What’s That In The Bushes?

Mark W's Sighting

Reader Mark W spotted this classic hiding behind some overgrowth! From Mark –  This one is sitting being wasted behind what appears to be a garage in Bristol Connecticut. I couldn’t get too close due to obstacles. So can you identify the year, make and model of Mark’s find? Let us know in the comments section! Special thanks to Mark for sharing!


  1. Donnie

    first gen charger 1966 our 1967

    • dennis

      You are right one! I have one as I speak sitting in my garage being restored for a customer. That roof line and the scallops in the quarter panels are a dead giveaway..

    • isaiah stokes

      defiantly a 66 or 67 charger

  2. Jeff

    1969 Ford Mustang Fastback

  3. John

    Agree with Donnie 1966 Charger

  4. Scooter

    1967 Dodge Charger

  5. Hoos Member


  6. JW

    I’ll throw out a 3rd thumbs up on a 66 Charger !!! Also maybe a Marlin ???

    • David Stigall

      Marlins had rounded back side windows and little fins

  7. piper62j

    Early Charger or Marlin… ????

  8. Blindmarc

    It’s a charger for sure.

  9. Jc

    Mustang 70, front left (conduc)

    • Jc

      ok now I see it , yes its look like a charger, :-))


    AMC Marlin

  11. Ralph Terhune

    ’66 or ’67 Dodge Charger. Final answer!

  12. James

    Definitely a 66-67 Charger. Originally thought Marlin, but the rear window is too large to be a Marlin; it’s fastback tapered back to the rear while the Charger was straighter back. Maybe a lost ‘holy grail’ Hemi??

  13. RON

    like everyone else believe it is a charger. if wrong my next guess would be a 70’s version of the ford”mercury capri” i would et on the charger, longer body, flat rear glass and square corners on the rear quarter windowa the marlin was rounderon the back thanks for this site guys. i do enjoy it i’m sure a lot of others think what a crab ass some times but i’, just anold 70 year old with too many opinions and enjoy that this is one area left that you can still banter. if it has four whells or 2 and rolls there is enjoyment for some one whomever you are. keep up the fun for so many. great job!!! there really is a vast amount of knowledge floating aroud out there even though some spouses will quickly respond with “mostly pointless and usless knowledge” lol still miss that gal especially on the days when my mind gets scrambled when trying to get all the small screws and springs back in the assemblage of a corvair carbureator and she would jerk it out of y hand and reassemble it laugh and go back in the kitchen!!!!!

    • James

      Ron, great note,, And don’t want to insult, but I’m like you, older and love anything with 2 or 4 wheels, and love Barnfinds.. Keeps us going and something else to do other than remember what day it is!!! My best to you…

  14. bcavileer

    67 charger, you guys are quick. Just waking up. Game is on late here on east coast so I slept in.

  15. Vince Habel

    No doubt about it. Charger.

  16. Jim B

    I grew up in the hotbox back seat of a 1966 charger with that loop-pile carpet and fold-down seats. In Southern California. In the summer.

    This is definitely a 66-67 Charger! I can feel the heat right now!

  17. Jason Houston

    It could only be a 66-67 Charger. No way a Marlin – roof’s entirely different!

  18. Woodie Man

    Rear window and length of rear deck do appear to be ’66 Charger

    • Jason Houston

      Or ’67. That’s the only car that ever had a roofline like this.

  19. Frank Opalka

    always love reading the posts, am getting educated

  20. James

    Don’t know the year, but it is a Marlin for sure .

  21. Matthew Fallon

    66 charger.

  22. Glen

    67 charger

  23. Marty Member

    Here is what the roof line of a Marlin looks like:

    • Jacob

      Yeah and that’s a 67 marlin… Where they made it bigger and tried to “fix” the “bad” lines.

      • isaiah stokes

        sorry to bust your bubble but that is a 67 charger. look both cars up on google a 67 marlin and a 67 charger and you will see the difference in the windows and basically the whole car but yea thats a 67 charger no doubt about it. and i agree with frank martin too hes right and knows what hes talking bout just like all the people that said it either a 66 or 67 charger

  24. Frank martin

    Definitely a 66 or 67 charger the marlin rear window behind the doors were rounded on the back side the charger is squared off like the picture.

  25. jim s

    1st gen. charger.

  26. Joe

    1967. Zooming in I think I see an automatic shift arm on the column, and automatic on column available only in 67. Or I am just imagining it and it is a tree branch.

  27. 69' CUDA DUDE

    Coming from a long line of MOPAR’S…my “Pop” had a Hemi-’67 Charger…this looks real close…had the long sleek tail lights across from L-R 1/4 panel! Sweet!
    Wish I had that now!

  28. erikj

    charger for sure

  29. Howard A Member

    Only 1,400 original miles,,,,,,,

  30. Jacob

    I hate these fastback chargers so much, and not just because I’m a marlin owner.

    • Jason Houston

      Interesting… I love both, but prefer the ’67 Marlin and the ’66-’67 Charger over the earlier Marlins and the later Chargers.

  31. Clifford

    Could be a column shift, but what about the color. Was it only offered in one of those years? No question that it is a first gen Dodge Charger.

    • Joe

      Clifford–Good idea. From what I have been able to find, looks like red was available both years.

  32. alabee

    Charger like the one I almost got my father to buy.

  33. Lee

    A burn barrel

  34. Slickimp

    Looks like a striped charger

    • Brian (Michigan)

      Hmm, I don’t see any stripes.

  35. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Why did it take two days for everyone to get off the Marlin/Mustang bandwagon and realize this is a Charger? Surprised nobody suggested 1st generation Barracuda! Now someone get up off their recliner, put their laptop down and drag this Dodge out of the woods!

  36. Gary K

    Definitely a Charger, my guess a ’67, the Marlin had a total different roof/ window line. Had a buddy in the Army back in ’68 from Michigan who drove one like this, his was a dark green if I recall correctly, a very nice car back in the day!

  37. Brian

    its a ford fastback or a ’66 charger my money would b on it being a charger though

  38. Doug & Gene Member

    Yes, 1966 Charger.

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