1 Of 224 Rent-A-Racers: 1968 Shelby GT350 Hertz

When Ford decided to give the Mustang a redesign for the 1967 model year, they ended up making the Mustang a larger and heavier car. On the upside, they are more comfortable to drive and they look fantastic! Once Carroll Shelby got done with his versions, the GT350 and GT500, you had a mean looking machine that was a blast to drive. And to make sure people could experience his revised Mustang, he rekindled his relationship with Hertz Rental Cars. This example is one of the 224 cars built for Hertz’s Rent-a-Racer program, making it quite the rare find! You can bid in this Shelby here on eBay and it’s located in Augusta, Georgia.

While the 1966 GT350 Hertz cars primarily came in black and gold, these later cars were built in a variety of colors and lacked the Hertz specific badging. Just looking at it, you’d never know that this car was a Rent-a-Racer. Mechanically, they were equipped with the same 302 V8 as the non-Hertz cars, although the majority came with an automatic to ensure customers didn’t destroy the clutch or gearbox. The 302 wasn’t as hot as it’s 289 predecessors and lacked many of the go-fast engine parts, but these still have plenty of grunt for on the street.

Since the Mustang had grown and gained some creature comforts, so did the Shelby. At first glance, you’d have a hard time telling this from a normal Mustang, but there are a few unique Shelby bits in there like the armrest and roll bar. This one’s interior is looking a bit dirty but looks to be in pretty good shape. With some cleaning or new carpets, it would look great again!

This Shelby sure looks great, but if you take a closer look you’ll see that there are several spots where the paint is bubbling so there is some rust that will need to be addressed sooner, rather than later. That being said, and even if this wasn’t a Hertz Racer, it would be worth restoring. It’s a Shelby GT350 after all!



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  1. Arthell64 Member

    I like the good color

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  2. poseur Member

    agreed. Understated and classy in a sea of red white and black examples. Solid color shows off the beauty of this design.

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  3. Skorzeny

    It will look nice as soon as you get rid of those horrible wheel covers! Someone will save this Shelby for sure though…

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    • Mike W H

      Pretty sure those are not wheel covers.

      • JOHN Member

        They are wheel covers, call them hub caps if you want, but they are indeed wheel covers.

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      • Boatman Member

        “Save for a few export cars, all 1968 Shelbys left A.O. Smith equipped with simulated mag wheel covers”.

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      • Miguel

        I really like those wheel covers. They set the car apart from all the modified ones out there.

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    • Tom Member

      Ok am NOT an expert on these but have knowledge. PLEASE WILL AN EXPERT VERIFY ME OR CORRECT ME.

      Aside from other comments, I believe those are wheels, not covers (hub caps) and are stock original. Lug nuts appear to go directly to the drum. I have seen these on Shelby’s before and I am pretty sure a Shelby would not have a hub cap on them?

      I did not read everything in this article although I tried to. I see no comment of a repaint. If original, where is the GT350H? or was that only on the 1966 Hertz Shelby’s? If repainted, I could see why someone, not knowing what this car (MIGHT – if truly a rental car) be and, do away with the H.

      In all of the paperwork, Marti Report, ….did I miss something or do I see NO comment that this is a HERTZ car? I have seen nothing to prove that, or did I miss something?

      34K miles. Look, I like the car, big fan, and HERTZ R.A.R or not, still I believe it is a Shelby, BUT I think 134K miles are more believable. I have owned many classics under 80K miles and the interior’s, under hood, underbody and rot never were at this level especially for (if I read correctly) has been in warm dry climates and decently cared for?

      Will an EXPERT please critique me? Thanks, T

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    • JoeNYWF64

      I wonder if any owner or even a tire shop tried using a wrench on those phony lug nuts. lol
      Similar ones were optional on 1st gen camaros.
      & i remember seein many 1st gen v8 camaros BACK IN THE DAY with full wheel covers. Not these days – at car shows.

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      • JOHN Member

        The Chevrolet version of the “simulated mag wheel” covers I believe first appeared on the 1965 Chevelle SS396 Z16, and I think only on the Z16 for 65. They were available on 66 Chevelle’s, the Corvair and Camaro. I don’t remember if they were available on the full-size cars or not.

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  4. gacky

    I had a friend you had one of these and clamed it was real and I took his word cause I wasn’t out to prove him wrong. then he wrapped it around a tree at 70… sad day for us all

  5. TimM

    Really cool car!! Notice you can’t rent a new Shelby today!!

