$1500 Special! 1965 Pontiac Bonneville

Before you scoff at this 1965 Pontiac Bonneville, consider that it “does run,” though not at the moment, it has a title, and the Buy It Now price here on ebay  is only $1500. Located in an undisclosed (perhaps top secret) location somewhere in Maryland, this Bonneville may represent someone’s opportunity to reunite with memories of a similar car from their past, or a low-budget classic for someone with the skills to refurbish it. Thanks to Adam C. for spotting this Salts Flats Racing-inspired Pontiac.

The seller offers bumpers from a ’65 Pontiac Catalina. Someone evidently patched the floorboards and replaced the trunk pan. Having trouble picturing these cars? Check out this collection of ’65 Bonneville images. Pontiac called its full-size Bonneville the “most luxurious Pontiac” in 1965. Though currently wearing a veil of High School Primer, it may have originally been a rich Burgundy.

The seller confirms the missing dashboard and “air-conditioning” (presumably all HVAC) parts, though it does have front and rear seats. The ideal buyer will appreciate full-size Pontiacs and know where to find replacement parts. Alternatively it may become a parts car itself, a role evidently served in the past. Plan on sourcing a steering column as well.

A possible proper 389 cid V8 inhabits the engine bay. It supposedly “does run,” but the buyer may consider re-attaching the radiator hose and thermostat housing currently positioned to one side. Connecting the fuel system to the carburetor before twisting the key may also pay dividends. Forensic evidence suggests that someone (probably under the age of 20) savagely attacked the engine compartment with cans of black spray-paint. Who can picture themselves buying this once-beautiful full-size coupe?

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  1. Hide Behind

    Engine choice included a larger V8, 421 cu. in., and tripower, and while 389 was almost adequate the top 421 with tri power was more than.
    I know of Pontiac parts places but the parts needed to refinish this auto, and body repairs, will make this a costly venture.
    1K is max as a parts car, and scrap metal, as there are almost no parts. and I would want a better starter car standing by, on this one.
    The cost of darn nice rides is way under compareable same year plain Jane Impalas.

  2. ccrvtt

    No 8-bolts, no deal. Actually, this looks too far gone but it does recall the fabulous GM full-size offerings of 1965-66. While I’ve always admired the Impala 2-doors, the Bonneville hardtops and especially the convertibles are many degrees above the Chevys. The image of a midnight blue Bonnie convertible is indelibly etched in my memory.

    Elegant cars, but, alas, not this one.

  3. Kuzspike

    Are those Buick rims?

  4. Kuzspike

    Are those Buick rims? They may be the one thing of value on this if they are.

    • Alexander

      Yup. Good eye. Buick chrome 15″ rally wheels from the big Electras and/or Riveras from around 66-69. Not to be confused with a similar design for the Skylarks which IIRC were 14″ and had less concave rim edge. Many a big Buick from this period gave up their road wheels and I’ve seen sets on a double axle trailer and a 51 Chevy in the past couple weeks!

  5. Will Fox

    After seeing this, I feel you would be MUCH better off spending a bit more and getting a better `65 Bonneville. I would. There are enough of these around that finding another to buy isn’t impossible. I’d also check with the Pontiac-Oakland club members, such as their club historian for the `65-`66 models who might be able to steer you to a nicer one. This is someone else’s mess they want to unload.

  6. newfieldscarnut

    A dream car at one time . It is now a nightmare .

  7. John

    I have a very vivid imagination… even so, this looks like way too much investment.. Spend more initially, get more, work less, end up with more.

  8. Jay Bourne

    It really does emphasize the importance of obtaining the most benefit from your money when spending fifteen hundred bucks!

  9. bog

    If he threw in Catalina….maybe. My Pops owned a multiple Maroon ’63 Bonnie. Lovely car. I was “allowed” to put gas (Premium) in it and go for very short rides. That car really had pick up. Whoa…

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