Tuesday Pick Me Up – Woodie Wagon

New Meaning to Woodie Wagon

Tuesday might not be the worst day of the week, but it’s still not our favorite either. Now that spring is here, any day that involves sitting at our desks and not out playing with one of our project cars is a day wasted. On the bright side, we get some pretty fun emails while parked at our computers that definitely make any day a good one. Today we got an email simply stating that we needed to look at this Woodie wagon someone found. Well it takes the term “Woodie” Wagon to new heights. We are sure this one has been floating around the web, but it made our Tuesday so we thought we would share it and challenge you guys to come up with the funniest caption! Thanks Richard B for sharing this photo with us!


  1. John

    “Early Morning Wood” comes to mind, but then again if I put my thinking cap on I can probably come up with something better. Now where did I put that thinking cap. :-)

  2. bob

    how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck had a dodge truck

  3. Connor

    Ran when parked!

  4. David C.

    “It ain’t fer sale, I’m going to restore it one of these days. Now partner, I think its time for you to leave….”

  5. Jimbosidecar

    Ran when parked. Needs a tune-up. Genuine wood interior.

  6. Mark Haltom

    Id have it back on the road in a month. Rat rod time!

  7. Brian

    When I said it would be nice if you guys featured an old woody wagon, this isn’t what I had in mind!

  8. Brian

    One last Lambrecht Chevrolet car left to auction…

    • Horse Radish

      ….you’re still not over that Lambrecht thing…from what it looks like.

  9. Harv Falkenstine

    So I buy my wife a little tree at the Nursery and some of that Miracle Gro stuff…I hit a bump, the Miracle Gro spills into the plant and boom it grows like Jack’s beanstalk!

  10. Bill K

    Hey Hon, where are the keys for that ole pannel truck thats parked down. Below the chicken pens. Got some city guy comming to look at it.

  11. Steve In CT

    I was making a delivery of a few saplings when I got a flat. When I got up to the house, my wife told me her water had just broke. Well, you know how it goes; one thing and then another….

  12. Van

    I suggest “Tree on the floor!”

    • Brian

      …or a “tree on the three”

  13. Taras

    I think they put the trunk in the wrong part of the car ?

  14. Chris A.

    That exhaust system has a real bark to it.

  15. SoCal Car Guy

    Now THAT’S patina!

  16. Josh Staff

    Great captions guys and I’m glad at least a few of you got the humor in this picture! We have had a few readers who didn’t quite get the joke, so to clarify. This isn’t an actual Woodie Wagon. It’s a panel wagon with a tree growing out of it making it a “Woodie” Wagon. Personally, I thought it was a fun play on words! Hopefully that clarifies it for anyone who was confused or thought I didn’t know what a Woodie Wagon looks like. Thanks to everyone who got the joke and shared their captions!

  17. 62Lotus7

    I don’t believe that’s really a Cord……

    • Olivenhain Elan Plus2


      • paul

        Suddenly I am getting the feeling that their are of Lotus fans on the page.

    • xroads


  18. Mel

    Does it have a hemi in it?

  19. Mel

    Definitely a three on the tree!

  20. paul

    So the wife & I went to the nursery to by some plants see & we got into this big fight & she up & grabbed the keys & chucked em so am at a loss where the time went, but the whole thing is fersale sept no keys.

  21. Olivenhain Elan Plus2

    who’s the sap that’s gonna buy this?

  22. Bill

    Panel rat rod w/ custom wood grain interior and sunroof. Eco-friendly. Lowered suspension. Theft deterrent installed. Also, custom patina. Solid, it will be hard for me to part with this one.

    • Brian

      …don’t forget the killer theft deterrent system!

  23. Gerardo Mascorro

    ‘Farm find, Good floors, small dent in roof, put tires on it and it’s ready to go’.

  24. krash

    I am truly surprised that the Roots supercharger wasn’t mentioned, and that every year the vehicle automatically receives new rings…

  25. jim s

    i will go out on a limb and say i like this.

  26. DeAnn Brown

    the forever embrace! The old rusty panel truck said”I hold you forever” and the tree replied-“No, I’ve got you”!

  27. Jim Capp

    You can have the Truck, but don’t Hurt the Tree!!

  28. Notch

    Some wood will need replacing – includes new wood.

  29. Notch

    AC needs recharge

  30. frank Opalka

    Runs against my grain

  31. gill

    Fresh fluids, tires, and brakes, and drive as is.

  32. krash

    …..when the old farmer asked me how I planned on removing the vehicle without hurting his prize winning tree, I was stumped….

  33. krash

    wow,….. the interior is cherry!!

  34. krash

    is it a stick?

    • geomechs geomechs

      Krash, you’re on a roll, here.

  35. krash

    ….it’s in better shape than my Sequoia.

  36. Brian

    Better buy it while it’s still available ’cause there is nothing worse than the remorse of “shoulda, coulda, wooda”!

  37. Lou

    This one is Farm fresh, real wood accents!

  38. Gerald Luck

    Ok, I’ve read all the comments and I’m surprised nobody else thought of this one. “Check it out. It’s a tree with a car growing around it !!!. Isn’t that amazing?!?!?!! Ya think its something in the soil?” (I realize its “cornball” but, please don’t everyone groan and boo at the same time).

  39. geomechs geomechs

    Ain’t no one gonna steal my truck; I got it secured to a tree…

  40. geomechs geomechs

    Better clean the windshield before the Sap drives it away

  41. Packaman47

    For sale, ran when parked. Make offer.
    Unrestored and all original! A true survivor! Real patina! $20K serious inquiries only please!

  42. C Bryant

    When I was a cop,I saw some limbs up in the air thru a front windshield but it was nothing like this.

  43. Chris

    Found! The missing #49 Tucker!

  44. Horse Radish

    Eco-friendly stored for 30 years.
    needs limbering up.
    Wood sell in pieces.
    (for U.K.: log book not included)

  45. Scott Allison

    For Sale: Early “Oakland” Panel Van. High-grain interior.

  46. Chris A.

    Although this may go against the grain, I vote for “Cord” as the best(worst)pun. This post is one of the funniest ever.

  47. JACKinNWPA Jack Member

    It’s good to see Dodge branch out into the log truck business, looks great in autum colors.

  48. Catch-n-release (the other Doug M.) Member

    “So the wife & I went to the nursery to by some plants” …we gets home and her new Mother’s Day tree is setting the the truck. I get out and the wife says, “George, please bring my new tree in so I can plant it in the back yard” …at which time I yells back, “OK, Marge… just got a few things to do first… got a car in the garage I’m gonna restore, then I’ll get ‘r done!”

  49. warren

    Honey, The traffic on the interstate was really bad…Turned into a real parking lot.

  50. Alan (Michigan)

    I’ve heard of tree-huggers, but never expected to see a car doing it….

  51. Alan (Michigan)

    Using the (Michigan) addition, since it appears as though we have been joined by an Alan across the pond, basking in the fine sunshine of the UK!

  52. Alan (Michigan)

    Mother Nature:
    “If these pieces of tin will hold still long enough, I’ll grab them all!”

  53. Tedd

    Now wouldn’t this make a nice planter thing for the “mother in law’

  54. Dennis

    Drivin by a little ole Lady. On Sunday and to the store. lol

    • geomechs geomechs

      Dennis, that might be exactly what happened. Then she parked right under a tree. She didn’t drive all that often.

  55. Bill Bauder

    “The flower pot”

  56. alan

    Anti-theft device.

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