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Return Of… The Ultra Low Mileage (183) 1984 Dodge Ram Pickup

It’s baaaack! We featured this 1984 Dodge Ram 1500 D100 regular cab pickup truck with supposedly 135 original miles back in February of 2023 with an asking price of $34,500 (and the option to make a best offer). You can view the original listing here. After 13 months and 48 miles added to the odometer later, it’s being offered for sale again here on eBay for a lower price ($22,999) through the Monaco Motor Group in Orlando, Florida. Over 80 photos are supplied and the ad is full of colorful all caps descriptions and exclamation points, but there are some questions left unanswered. I mean, inquiring minds want to know, don’t they?

For starters, if you’re selling a 40-year-old vehicle with only 183 original miles, wouldn’t you want to make a big deal about having documentation proving that the ultra low mileage claim is legit? Towards the end of the ad’s description, the dealer states, “Rest assured, this truck comes with a clean history report, showing no accidents ever reported.” So, maybe that covers it. And as was mentioned in last year’s article, I’d want to know where this pickup was stored, how it was stored, and just how was it being used when it was supposedly not being used. You’d expect a 183-mile time capsule to be practically showroom new, but when you get up close, you can see that this Dodge Ram has its fair share of scrapes, bumps, battle scars, and the bed’s definitely been used.

Don’t get me wrong, this IS a time capsule and an attractive one at that. I like the two-toned black and silver paint, blackwalls, and the overall look and vibe of this Dodge. The exterior is in very-good condition overall, the paint is very presentable, and the glass, chrome, trim, and cool Ram hood ornament all look very good. To the dealers credit, there are 18 photos showing the truck’s imperfections in the form of scrapes, scratches, pin stripe damage, and dented trim (one around the passenger side headlight that resulted in a broken turn signal lense). There’s also damage visible on the top and bottom of the truck’s tailgate and the silver bed shows scratches from being used and some surface rust.

The trucks cabin appears to be in great shape with the black and silver (okay, more like light gray with dark gray carpet) theme being continued from the exterior. Maybe the original owner was an Oakland Raiders fan. Overall, I like the nice-but-not-too-fancy-shmancy looking interior with its rollup windows and somewhat sporty steering wheel. The light gray vinyl and cloth insert bench seat looks practically new as does everything else inside this Ram. The truck has A/C and has had an aftermarket radio with an MP3 player and AUX input added.

Not surprisingly, the engine bay is clean and tidy with the black and silver theme continuing. Only a few engine  choices were available in 1984 and this one is equipped with the indestructible 3.7 liter 225 slant six that made 95 horsepower. It’s paired with an automatic transmission. So what do you think of this time capsule? Last year’s article sparked a lot of comments and speculation about this ultra low mileage Dodge Ram pickup. I’m guessing this article will, too.


  1. Avatar photo mrgreenjeans

    My take on it was it never sold at the dealership and got pushed back to the corner of the lot for a few years, then moved inside a building and forgotten about. It most likely got used as a storage shelf for incoming or outgoing parts, backed into a few times contributing to the various dents, all while serving as a neglected old pickup for the next 3-4 decades. Battery froze up and broke or got overcharged and leaked onto the inner fender apron, crap got piled up in and on it, and it just got forgotten until something sparked a change. Dealership sold out ? New Management ? Some one’s light bulb went off and said: “we paid Chrysler $6600 (?) for it new but no one wanted it then, maybe we can get $30,000 for it now”

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  2. Avatar photo Rbig18

    “Had an MP3 aftermarket stereo installed”. See this is my hang up. Why would you go through that trouble in say late 90’s when mp3 was popular and then not drive this. Somehow I think this was driven by an older person that meticulous care of it and is more a 100k truck just really well preserved.

