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1 of 463 Made: 1986 Turbo Buick T-Type

Located near Pottstown, Pennsylvania, this 1986 Buick Regal T-Type is for sale here on Craigslist for $15,400. The seller reports a total mileage of 175,700 miles and the car’s condition reflects it. The car is reported to be a WH1 Designer Series optioned car. The WH1 were offered from 1984 to 1986 and are recognizable due to their Black – Silver – Black paint scheme. The car needs paint as the clear coast is peeling in a number of places.

The maroon interior shows wear on the front bucket seats and much of the interior plastic and vinyl is faded. the dash has a large crack in the center and some warping. The car appears to be well optioned with power windows, air conditioning and a power driver seat. The seller believes he is the third owner and has been in possession of the car for 18 years. This is definitely a driver.

A number of modifications have been made to the car including rebuilt 4 speed 2004R transmission, 2,800 RPM stall converter, forged pistons, aluminum radiator, 160 degree thermostat, Eastern Performance front mount intercooler and new fuel injectors and fuel pump. The engine was rebuilt in 2003 and has a Red Armstrong street chip and volt booster. The factory exhaust has also been replaced with 2 3/4 inch dual exhaust with no catalytic converter.

The suspension has also had some work including new performance springs, Bilstein shocks and aftermarket 15″ wheels. I owned a 1987 T-Type for a while but had a lot of problems keeping the car running. It was a blast to drive. When I first got it the vacuum line to the waste gate had a leak in it and the boost shot up to 21 psi and the car went sideways as I accelerated. These are fantastic cars and show how much Buick could do with a great looking Regal. I wish they would re-introduce the T-Type or Grand National!


  1. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    Sure hun, I’ll put the Buick up for sale…

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    • Skorzeny

      And in the driveway will it sit.

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    • Mark

      Guess I’ll have to keep it. Nobody is going to pay me what it’s worth ( in my mind)

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  2. Rick

    At least 10K overpriced, if not more. Nothing special about these. I had a Regal that was burgundy-gold-burgundy with the burgundy interior.. about as boring as they come..

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    • Ten50boy

      Definitely overpriced…. especially considering condition and mileage. But…. in reality…. it’s a special car. Buick turbo cars are fetching decent numbers these days. This one will probably way away all profit and then some to get it back to decent. It is definitely a special car…. not your average 3.8 or wheezer v8 that was offered back then.

    • Max

      You obviously did not have a Turbo-T. Completely different animal than the normally aspirated 3.8 in your Regal.

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      • Max

        This reply was meant for Rick

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  3. CCFisher

    I think this is the most unfortunate choice in aftermarket wheels I’ve seen in some time.

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    • Bob S

      I was thinking the same thing CC, those wheels are down right hideous! Car might have potential, but not at this price.

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  4. Steve R

    If the seller was giving it away people on this site would still find a reason to complain.

    Steve R

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    • Solosolo ken tilly UK Member

      I don’t think I would want it even if he were giving it away. It looks like they couldn’t decide whether to make it a car or a truck so they just made it a fugly.

      • Steve R

        A friend bought a nearly identical looking T-Type brand new in 86. The T-Types were basically Grand Nationals painted in different colors. Where this car goes off the rails is the choice of wheels. That’s about the easiest fix known to man.

        Steve R

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    • Camaro guy

      Yeah what he said 😁

    • CCFisher

      I think a lot of it has to do with the price. When featured cars are perceived to be bargains, the comments tend to be much more favorable.

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  5. Tom

    Don’t know about your state but, no cat converter in PA = no inspection sticker.
    And the inspectors that look the other way are becoming fewer and further between as they like having an inspection license/station for those relatively easy money brake jobs.

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  6. Frank

    dont know where you are from, but in my state, after 25 years there is no e-check.
    re price, about 5000 over what it should be
    Rick, you must not had or know what a turbo buick is per your comments
    A nice one is over 20,000
    with the modifications that have been done to this car, It is a potential 12 second quarter mile rocket.

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    • Frank g

      Yep. Well said

  7. ACZ

    A great bargain, at $4K.

  8. Dave Rhodes

    here we go again …. where is the video !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Rustytech Member

    Let’s see, 175k on the clock, needs paint, and needs interior done, and what else? To me this is a $2,000 car at best. Good luck finding the patsy that will pay anywhere near this asking price.

  10. Jim

    Hahahahahaaha..2k for a WH1….

  11. Rusty Caliper

    “Darth Vader’s hot rod” was the tag line for a review of the Grand National. Visualize that helmet going around the track making that weird screaming noise

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