it’s in.

    It is a real 66 SS396, the 66-13817 on the trim tag, identifies it as such, and any real Chevelle SS is a good find. Still I wouldn’t get too excited about one missing it’s original engine, that the seller won’t provide any additional pictures of, and won’t allow anyone to come see!?

    • Greg

      Minimal rust? This thing is rotted out!

  9. XMA0891

    Sidle this car next to the purple Dodge from yesterday and you’ve got yourself two fine looking heaps for your back forty. With “so many” around, and whereas this one’s clearly sat almost too long to bring back; I’d politely pass. Joe Sucker Moneybags: There’s a ’66 in CT waiting for you.

  10. jdjonesdr

    Saying this car is a little rough is like saying the Pope is a little Catholic.

    • Andrew Tanner Member

      Ha! That’s funny, and also accurate.

  11. TriPowerVette

    Those leaves hold the moisture in, to keep it fresh as a daisy.

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    • mike D

      also all that moss! too bad !

  12. Chebby Staff

    What a mess. Those look like 396 wings on the fenders, which would be the most valuable piece of information about this car, yet the seller doesn’t take a pic or even mention it. Just that things like cleaning the seats would be real easy to do and make a big difference, but he hasn’t done them. This is a deal for someone who likes pain.

    • PaulG

      Chebby, All 66-70 Chevelle SS’s were big blocks, 396 until ’70, then it was technically a 402, with the 454 optional. Having owned several of these over the years, rust is a demon, especially the rear window (as stated above) and the trunk / lower quarters.
      The acid in the leaves / pine needles / moss will make this car almost in-restorable.
      The dry desert is where you need to purchase these, and even here in AZ, the rear window area and trunk can be rusty.

  13. MikeSuperSport

    Without the original power train it simply, for me, comes down to what it’ll cost to restore which most will be upside down on.


    HAHAHAHA does PT Barnum own this car?

  15. Jack

    So remind me again how this is a “Barn Find” This heap of rust and trouble is not in a barn, nor does it appear it’s even been close to one in the last decade. Without original drive train it won’t be a top end value and in either case it’s a heap of JUNK waiting to meet a stack of cash. Not mine of course

    • TriPowerVette

      +Jack – So, this leafy, mossy automotive luau won’t be receiving a ‘stack of your ‘jack” (to coin a phrase)?

      I can’t quit laughing. Yours is the best comment so far.

  16. mike D

    made no effort to even TRY to clean it up, my pet peeve is the leaves caught between the hood and windshield… and… nothing like a lecture how he won’t do this that and the other thing, cuz it takes up too much time!

    • TriPowerVette

      +mike D – It actually wouldn’t take much clean up. Those ‘leaves’ and bird cr*p are actually an automotive ghillie suit, which is there to make the car blend in with the countryside (also hide the rust). The unlucky buyer’s task will be to un-blend it from the countryside.

      I gave you a big thumbs up.

  17. MR 66

    why why why!!!!!

  18. Maestro1

    If you are a fan of these cars, try the Seller at $4000. or less and see what happens. No matter what anybody says, it’s a $1000.00 car or less but at that figure it’s probably a no sale. Eyeballing it making the car a decent driver is probably $30,000.00.

  19. Dave Marek Member

    My favorite year of Chevelle’s. With the 396 long gone it probably had a rough life from new until now. Being what it is it should be restored. Reminds me of a 67 Z28 Camaro that was tuned by a couple of friends that were top notch and was exclusively for drag racing by it’s owner. The owner passed away and the car went from garage, barn and along side the barn and rusted away. Didn’t find out until ran into a relative of his that told me the story too late.

  20. Troy s

    My favorite year of the SS396 Chevelle. Moving on from all the cars low points, this must have been a joy to go milling around in back when it was in good shape. Like that color, always have, those rims are so right looking on this car compared to those great big rims people use nowadays, and the interior was customized a bit. That small block looks like it made some serious horsepower, I remember more than a few SS396’s running a swapped in small block back in the 80’s. Could be revived , there has been a lot worse on this site.

  21. Steve

    I’m not lichen all that moss on this one.

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  22. Shane F

    $8 firewood tarp would have done wonders


    really! sitting in a barn! a barn with no roof? J U N K!

  24. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Believe it or not, Winning bid:US $10,100.00
    [ 40 bids ]

  25. brian

    This is a pontiac not a

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