    • slickb

      cause overly right peddle happy like me would rent them

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    • Troy s

      That would turn into another one of those frivolous law suits! No doubt about it.

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    • Steve R

      Hertz last offered a Shelby rental in 2016.

      CNET did a write up of a 2019 Shelby is building the GT-S a 600hp supercharged 5.0L specifically for a rental company called Sixt. Never heard of them, but they will rent from their Las Angeles, Miami and Las Vegas locations.

      Steve R

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      • Troy s

        That’s just crazy, renting out a 600 horse anything. But in this day and age of extreme this or extreme that I can see it.

    • Hillar

      Actually you can. Shelby made a set of Mustangs for Sixt. You can rent them in Southern California, South Florida, and Las Vegas.

    • Fiete T.

      Hertz in Charlotte messed up my rental and I just wound up in a Hemi Challenger the other week. Pretty quick…I am the same guy that will give his daughter a Triple Yellow tri-coat GT350, too, so it’s all relative

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  6. BarnfindyColiins

    Nice looking car sorry to see it possibly selling and moving from my area. Hertz offered Triumphs for the Rent a Racer program back then also.

  7. Troy s

    It would have been more hard to believe or just plain crazy if these Hertz cars were GT500’s powered by either version of the 428! Tough looking Shelby despite the stock wheels, torque thrust D’s would look good here.
    Seller won’t’t take less than 50 large, but for me these have always been out of my price range.

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    • Tom Member

      GT500’s with 428’s, there would not be many left and less people alive!

      In 1984 GT500’s were $5K in #2 condition or better. They were $20-25K by 1988. My girlfriends dad had one when I was in college and I watched the market closely on them. 67 Shelby GT500, 428 Dual Quad 4 speed, red, white stripes, black interior.

      He sold it shortly after we broke up with unreconcilable differences. Only then did he tell me “The Mustang’s were going to be your wedding present, the 65 Convertible for her and the 67 Shelby GT500 for you!” 30 years later, still hurts.

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      • local_sheriff


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      • Marshall

        I understand the feeling of regret Tom. It would hurt me too. But at least you’re still alive today to talk about it. I only had one muscle car in my life, a 1965 Teebird. It’s the only car I had that I went over 100 miles an hour in. This was back in 1976. And I’m still alive today to talk about it.

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      • Troy s

        I remember those prices, painfully. Doesn’t sound like much now but it was at the time, considering a new ’88 5.0 Mustang was selling for half that. Big difference between the two but money is money.

  8. MorganW Morgan Winter Member

    Okay, so reserve at 50K, hasn’t run since ’93, and they haven’t bothered to check the numbers on the engine, trans, or diff?

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    • Tom Member

      Morgan, thank you. All this on and on and it’s 1 of 224 and he hasn’t checked the numbers?

      Boy do I have a bridge and some land in Florida to sell this guy!

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  9. Tom71Mustangs Member

    They are hub caps, Dude. Ugly, perhaps, but Yes… factory stock Shelby hub caps. Wheel covers to you youngsters. Many Shelbys came equipped similarly (or earlier models with plain steel rims!) and over the years, folks upgraded themselves to the nicer factory or factory-style rims. I don’t consider myself an Expert on early Shelbys… but yes- hub caps.

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  10. davew833

    There’s one of these I see frequently near my home, same color, great restoration, BUT the owner has installed 2005- style mustang headlights and fiberglassed or bondo’d them in to look original. WHY? I ask myself…

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    • MorganW Morgan Winter Member

      Dave, that sounds like it wouldn’t look good, but I’d love to see a pic if you ever get a chance!

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  11. Del

    Good looker but non runner since 93.

    No provence in power train

    Price lofty without further investigation

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  12. Desertrat

    Well I for one like the hubcaps, might be the best factory wheel cover ever, in my opinion. Sure torque thrust would look better but compared to other hubcaps these look good ,as for the shelby, always loved them couldn’t afford one then in my early teens and really can’t afford one now.

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  13. stillrunners Stillrunners Member

    Have two of these hubcaps laying around somewhere…stop taking them to swap meets. Nice car though….

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  14. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended:Oct 27, 2019 , 3:46PM
    Winning bid:US $53,700.00
    [ 12 bids ]

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