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17K Original Miles: 1986 Ford Mustang GT

This 1986 Ford Mustang GT is a minty survivor with just 17,000 original miles and listed as a one owner example. It comes with all of its factory equipment, and one would assume that’s original paint we’re looking at. The seller calls it flawless, and is looking for $15K or best offer. Find it here on craigslist located somewhere near Seattle. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Kevin for the find. 

The Pacific Northwest seems to be a hotbed of preserved 70s and 80s classic that have otherwise perished in other parts of the country. Obviously, it’s not surprising to see a well-preserved Mustang GT, but the range of emerging classics still roaming the backroads of Washington and Oregon is truly amazing. This Mustang looks as nice as the seller describes from every angle.

Interiors are one part of the car that are often tell-tale indications as to whether the mileage is as low as they claim. The upholstery is super clean, the plastics show no signs of fading (another benefit of living in the Pacific Northwest), and the door panels look mint. One disappointment for some of you: this is an automatic-equipped example, which may limit interest.

The engine bay looks mint, and you’re staring at one of the easiest engines to live with long-term. Walk into any junkyard and you’ll find a 5.0 with whatever part you might need, not to mention even the most remote Napa location having parts stocked on the shelf. While the automatic limits the fun, there’s no denying this Mustang GT has lived a sheltered life since new.


  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    An excellent four-eye Fox Body Mustang. As Jeff points out, the automatic will suppress the price a bit. For a top-notch example like this, a Marti Report would have been an appropriate accompanying document. Seller has a good selection of pics but little verbiage.

    I’d love to see this at a Mustang Club of America show as an entrant in the Unrestored category; we don’t see many Unrestored four-eyes.

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    • Miguel

      I don’t mind the automatic at all, as the clutch in the stick is really hard to use.

      I have more of a concern with the hole in the roof.

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    • Superdessucke

      The automatic is less of a big deal in the 1986 and up cars because they have the same engine and the same horsepower as the manuals. The 1984-85 automatics used a less powerful EFI 5.0.

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  2. Arthell64

    The 86 gt lost hp thanks to a cyl head change but since it’s an automatic being fast is not the point here. Appears to be a nice car. Would make a good cruise around in car. When compared to restoring a rusted out early model mustang this looks like a decent deal.

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    • JCA Member

      It only lost 10 HP, not that big of a deal. I’ll take the convenience of fuel injection over a carburetor for a car like this.

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  3. Mike D

    Nice car, but not $15k with the auto.

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  4. Superdessucke

    Hopefully it doesn’t have the Flowmaster mufflers that seemed to magically gravitate onto these vehicles even though stock, the Mustang 5.0s of this era are among the best sounding vehicles ever mass produced. If it’s truly all original, it’s got to be worth near what he’s asking.

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    • CanuckCarGuy

      Spot on, you could tell a 5.0 was approaching without looking…one of the few cars that I recall having such a unique exhaust note. Beautiful sound.

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  5. NotchNut

    Very nice car. I’m not a fan of the sunroof or automatic. Since it’s missing the factory rubber distributor cover, I would guess this car would be more in the $10-12 thousand range.

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  6. JCA Member

    The dreaded ’tilt wheel option”…glad mine has the standard steering wheel

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  7. Troy s

    Wow, my ’86 GT looked just like this except for the automatic shifter. Color, interior, wheels, sun roof, flashback for me.
    The stock exhaust was okay but I put flowmaster 2 chambers on it and man, those were fairly loud. Hurst shifter, KYB shocks, no AC, all the little free horsepower tricks Tony DeFeo wrote about in Cars magazine, it was fun while it lasted. Lost that car in a minor accident, with over 230 thousand miles and a bit worn the insurance totaled it.
    Had plans of a rebuild with later heads, already on my third clutch, second time around on the 5 speed then kaPow! That was that.

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    • Superdessucke

      K&N and Flowmaster made their fortunes singlehandedly on the 5.0 Mustang. Advertising from the day convinced everyone they HAD to have these items on their 5.0. Did you buy the underdrive pullies too?

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      • Troy s

        In a word,, no.
        K&N was already well established before the late model craze took off. They’re good filters, don’t like the product don’t buy it,
        Flowmaster had a unique product at the time, maybe the Mustang craze got them out of the race only business but I’d say the 3 inch cat back full size truck market is where they really got hot.
        It was fun messing around with these 5.0’s at the time, built to be driven…often hard, not to be babied. They made the 4cyl. for the girls out there. Ah ha ha!!

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  8. Rob S

    Nice 5.0! These unmolested Foxes are hard to locate anymore. I have a SSP that is stock as a rock. Love how it drives and handles. These are increasing in value. Find ONE that hasnt been updated or messed with. Yea, like i said, hard to Find!
    This one should fetch good money unless someone discovers some secrets…….

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  9. irocrobb

    It might seem like a lot of money now,but in 20 years 15 grand wont buy you much of a car the way things are going. Sure its a auto, and yes I would prefer a stick but, its all about condition. The caretaker took fantastic care of it while most V8 Mustangs were driven to death. I like it.

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  10. Darrun

    Owned one that looked exactly like this in 95. Mine was a 5 speed. The sunroof never was a problem.It was a very fun car to drive, ran well, and the gas mileage was exceptional for a performance car.

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  11. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Having driven a friend’s manual back in the day, I would never consider an automatic, although I love the stock condition of this car.

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  12. Joe T

    I bought the mustang and drove it back to Texas in three days; 2,350 miles. Flew in to Seattle, paid for the car and drove to Twin Falls Idaho the first day. The car just needed a quart of oil and it was ready to go. I drove it home on the original tires which looked almost new. The tires are date coded to 1986. The belts, plug wires, brakes, etc are still original as is the paint. The rubber distributor cap cover and the cargo cover were the only items missing. The battery had been replaced and was not original. Pictures do not do the car justice; I love it. Currently has 22,000 miles. The original owner was a Boeing engineer and took amazing care of the car.

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  13. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Thanks for the update, Joe.
    These are my favorite Fox Mustangs.

    Have you owned it for a year now?

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  14. Joe T

    I love the 4 eyed foxes also. I have had the car almost a year, the end of October will be exactly one year. I replaced the hatch struts, bought new wheels and tires, including a new spare tire. I also replaced the shocks and struts. The wheels and tires had never been off the car. They and the original spare are in safe storage. The shocks and struts were the originals but didn’t have any rebound to them. The access cover in the hatch area for the shocks was still sealed. The original brake pads are still being used. I hope to get the original paint corrected and sealed in the near future.

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