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What’s in Graham L’s Barn?

Graham L's Barn

While I love hunting for classics for myself, It’s also fun about getting to see what you guys have parked in your barns, sheds, and garages. It is actually a bit of an honor to be invited in for a peek, so we always enjoy getting the chance to see what you guys own and are into. It’s actually been a little while since the last time we featured a reader’s barn, but Graham L decided to slide back the doors to his barn and let us have a look around! Now I could list off everything he currently has in his collection, but where would the fun be in that? Be sure to take a look at all the photos below and good luck identifying all of his cars! Thanks for sharing it with us Graham!



  1. Mark E

    Nice variety of cars from the tall T to the goat, the ’60s caddy, the Tempests all the way to the Cougar. Nice garage too, btw. If I had one like it, I’d probably have an assorted collection of cars also!

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    • Rocco

      @Mark E,
      I agree with you. Very nice collection.
      Do you think the ’64Tempest might be a GTO also? Check out the hood scoops. ???

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  2. Wiley Robinson

    When I saw the sliding glass door in the first photo, all I could think was “My wife would kill me if I converted a downstairs den into a place for my cars”

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    • olerascal

      Wiley…my downstairs family room contains 2 Fiats.
      Downstairs bedrooms contain Fiat parts.
      Sometimes female supervision is a good thing.
      Lest the males do silly things…

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      • Snuffy Smiff

        I guess it could be worse-I have 3 Beetles in my barn along with enough spare parts to outfit 3 or 4 more. Sadly I’m now being forced to let it all go. Recently moved almost 250 miles away so don’t have any pics or a complete parts description yet. Am also dealing with having both A and B strains of the flu at the moment so anyone interested please bear with me. Soon as I’m able I’ll be posting it all on here…

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    • Horse Radish

      “” When I saw the sliding glass door in the first photo, all I could think was “My wife would kill me if I converted a downstairs den into a place for my cars” “”

      I was thinking the same think, except, hold on, wait….: I AM NOT married,
      so, I can do this !

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    • Mike B.

      Oh man, I have long wanted to park a boss 302 smack dab in the middle of the living room! I’d put a big honkin TV screen in front of it, and just sit in it like I was at the drive in theater.

      Yes, Wife and Daughter thing I’m nuts.

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  3. William Armstrong

    Yes there are a lot of nice cars, but what is going to do with them? They look like they are just sitting around rusting, what waste.

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    • Horse Radish

      Do you have sprinklers watering your cars in the Garage ?
      Or why would you think they’re rusting indoors ?

      I can see how some guys have trepidation about showing the inside of their Garage.
      I prefer a Garage with a lot of great cars AND junk, no matter what condition to a spic and span garage with less cars!

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  4. Rick

    It kills me to see stuff piled up on cars, like that blue 66 Pontiac Lemans…

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  5. Andrew Minney

    Er, goat?
    Nice cars – I’m jealous but curious about the goat?
    Local slang for one of the cars????
    Andrew in England

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    • Will E

      Andrew — “goat” = GTO

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    • Eric M.

      Goat is local slang for the GTO.

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  6. jim s

    looks like you needs a much bigger barn but then who doesn’t. are the firebird/trans am and cougar the daily drivers? very nice and thanks for sharing.

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  7. braktrcr

    Andrew, the term Goat is slang for the GTO.
    Nice collection of cars. Had a 63 Le mans, beautiful car, they look like small 64 GTO/Lemans. The Model T is pretty rare as far as Model It’s go. It’s a “center door sedan” I think a 1921. Unusual car. The door is in the CENTER of the body, as as you get in the car, you actually get in the back seat, and step between the two “bucket” seats to get behind the wheel. My Dad had one the first 45 years of my life. Miss the car, but miss Dad more

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  8. Andrew Minney

    Thank you brakrtcr for the explanation about goat!
    There was a fibreglass bodied Reliant 3-wheeler van sold over here and they were know as plastic pigs for obvious reasons! As used by “Del Boy & Rodney” in the tv sitcom “Only Fools and Horses”.


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  9. RoadRash

    You’re a seriously disorganized and sloppy car person if you store boxes and parts on the flat horizontal sheet metal of your Pontiac GTO. That, or you just don’t give a ****.

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    • Josh Staff

      Actually Graham doesn’t normally have all that stuff piled on his cars, but he was in the processes of moving some cars and parts when the photos were taken. He usually keeps a clean and orderly garage, but with so many machines in such a tight space, boxes are inevitably going to end up getting set on a car or two.

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    • Horse Radish

      Envy !

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    • RogueInLA

      Geezus, the man is nice enough to share his garage with us, and all you can do is make a negative comment?

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  10. GaryMc

    I like the early Tempest wagon, myself.

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  11. PaulG

    I’m not going to try to identify every car, but a nice collection. An even more understanding spouse!

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  12. William Henshaw

    ’64 GTO
    ’66 or ’67 GTO
    ’64 Galaxie
    Early to mid ’50s Chrysler product

    Man I suck at this! I don’t know real old cars and I don’t know newer cars. By the way is that black one a Reatta? It is a nice collection, a little bit of everything.

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  13. Horse Radish

    Thanks for the comments, because:
    I guess the coolest cars in my eyes are the Model T ‘Center door’ and the Tempest Station wagon both you just get a glimpse at in the corner of a couple photos.(And I wouldn’t know what those cars were).
    VERY Cool garage !

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  14. MikeW

    Did I actually see the rear bumper of a ’60 Mercury wagon in there?

