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What’s In Jim O’s Barn?

Jim's Barn

Reader Jim O has some great cars currently stashed in his barn! He thought it would be fun to put you guys to the test and see who can name all of his cars. Bonus points to anyone that can also identify all his tractors too! I want to thank Jim for sharing his barn with us! Good luck guys!


  1. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Love that ’59 Ford

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  2. Todd Zuercher

    Well, I see a ’65 or ’66 Mustang fastback, Avanti, Willys MB or CJ2A Jeep, early Camaro, ’59 Ford, Henry J, and Nash? behind the Henry J. Tractor closest appears to be an early John Deere D or R. Can’t make out what’s behind it – another John Deere but I can’t see enough to know the model – I’ll guess and say it’s an unsettled A or B.

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    • Alfeld

      I see an Avanti, Studebaker , Delorean, 57 Ford Sunliner, 1st gen. Camaro, possible 57 Chevy. J. Alfeld

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  3. randy

    Well, that’s no barn. Nice stuff though. I see a Studebaker sign.
    I worked at a very nice “bar” called Studebakers in Dallas in the mid 80’s,

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  4. derek

    Delorean on the far right

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  5. Chas

    I spy with my little eye a 1947 Jeep CJ2A, a 1958 Ford Fairlane, a Studebaker Champion convertible possibly a Kaiser Manhattan behind the Studebaker and on the right, a Studebaker Avanti, & an AMC Javelin. The car on the right front corner has me stumped but could possibly be a DeLorean.

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  6. Mark

    Nice 69 Talladega.I want it!

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  7. Tirefriar

    I’ll take the Avanti, thank you

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  8. bob

    Help…….I can’t find my Henry J …..I do have my ‘ 50- ’51 Studebaker and my ’57 Ford retractable and my ’67-’68 Camero though .

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  9. SJK

    The one front and center I do not believe is a Mustang, still working on that one. The rest of them are from left to right a ’59 Ford, an early 50’s Studebaker, a Nash, A ’57 Ford Sunliner, ’67 Camaro, Avanti, and finally a Delorean

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  10. Cassidy

    That’s no garage! That’s a stinkin’ warehouse! And I’m so jealous, nice collection!

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  11. Dolphin Member

    The cars are a great mix, but what a terrific place to have them. Looong and even wide enough to angle-park. And as a guy who is still adding overhead light I’m jealous of those plentiful overhead fluorescent lights, and those droplights, and endless shelves. Congrats on a great facility.

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  12. Jason Houston

    I’ll take the Indian Turquoise Galaxie and the Rio Green Studebaker, thank you!

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  13. G.P. Member

    I hope you have at least one kid that loves this great collection and saves it, hopefully ad’s on. Really nice.

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  14. Charles

    Nice collection!

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  15. Fred

    I think the one Chas called as a Manhattan is actually a ’54 or thereabouts Nash Ambassador.

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  16. Karl

    ’50 or ’51 Bulletnose Stude (needs Kermit and Fozzie behind the wheel) and a ’63 (round headlight) Avanti

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  17. Todd G

    59 Galaxie, 57 Skyliner, bathtub Nash, 68 Camaro, Avanti, Delorean, and a 69 Torino, 50 Stude convertible, and most likely a MB Jeep. Hood isn’t tall enough for a CJ.Plus the fact it is in Fire dept. red, and most of those were military surplus.. Can’t make out enough of the Deeres though

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  18. Richard Prokopchuk

    Mustang FB in front, to its left a jeep, behind that a Ford, behind that 3 John Deer. Moving right a Ford, forward a nash metropolitan, studebaker, moving right a Maverick, possibly a Rolls (but I doubt it) and a Bricklin.

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  19. Richard V

    Possibly a ’57 Ford Sunliner in the very back of the right side row?

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  20. Marty Member

    The Studebaker is a 1951. It has the ‘bullet’ with the plastic insert.

    The ’50 is the only other year with a bullet, and the bullet on 1950 is all chrome.

    Nice collection.

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  21. 64 bonneville

    I believe front and center is a 69 Ford Torino, possibly a Taladega model, behind it a 51 Studebaker, 57 Ford Retractable. along the wall on right from back to front: several John Deere tractors, fuel pump from the mid to late fiftes with a John Deere globe, probably a Tolkin, 67 Camaro, Avanti II, DeLorean. Left side is WW II Jeep that has been modified for possibly fire fighting, 59 Galaxie 4 door sedan, Several John Deere tractors, and I think the red tractor is either a Farmall, or possibly an International Harvester, if neither of them, then a Case. All 3 brands used red paint for their tractors.

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  22. Jim O Member

    You are all so close!!
    69 Torino Talladega, 81 DeLorean, 47 CJ2A Boyer Fire Jeep, 59 Galaxie, 63 Avanti R2, 68 Camaro, 51 Studebaker Champion Convertible, 54 Nash Ambassador and 57 Ford Skyliner. not pictured is a 48 Nash 600, 56 Dodge Coronet and a 50 DeSoto CarryAll. As for the tractors there is a 1925 spoker D, 3 B’s, 1 G and a few others!! Thanks for the compliments on the collection!!! Jim O

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  23. jim s

    nice collection and garage. i would love to have that much space. thanks for sharing.

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  24. Cattoo CattooButt Member

    Gonna go out on a limb and say The tractors are pre-1950’s Allis Chalmers and a smattering of Massey Ferguson.

    I jest on the J. Deere going ons.

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  25. Cattoo CattooButt Member

    Aside from failing to get the Torino in the foreground I didn’t do too bad but also wasn’t dead on either. Thanks for sharing your collection with us.

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