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    • Avatar photo mrgreenjeans

      the steering wheel, pedal wear, shift knob wear, kick panels would all indicate that if it had rolled over in miles ….. but everything looks fresh and unworn. The mp3 player well may have been added to bring it close to a buyer’s desires if an interest on a sale was indicated. I am thinking it was a radio delete truck when spec’d out new. I still believe it a dealer carryover truck (remember the huge Lambrecht Chevrolet dealership that sold all their ’60s and on up ‘new old stock’ cars and pickups about 5 years ago? Van der brink Auctions had the auction; I saw a ’65 Impala 2 door hardtop a couple years ago at a vintage car show that came from that sale. It had like 18 miles on it but had required a complete engine refresh because of sitting in a damp environment, but everything else looked like this truck. New but a tad weathered

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      • Avatar photo Rbig18

        Maybe, but the rear bumber is not stock either. Is the steering wheel? I don’t know.

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      • Avatar photo Pastor Ron

        Pedal covers are cheap and easy to replace. So are the other parts. I find it a little too incredible, too.
        Take a look under the rocker cover, or it should still have the factory Mopar brake shoes with zero wear on the drums. Any sign of exhaust work?

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    • Avatar photo John Jasper

      Also if you own a dealership wouldn’t you put a Mopar radio off the shelf instead of and aftermarket radio in it.

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  3. Avatar photo Troy

    Except just as the barn find folks figured out in the original story the miles on the odometer are incorrect for the condition of the vehicle

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    • Avatar photo PRA4SNW Member

      My biggest issue with this truck is (and also was when we talked about it last year) is that the seller is too cheap to spring for the add-on Vehicle History Report. That would pretty much prove (in this case, disprove) the low mileage claim.

      They are looking to hook a sucker.

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  4. Avatar photo Scrapyard john

    Really nice truck. I’d love to have it, but would prefer the 318 (yeah, I’m that guy that generally avoids the base engine). I don’t think that steering wheel is stock and who changes the steering wheel with less than 200 miles? The engine bay looks immaculate, but I’d bet the odometer has rolled. I’d have to look at the gas pedal and brake pedal to know for sure. I’d almost rather have it if the odometer has rolled. If it genuinely has less than 200 miles, then it’s been sitting a long time and it’s going to leak out of every gasket once you start using it.

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    • Avatar photo John Jasper

      They had a dealership. If they had a new, wrecked in transit, from another dealer all those parts including the speedometer would be easy to change. Or maybe they had the parts in the back room. Without documentation it’s hard to say. I would be under the truck looking close at everything.

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  5. Avatar photo Roland

    Something is up with this truck. It has grease on the underside of the hood, a new steering wheel and rear bumper, and snow tires on the back. These trucks were easy to change the speedo or reset the mileage. I have to wonder if the truck had really low mileage (say 10k) and the speedo went bad. If it had never been sold, the (lack of) title would reflect that.

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  6. Avatar photo Stacked

    Had an ’85, with a 318, 4 speed, 2 wd. Super easy toll the miles back, even as an 18 year old with limited mechanical knowledge.
    Put an edelbrock intake on it with a holley 4 barrel, straight piped it with dual Flowmaster and drove through town in 2nd gear…..those were the days

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  7. Avatar photo mrgreenjeans

    I am surprised no one has mentioned or noticed the overspray paint on windshield rubber and door seal rubber. Or the torn rubber inner door seal on the bottom near the passenger side carpet. On the bumper, these era trucks could come without factory bumpers (especially base model ‘strippers’) and would be fitted with one upon resale to the demand of the consumer. Luverne bumpers were common in the midwest and this may well be one of those. Also, I have that same steering wheel in my RAM Power Wagon of same year. That said, I would be a buyer of it IF the asking price was closer to 14-15 thousand because it really could not be used as a modern day pickup to haul of tow. It’s drivetrain limitations would allow it to be used as a garage space placeholder or a weekend show and shine Dodge interest where folks could debate the same things we are here. I like it but not at a 23,000 dollar price

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    • Avatar photo HoA Member

      Mrgreenjeans, did the Captain ever get my letters? It’s been over 60 years,,, :)

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      • Avatar photo mrgreenjeans

        he did and had Mr. Rabbit take the memo;
        maybe the return mail went down the rabbit hole ?

