Red Rocket: 1966 Oldsmobile Starfire

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There has to be a catch! Loaded 1966 Oldsmobile Starfire with a 425 Rocket V8, console and tach, AC, power gadgets galore, Cragars, and its running, all for $3950? An actual two door hardtop with red paint and black guts, dual exhaust, and new tires, for $3950? Do I need to be pinched or hit? Find this smoking deal in Madisonville, LA here on Craigslist or here.

Okay, so it looks more barn find than garage queen, but that’s not a bad thing. The paint, while shiny when wet, could better pass as primer than paint when dry. The chrome is equally as tired, but it all looks very straight and complete. These two doors have great, long and low styling, and the Cragars look perfectly at home here. If you prefer a more stock look, the Olds wire wheels are still in the trunk, which can be opened from inside the car, as long as the vacuum lines are still good. 13,019 Starfire coupes were sold in 1966, all with 375 HP, a final hoorah for the unique series.

The seller says even though it runs, it still needs to be trailered. Under the hood, the 425 V8 with 4 barrel carb still retains its Starfire air cleaner, optional Frigidaire AC compressor, power steering, and power brakes. The standard Turbo Hydra-Matic has the optional floor shifter as shown, though a rare 4-speed stick with Hurst shifter would have sweetened the deal. Everything is a bit dingy, but it all makes this Starfire a luxury grand tourer with the strength of a muscle car.

Inside, black Morroceen vinyl covers the optional buckets, with power controls for the driver. The factory tach sits on top of the console, and a clock can be seen on the dashboard as well. Power windows, factory radio, add on 8-track, and the previously mentioned AC means you won’t be slumming it. Now, if any of these features work isn’t divulged, but the asking price leaves a budget for fixes. The interior looks unabused, with no visible tears and cracks, and everything looks presentable and complete, just in need of a good cleaning. So, what do you think the catch is? Engine knock? Rust? Or do you think this Starfire might just be a phenomenal buy as is?


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  1. 86 Vette Convertible

    If the body and frame are solid, this has a lot of potential especially if things run. Wonder why states needs to be trailered unless brakes or something compatible is iffy.

    I do find it interesting the claim the same frame was used under the Cutlass. I realize there is a long overhang in back but that logically seems a stretch to me.

    Interesting car none the less.

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    • jpalmer

      not so, frames on full size cars were differen’t and had a longer wheelbase than midsize cars

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    • Roger

      I doubt that was the same frame as the Cutlass as the Starfire was based on the Dynamic/Delta 88 platform which was a little bit longer wheelbase I believe,also noticed the underdash 8 track player appears to have a FM tuner as well,still not a bad looking ride though.

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      • Loco Mikado

        Looks to to be a Tenna 8 track and blowing up the picture I only see AM dial markings.

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  2. PleikuPete

    Craigslist ad is posted from Gulfport MS. Is this a flood car?

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    • Dave Mc

      Seawater Patina?

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  3. Madmatt

    I love Starfires,and they are pretty scarce.
    This looks like a decent project,but could get
    expensive,if special pieces can’t be re-used/refurbished.No pics of right side??maybe it needs a quarter panel?,or has damage?
    These really had cool styling,and I wish that
    I would see them more often, luxury,performance
    and unique style…..makes for a winner in my book!

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    My first question is why is this car so cheap?

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    • 86 Vette Convertible

      Hadn’t thought about the possible flood victim.

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  5. Vince H

    63 and 66 are my favorite years.

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  6. TomMember

    If not a flood car, can’t go real wrong at 4K.

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  7. BOP_GUY BOP GuyMember

    Setting aside the beautiful 50’s Starfires, for me 61-63 were the best years, with 62 topping it off. The 62 would’ve been great competition for the Buick Riviera, and a convertible was available too. But Olds fattened them up and sales fell, with 66 being the last year and no convertible available. 62’s go for a lot of dough though, so this would be a great entry for someone into the classic personal luxury car market!

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  8. Maestro1

    Tom is right. If it’s not a flood car, buy it instantly. I’ve had one, and they are a great combination of speed and luxury. Similar to Toronados, dealers really never understood the car.

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  9. Superdessucke

    My uncle had this car’s twin back in the day, only with red interior. I recall accidentally putting it in neutral when I was playing around inside of it and rolling backwards down the driveway. Thank God I was able to get it back into park before the behemoth really got going! I probably would have taken out a couple houses at least. This was way before the days of locking steering column/gear shift LOL! I also recall the power windows would work whether the key was on or not, and they certainly did not stop if something got in the way. Keep small children clear, in other words.

    Anyway I’m not sure what these should go for given that they’re so rare. I would guess maybe 20 grand in mint condition? Perhaps 7k like this? There is no doubt this car is massively underpriced, which concerns me.

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  10. jw454

    Looking at all the pictures an especially the glove box manuals it appears to me that this one was under a bit of water at one time. That may account for the low price. It would pay to have a real close personal inspection of it before giving up a hand full of pictures of dead presidents.

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  11. Gray Wolf

    Lots of dirt in the seat seams, looks suspicious!

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    Easy to work on, bet it will smoke those tires. Gobs of torque in that engine. I agree with everyone else, if this isn’t a flood car, it will be a fun fast easy to fix ride

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  13. Pete Kaczmarski

    I enjoy a lot of cars and years especially 1966. I always wanted a ’66 Olds Toronado. It took me 45 years to finally get one.

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