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After waking up and realizing my paid-for Civic Si left me empty and bored, I’ve been on a bender of daily-driving BMWs that constantly test my love affair with vintage machinery. I’ve tried Miatas and Mustangs but keep coming back to the church of blue-and-white, despite their best efforts to test my devotion. Although I’m still searching for that next great barn find, I’m content to own two projects that were headed straight past storage and into the scrap pile if it weren't for some divine intervention and an understanding wife, two things no gearhead should be without.

Mechanic’s Personal Car: 1978 Saab 99 Turbo

As someone who is currently on the hunt for a vintage Saab, I’ve come to realize that Saab owners are a passionate bunch. Despite the fact that the company has effectively been dissolved and parts supply is been greatly… more»

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Rare Big Foot Edition: 1987 Ford F150 4×4

Few vehicles were as widely recognized as the original “Big Foot” monster truck that could be seen flying through the air of indoor arenas across the country or doing parade laps at major outdoor venues, so it’s of little… more»

Nearly Perfect: 1983 Datsun 720 King Cab 4×4

Survivors in any form are generally appreciated by enthusiasts, but survivors that wear their original graphics kit and factory decals in near-perfect condition occupy a particularly warm spot in the hearts of gearheads. This 1983 Datsun 720 King Cab… more»

Numbers Matching 1963 Porsche 356 Project

This 1963 Porsche 356 is described as a stalled restoration project that retains its matching numbers engine and transmission. Despite looking fairly rough from the outside, there’s a fair amount going for it considering it’s an air-cooled Porsche that… more»

Open Road Ready: 1973 Starcraft Starcruiser

This 1973 Starcraft Suncruiser is a total trip, yet another example of an obscure motorhome made in the heyday of the Dodge-powered motorhome yachts that used to storm the Earth. I’ve not seen one, ever, from what I can… more»

Original Paint Example: 1979 Ford Bronco Custom

This 1979 Ford Bronco is a looker wearing its original paint and seemingly all of the many options it received before leaving the factory, and the seller notes he purchased it from the longtime original owner. Broncos seem to… more»

Bought New in Sweden: 1969 Volvo 164

To me, one of the coolest aspects of a car’s history is if it was purchased new in its home market and brought home at a later date. I know not everyone finds this as fascinating as I do,… more»

Stock Survivor: 1987 Chrysler Conquest TSI

For a while now, the Chrysler Conquest and its twin, the Mitsubishi Starion, has been a darling of the emerging collector class of vehicles from the 1980s. Once this re-awakening occurred, it seems like clean, stock examples have been… more»

Clean Barn Find: 1988 Ford Mustang GT

This 1988 Ford Mustang GT is described as a barn find by the seller, but it certainly looks better than most cars we see dragged out into the daylight for the first time in decades. It’s a desirable manual… more»

55K Mile Survivor: 1998 Jeep Cherokee

This clean white 1998 Jeep Cherokee is a no reserve listing, representing a potentially great deal for a survivor-grade XJ with plenty of life left for daily driving or a gentle off-road built. The XJ is an emerging classic,… more»

Rare 1LE Package: 1991 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Here’s something I’d like to see manufacturers bring back to showrooms: factory race cars built in limited quantities. This is a rare 1LE edition of the Chevrolet Camaro, effectively offering track day assassins a turn-key racer that made serious… more»

Super Rare Wedge: 1990 Lotus Excel

This 1990 Lotus Excel is a vehicle the British automaker never imported to the United States, making it a rare sight on these shores. I’ve noticed this car on my lcoal Facebook Marketplace and have thought once or twice… more»

Four-Eyed SSP: 1986 Ford Mustang

Mustang SSPs aren’t exactly common, and this is definitely the case with the older, “four-eyed” models like this one that previously did duty as a member of the state police force in Oregon. Cherished for their beefed-up drivetrains and… more»

Bullnose Survivor: 1983 Ford Bronco XLT

The “Bullnose” For Bronco has been quietly making in-roads as the latest member of the collector class of square-body SUVs. For years seen as a throwaway vehicle that got beaten up and left for dead on the trails (though… more»

Cheap Firehawk: 1994 Pontiac Formula

This 1994 Pontiac Firebird Firehawk seems like an absolute performance bargain for anyone who can live with rough cosmetics or has access to a paintbooth. Built in limited numbers and featuring a variety of desirable performance upgrades, the Firehawk… more»

Cadillac of Campers: 1951 Spartan Royal Mansion

Classic motorhomes have tempted many restorers over the years, as it’s always enticing to think about life on the open road with a luxuriously-appointed vintage travel trailer behind you. While many of these old-school trailers were built for a… more»