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  8. Avatar photo KC

    Uhmmmmmm Noooooooo!

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  9. Avatar photo Steve R

    This is a fishing expedition. The price for Dodge trucks of this era trail far behind that of both Chevy and Ford. It’s hard to see anyone paying a premium for low mileage based on its condition. With some persistence and patience someone would likely find what is considered a low mileage Dodge truck from this era in better condition for less money.

    Steve R

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  10. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    Well, you gotta say that it takes some balls to claim 135 miles.

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  11. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    Well, you gotta say that it takes some stones to claim 135 miles.

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    • Avatar photo John Morrissey

      Heard Ya the first time.

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  12. Avatar photo Bob_in_TN Member

    For fun, refer to the comments from a year ago from us Barn Finders as to various conjectures on the history of this truck.

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  13. Avatar photo CCFisher

    MP3 car stereos weren’t common until around 2000, so when the aftermarket stereo was installed, the truck was at least 16 years old (likely older). Why would anyone install an aftermarket stereo in an ultra-low-mile, 16+ year old truck they didn’t intend to use? The presence of the stereo doesn’t prove the mileage claim is false, but it does provide justification to question the claim before bidding. And then ask yourself if owning an ultra-low mileage version of a truck nobody wanted in the first place is worth any kind of premium.

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  14. Avatar photo Kevin

    Nice looking truck!
    But NOT at so nice as to demand $23K.
    Maybe $16K, maybe a little more, maybe a little less???

    It looks to me like someone bought this truck to use it.
    & they didn’t “baby it”, instead they used it (..although very infrequently) to carry a few things & thereby put a few scratches on it in the process.
    Some of the paint damage along the sides indicates that it was parked next to another vehicle who’s driver was very careless when getting in/out of their vehicle, thereby creating multiple similar “door ding/scrape” marks along the truck’s driver’s-side door. (Perhaps the 2-car garage was narrow, the truck was backed in on the left side, & the wife parked her a 2-door car full-sized sedan on the right-side?)
    Nothing here screams a 100K+ mileage vehicle.

    Regardless, the lack of being driven regularly definitely suggests that some future problems with seals leaking (engine, trans, or at least brakes) will be possible.
    BUT the body is straight, rust-free, and it IS drivable as is today, so I think a new owner would gladly accept the possibility of a leak or two that will be relatively easy to fix.
    The slant-6 is probably a negative for many, as a V8 would certainly be nice IF one intends to use this for any heavy hauling or towing. BUT the slant-6 IS a very robust & reliable engine, & something that definitely SCREAMS Chrysler, so I’m betting that there are a few fans of this powerplant choice.

    Considering the price of a brand new pickup truck these days (heck, you’d be hard-pressed today to find a Ford Maverick unibody “pick-up” for less that $30K out-the-door!) this could be a great buy for an “old-school” Dodge Truck fan. But NOT likely to happen quickly at $23K.

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  15. Avatar photo HoA Member

    Oh, I love these, and not much gets past the peanut gallery here. This truck was also featured here on Aug. 29, 2022, with an alleged 62 miles on it, so everybody wants a piece of it. We can all agree, not sure where the “135 miles” came from. Perhaps on the new speedometer. See? They went too far. It’s clearly a low mileage truck, anyone can see that, but way too bumps and bruises, new heater motor, underside shots should be like new, nice try, tho. I couldn’t imagine the Slanty being more strangled, but here it is. It never asked for any of this emission stuff, and soldiered on regardless, for a few more years, anyway. This truck has been around the “money-making merry-go-’round” for quite some time, be nice if someone actually used it, hey?