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    • Will E

      I wasn’t sure of the year, only knew it looked like an early ’60s Mercury wagon, but, now that I look at Google images, I think you’re right about 1960 — that’s what I was picturing.

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  15. Peter V

    Anybody who’s seen Ghost Hunters will noticed a lot of orbs in the photos. Graham L, have you had any strange unexplainable activity in your garage?

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  16. Jeff Lavery Staff

    Oh, how I yearn for a space like that. Still renting garages all over town….

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  17. DT

    Only thing Id change is some insulation and some sheetrock,some shelves

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  18. DT

    1951 Windsor,1962 le mans,641/2 Galaxie,67 GTO,67 GTO,Firechicken,pontiac?,Model T,32 A Highboy,62 tempest,62 tempest wagon,…..Thats my best shot

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  19. Woodie Man


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  20. Graham Lloyd

    Hey guys: sorry I didn’t reply sooner. Painting the kitchen today.

    To address the sliding doors, they are a 12′ set of doors I took out of my house. I wanted to use them somehow, so they make a neat garage door for the one area that won’t see too much in and out traffic.

    And the garage isn’t quite finished yet. Drywall, insulation and wiring are next year’s project. 3 years into it doing it myself with help from friends. Takes time, but it is my retirement dream garage. At 40′ by 60′ it is too small. I’ve attached a picture of it from a couple of years ago. Hopefully it comes through.

    I won’t dignify the “what a waste”. comment with a reply. As for the junk on the cars, sometimes it just has to happen. For the last year I have been sorting, selling and donating my late wife’s possessions. That takes a lot of room to do. There is nothing heavy on the GTOs and the paint is shot, so nothing to damage. Pains me to see that on there, but no place else for it right now.

    The cars. I like everything. Strangely enough a lot of them are barn finds. In no particular order, this is what occupies my “garagemahal”.

    1920 Model T centredoor. 1928 Model A sports coupe. Both are Canadian production cars. The 28 is an AR model. I bought it as part of a package deal. Abandoned restoration buried in a garage since the early 70’s.

    The 66 GTO (with all the stuff on it) was a car that I bought in 1981. Restored it not long after that. Unfortunately the paint deteriorated and it needs to be redone. I stored it in a barn for the winter around 1998 and didn’t pull it out again until last year. Once I can, it will be redone.

    The 64 and 67 GTOs are abandoned projects. Early 80’s were the last time they were on the road. Bought them along with the Model A. The 64 is an all original car. Need to put the bumpers back on and do some undercarriage work. The 67 is a shell on a frame. It’s for sale. Same with the A. I only wanted the 64, but had to buy all 3 to get it.

    The 95 Cougar was my wife’s car. The 96 Firebird I bought new. The 2 Tempests are 62s. Both 4 bangers with automatic. Both on the road. The white wagon is an original car The tan coupe is a restored car I bought this summer. Too nice not to buy.

    The grey primered car is a 64 Galaxie 500XL. It is ready for paint and re assembly. True barn find. It was parked in 1965. Disassembled for paint at that time, and never finished. I brought it home from Missouri in 2011.

    Last is the 54 Imperial. Stored for 20 odd years and I bought it 3 years ago. 46000 miles and all original. Brakes and a carb rebuild along with a 12 volt conversion is all I have done to it.

    Every day during the summer, one of them is out on the road. 5 are licensed and driven. Yes, I have too many cars. But, you only live once. And I am enjoying myself.

    Hope everyone enjoyed the tour.

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    • DT

      Thats the garage of a person who is disorganised,and sloppy,what a waste……….. did you build that structure yourself?please show us some pictures of your garage when its close to finished,I want to see it once you sort everything out and sell some of the cars youre not going to keep…..You own a very nice set up,and a great collection,sorry for your loss

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  21. Woodie Man


    Good for you.

    Keep in mind even on a wonderful site like BarnFinds you’re going to get folks whose opinion is just that. Water off a duck’s back.

    Thanks for the tour and enjoy the heck out of all your cars.l collection

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    • Graham Lloyd

      Woodie, thanks for the kind words. Comments coming from some individuals show that not all children took to heart the manners taught to them by their parents.

      Fortunately, I consider the sources of the comments. The positive ones I enjoy. The ignorant ones I pay no attention to.

      Glad you enjoyed the tour. And yes, I do enjoy each and every car I own and have owned.

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      • Barry Thomas

        Graham, great to see your cars all together. We’ve known each other for over 20 years and I still didn’t realize the extent of your collection (eclectic for sure). Also, I know your love of cars, so those “other” comments are from folks who don’t know you (I still wouldn’t have made them). My two favs are the ’66 GTO and the ’64 Galaxie. Not much of a fan of those really old Fords from the ’20’s, but as I told you once before, your model has a certain charm, with that unique side door. Hobbies are forever and for ourselves, so there is no finishing timeline in my opinion.
        Barry Thomas’ “Wheel to Wheel” blog

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  22. Mr. Ed

    My toy

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  23. Mr. Ed

    My restoration project.

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  24. rjc

    Graham, thanks for sharing your garage with us!!! Good to hear your enjoying all of them in one way or another.

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  25. Art M.

    I do not feel your garage is really cluttered or unorganized. It is simply a garage that is used. The type of garage that most of us have. After all it not a museum display, Thanks for sharing your collection with us. I personally enjoyed it.

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    • Graham Lloyd

      rjc and Art: Thanks. It was a pleasure.

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