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Will Be Sold: 1967 Pontiac GTO

I’m always on the lookout for muscle cars being offered without reserves, you just never know what kind of deal you might be able to get! I know there are many of you that would love to get your hands on a first generation GTO, I know I would, so when this 1967 popped up I knew I had to share it. It’s a bit rough, but it’s being offered without a reserve and will be sold no matter what! You can find it here on eBay in Grand Junction, Colorado.

The seller claims that this GTO is highly original and that the engine is the one it left the factory with. It’s listed as being the 400 cui V8 and is paired to a 4 speed. That’s a great combo if you ask me!

The interior has been gutted out and there’s no word on if any of it’s included. We do get a good view of the floors this way. While they aren’t great, they don’t look terrible. The trunk shows some of the worst of the decay. It’s going to need metal work, but for the current price of $5,100, I could live with doing a little rust repair.

I won’t get into the debate of whether or not the GTO is the first muscle car, but there’s no denying that these cars are icons of their era. I just hope someone saves this one before the rust gets any worse!


  1. Mike

    My first self bought car a 67 GTO 400 (335 hp ) auto , air , tilt , am 8-track with reverb . Bought it for 900.00 with 46k miles from a retired school teacher in 1979 . Drove it until a head gasket gave , traded it off for a pick up . Big DUH moment . Shoulda , coulda , woulda myself to death , finally forgiving my self about ten years later .

  2. Steve R

    The last picture in his add shows front and rear seats, but no console.

    This car would make a nice project for someone.

    Steve R

  3. Mr. Bond

    He says it is a “rare post model”. It really looks like a hardtop to me. What am I missing?

    • Rubin

      The frame around the windows.

    • Jim

      This is a post car for sure. Look at the moulding size at the back of the door glass. The moulding would not exist on a hard top!

      • Jeff

        You can call it rare but it is still a post car. Not a hard top

    • Igofastbaby

      This is a post coupe. If you look very closely the door window frame is visible, which defines a post coupe. If this was a standard hardtop there would be no window frame part of the door assembly.

    • DweezilAZ

      It has a B pillar. That makes it a two door sedan or coupe. A hardtop has no B pillar.

      Regardless of what MINI is calling it’s cars. [frameless door glass does not make a car a hardtop if it has a B pillar].

  4. stillrunners lawrence Member

    VanDerBrink is doing an auction of old Goats and parts tomorrow….

    • Barzini

      That is an impressive collection of parts:

      The only collection I’ve ever seen close to that was owned by a man in Southbury, CT who went by the name Vern (aka Goatman). Back in the 1980s he had about 4-5 first generation GTOs and a hoarde of parts. I always wondered what happened to him and his collection.

  5. JW

    I love the 65 to 67 GTOs, the stacked headlights just do something for me. I know that air cleaner is original, most were tossed in favor of a open element one. I had a 65 and 2 67s back in the day and they were sweet riding cars and fast.

  6. Elrod

    Apparently the paperwork keeper of this owner did a much better job than the maintenance guy. Nothing worse than a gutted project where you now have to source every fastener without any reference. Body and engine appear salvageable however and this one popular model to restore. Roll up your sleeves on this one.

  7. Joe

    Ames Performance has a ton of parts for these and Firebirds. They were my best friend when I was restoring my 69 Firebird conv’t.

  8. RonY

    The way I see it, at least the car is still here, they may have not taken the greatest care of it cosmetically, but at least they didn’t wrap it around a pole or scrap it 25 years ago to put a little jingle in their pocket, hey, at least it still runs and they are willing to sell it , so I would say,,, pat on the back for whoever saved this vehicle…..

  9. Dave

    Arguably (with me anyway, lol) the ’62 413 max wedge was the first muscle. My neighbor had a ’63 for a short time until a pole jumped out in front of him. Ugly devils.

    • jdjonesdr

      Yep, I had a classmate who got one of those from some oldster. Lots of muscle cars in my world back then, and my classmate was the one to beat. Not too many could give that car a run for the money. It was a screamer.

      • Dave

        That link I posted had “big daddy” bragging his up.
        Getting a chirp at 120?
        Got a good chuckle from me.
        Big fish story but funny.

    • Barclay Benjamin

      Wasn’t the 413 an option? Sure, you could buy a fast car, but Pontiac was first to offer the right parts by just checking a box.

    • Poncho pusher

      Before the max wedge dodge in 62 there was the 421 super duty pontiac in 61…

  10. Seabecker

    I bought a ’67 GTO on Christmas day in 1979 for $500. It was a gold hardtop with a 400, 4 speed, and 3.55 posi. Loved that car. Bone stock, I cruised and raced it light to light on the Hermosa Beach strand in Southern California until I sold it in ’81 for $700 and was proud of myself! After all, I’d had such a good time with the car and then made such a tidy profit in the end. Alas!

  11. jdjonesdr

    Love to have this. It’s going to pull some serious money. Way out of my league.

  12. Metoo

    “Little GTO, you’re really not looking’ fine” (apologies to Jan & Dean)

    • ACZ

      Not Jan and Dean……….It was Ronny and the Daytonas

  13. erikj

    Great project! I had a 64 and 2 65s. The 64 goat was the third one built for the first year of the gto. That was one I should have kept like hundred’s of others I had. Yes ,I had lots pass my way. always had to sell one to buy the next one. I have done that since the 1970s and still do now. I have been told by people that know me that I should write a book about what I have had.
    I don’t think that will happen. I have had some really neat stuff though.

  14. Christopher C Bradley

    I thought that post was a reference to steel of body between front (door) and rear (bk seat) glass
    “A post that ” ties” roof to fender and glass together” ?

  15. Wilbur Burns

    Had a 66 Tempest hardtop twenty years ago. Same time my late father had a 67 convertible Tempest. Love these cars, but they have moved into the spotlight and become kind of pricey since way back then. I paid $1,000 for mine, drove it home with my head out the window (cracked exhaust manifold). But that was 1993. Muscle cars cost a lot more now. I would love to get my hands on this one, but $5,000 (plus!) to get started is a little steep. Or maybe I’m just old. :)

  16. Anthony

    I would install interior and drive as is.
    Beautiful just the way it looks now.
    Always liked that beat up look !!

  17. Dt 1

    Total junk

    • Mike

      Probably better than your first gen Prius.


    What? No comments on why did someone ruin the car by screwing a dealer nameplate on the taillight panel? Sorry, I could not resist asking.

    • Mike

      In the ’60’s, a lot of the dealers in the east and mid-west put those on before the car was sold.

  19. bob

    got out of the navy, bought a used 66 with big block, drove it several years, traded it in, the salesman called me a week later, they were moving the car, it caught on fire and burned to the ground.

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