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  16. Avatar photo Jay McCarthy

    I sold these in 1984, a slant 6 with the automatic 0-60 times were measured with a sundial

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    • Avatar photo jeff

      I have an ’87 with a slant six. I concur with that, lol.

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  17. Avatar photo jeff

    One banged up truck for 183 miles. Of course, lots of movement around it in storage can cause damage. Lot of grime on the underside of the hood. I’d like to see pictures of the underside and the original spare tire. They laughably call it a “red tag special”, which is a rock bottom price, lol, and then it goes back up to normal price, whatever that is. Lotsa luck with that.

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  18. Avatar photo Dal

    One thing I’ll say for a now around 200 actual miles truck it had a rough life. From the many things that I can see wrong with it in the pictures I would expect a much nicer truck for the asking price regardless of it being 40 years old. It will need a new paint job, some trim parts replaced , new driver mirror, fender molding, chrome insert in front windshield molding, under hood paint repair steering column paint on interior front right signal light cover and headlight surround molding. These are just the things I can see from the pictures! If the seller wants to paint and repair all the visible problems I see I will pay the almost 23000.00 they are asking. If they do not want to do the repairs I can offer them $10,000.00. Too bad they didn’t take better care of this truck.

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  19. Avatar photo rbig18

    Take a real good look at the rims in the ebay pics. At 184 miles they would not be chipped and nicked everywhere like that.

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  20. Avatar photo Matthew Dyer

    Just for fun let us say it has less that 200 miles on it. So what? It is still an old truck that will never be anything else.

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  21. Avatar photo Chuck

    My uncle Steve was never someone to let ethics get in the way of a car sale. He would buy a new car every 4 years and sell his old one himself. The first thing he did was disconnect the speedometer cable when he got the new car home. This was back in the day before electronics. He would then drive the car through much of his ownership as such. He would connect it again awhile before selling it to run up a plausible amount of mileage to be sold as a “low mileage” find and would often get top dollar for them. He also didn’t believe in changing oil. Just once before he sold it. Although this truck is in great shape for its age, there are many indications that the mileage is much higher than stated. The rear shocks have been replaced, the passenger side door weatherstrip is frayed where your feet would drag across it during ingress and egress, and just the overall condition. It’s nice, but not under 200 mile nice. I believe the dealer is just passing on the story they were told when they bought it. I would need documentation to dissuade me.

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  22. Avatar photo Ken Kolodnicki

    Too much damage and telltale signs of bull shut for what should be a trailer queen !!!!!!

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  23. Avatar photo mrgreenjeans

    ’tis interesting so much negativity has been spread judiciously (and perhaps justifiably) on this old critter. Yet who among us has not watched ROAD KILL GARAGE, or watched Steve Mangente? wander the junkyards of America, see something we like, dream, or maybe even try to chase down that same lump of garbage and put 4 times the value of what this truck is costing. And here this old plain jane sits needing relatively little to put right and still be under 25,000 in costs. To emphasize even further: what 10 year old pickups out there today are selling for this amount and have maybe 200,000 miles on them and look like something the dog barfed up then the cat drug home ? It IS all about perspectives and/or what some individual wants or can afford to buy. Even if all the boxes aren’t checked on truthfulness or honesty of those transactions. THAT very thing happens somewhere, with something, every second of every day and has no where near the press or angst this “ol’ dowggie” presents. jm2c (and am still holding firm on my outlay of 10,000 to do the deal, just because I think that is what it’s worth to me.)

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    • Avatar photo PRA4SNW Member

      mrgreenjeans, you are correct that this is a nice vehicle and better than starting off with a turd and spending lots of $$ and sweat on it to make it look anywhere close to something like this.

      The problem is, at least to me, that dealing with someone this blatantly dishonest is not anything my conscience would allow me to do.

      BTW: I really like Steve Magnante’s shows. Ever see his very short series where he built custom plastic car models in his treehouse? His cat was the co-star. I hope he gets well, I missed see him on this year’s BJ auction coverage.

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