Pony Cars

81k Original Miles: 1967 Ford Mustang

Some enthusiasts prize originality above all else, while others will happily slip behind the wheel of a tidy classic with sensible and well-executed upgrades. This 1967 Mustang Hardtop falls into the second category, although its rust-free status and odometer… more»

3,700 Original Miles: 1973 Plymouth ‘Cuda

I get that the 1973 model isn’t one of the most favored cars from the third-generation Barracuda herd, but considering the direction muscle offerings were headed in by this point just the fact that the ‘Cuda held on this… more»

Running Project: 1973 Dodge Challenger Rallye

When it comes to E-Bodies, the ’70 and ’71s seem to be the cars many buyers are chomping at the bit to put in their garage, and that’s understandable as both the Dodge Challenger and Plymouth Barracuda were fine… more»

57k-Mile Survivor: 1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1

The Ford Mustang got a fresh look for the 1971 model, so not much changed for ’72 outside, but under the hood was a different story as both 429 engines were gone and any reference to Boss was now… more»

Originality Abounds: 1968 Mercury Cougar XR-7

Seeing this 1968 Mercury Cougar XR-7 made me think of its virtues vs. those of its crosstown rival, the Pontiac Firebird, both new market entrants in 1967. And of course, there’s the inevitable comparison between the Cougar and its… more»

Wind In Your Hair: 1970 Mustang Convertible

Skibaron sends us this tip on a 1970 Mustang convertible, found here on ebay and available for the next 25 days in a buy-it-now situation with a price tag of $24,500. There is also the opportunity to make an… more»

Project Pony Car: 1965 Plymouth Barracuda Four-Speed V8

Plymouth didn’t know it, but it invented a new genre in the pantheon of automotive history: the pony car. Arriving in April of 1964 – just a few weeks before Ford’s Mustang – the Barracuda possessed the long hood/short… more»

BF Auction: 1979 Ford Mustang Cobra

Ford released its Third Generation Mustang in 1979, and its styling broke new ground. While many viewed the Mustang II as almost a caricature of the original, the Fox-Body drew no design cues from its predecessors. This would generally… more»

Obscure Muscle Car: 1980 Mercury Capri

  In the world of Fox bodies, the Mercury Capri is perhaps one of the more obscure models to emerge from the platform’s numerous offerings. The Capri has always been a favorite of mine owing to its more muscular… more»

Work-In-Progress: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

The Z/28 Camaro was Chevy’s entry in the SCCA Trans Am Racing Series. As such, it had to follow SCCA guidelines which initially limited engine displacement to 305 cubic inches. This 1969 pony car no longer has its original… more»

Real Deal Barn Find: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

There is a band of enthusiasts who fear that the supply of genuinely amazing barn finds will eventually dry up. That is unlikely to happen soon if this 1968 Chevrolet Camaro is any indication. This car is anything but… more»

Running Project: 1965 Ford Mustang 302 V8

Question: What 1960s new car sold nearly 1.3 million copies in its first 30 months? If you answered the Ford Mustang, you would be right as the auto was the sales phenomenon of the decade. Released in April 1964,… more»

Unrestored 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z11 Pace Car Convertible

Since its introduction in 1967, the Chevy Camaro has been one of the most often-used cars to pace the field at the Indianapolis 500. It did so in style for its second of nine times in 1969. Some 133… more»

No Reserve: 1970 Ford Mustang Sportsroof 351/4-Speed

Hmm, a 1970 Ford Mustang Sportsroof. Shiny paint? Check. Rust-free? Check. Desirable drivetrain combination? Yep. No Reserve? Ooh, yeah! There’s no doubt this beauty ticks the right boxes for most Blue-Oval enthusiasts, and if an in-person inspection doesn’t confirm… more»

BF Auction: 1967 Mercury Cougar

Finding a project candidate where much of the heavy lifting is already done can be challenging, but that is the opportunity offered by this 1967 Mercury Cougar. The car’s original mechanical configuration would have delivered reasonable performance, but the… more»

Affordable Driver: 1986 Pontiac Trans Am

Cars from the 1980s have developed a strong following in the classic market for a simple reason: They are generally affordable options for those seeking the first classic to park in their garage. A fresh generation of enthusiasts has… more»