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1930’s Ford Collection in Canada

Ford Model 40 Barn

We come across a lot of unusual listings for cars. Some are odd simply because of how they were listed, some are unusual cars, and others are unusual as a result of lacking information. We stumbled on this listing here on eBay and the seller’s asking price, images, and lack of information all combine to make for a somewhat odd listing. They have a barn full of 1933 and ’34 Fords of varying condition. Their listing is somewhat confusing, as they don’t state whether all of these cars are for sale as a package deal or if they are simply trying to stir up interest. At one point they state, “Thought I would list to see the appetite out there”. So perhaps they are trying to drum up attention, which might explain the asking price. If it turns out they are actually selling all the cars and parts as a package deal, this might be a great buy for any Model 40 fanatic who is looking to expand their collection.

Model 40 Barn

The seller lists 7 cars in total, but doesn’t provide any information about their condition or completeness. From what we can see, most of these cars are in less than stellar condition, with most being classified as parts cars. We do see a few that would make for great rat or hot rods, with at least one having a V8 already in it. The complete story of this collection of Fords should prove interesting, but sadly the seller doesn’t provide any additional information about its history.

Ford Model 40 Roller

Of these Fords, the one above looks to be in the most complete shape. If you look carefully, you can spot what appears to be a flathead V8 parked in the engine bay. The seller also claims to have parts for a 428, but they aren’t clear on whether they have the block or just the parts. If the block can’t be found in the barn, than perhaps it can be found in the basement of the farm house, which is housing the overflow of parts.

Ford Bodies

We think this seller would be smart to take the time to catalog all the parts and cars they have here, regardless of whether they sell stuff individually or as a bundle. It just seems unusual to list this many cars in a single auction and not state what is or isn’t included. A more detailed listing would certainly generate more interest and might even yield some offers. If anyone living in the Edmonton area knows more about this collection, please share! So do you see anything here you’d like to have in your barn?


  1. jim s

    you could make vintage dirt track race cars out of these also. but for that kind of money the seller needs to be able to tell the buyer what they are getting. a PI might help a lot. very interesting.

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    • Mike

      It’s funny that you said this. I was at a hobby lobby today and they had an old pic of a dirt track wreck and it made think about where so many of the 30’s and early 40’s cars went. The pic had all 37’s – 40’s.

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      • jim s

        yes, between racing and WWII scrap/recycle programs a lot of cars from that time frame are gone.

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  2. Dave H

    1933 and 1934 Model A’s?????

    Those would be VERY rare indeed as the last Model a was made in 1931!

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  3. JP

    Did you not see the red one in the pics? Looks like a daily driver…

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  4. Mark

    Lets list all those body pieces that were drug out of the river and canyon and see what some sucker will pay for them.

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  5. Dolphin Member

    This is likely near Red Deer, Alberta, about an hour North of Calgary or about 3 hours North of the Montana Border. If someone is a serious ’30s Ford fan it looks like there’s enough there to make the trip worthwhile.

    With the bombardment we get from advertising every day it still surprises me how little some people pick up about how to market stuff, even on ebay. Yes, its everyman’s selling place, but it sounds like the seller is a teenager who has never heard of sentencs or punctuation, or even advertising.

    This will likely sell to somebody who actually makes the trip with cash in his pocket, maybe cherry picking only the stuff he wants / needs for his project. After all, the seller admits that he’s really just fishing for interest. Looks like a lot to fish through.

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  6. Gumby

    1) 1 hour south of edmonton alberta would make it oh lets see ONE HOUR SOUTH of Edmonton which is MOST LIKELY north of Red Deer. @Dolphin!
    2) Best advice is to contact Reynolds Alberta Museum as they would be aware! Indeed this may be some of their cast offs? LET your computer do the work for you.

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    • Dolphin Member

      Would that be anywhere near Red Deer?

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      • Gumby

        Red Deer is aprox. 140 km (1.5 hrs) south of Edmonton. This North South corridor (Highway #2) is well travelled! Think laterally. = East West. Also the best info I supplied is The REYNOLDS … for them not to know about this stash would be shocking.

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  7. Bryan Cohn

    It reads like an uncaring son or daughter who has inherited Dad’s collection of, in their mind, “sh*t”. Someone told them “All them Ford’s your daddy has is worth a fortune.” The kids see a nice boost in their retirement account and there you go, one ebay ad.

    The other option is the “Honey I’ve been trying to sell everything like you told me to do but no one is buying. See, look, no bids on my ad.”

    So, which is is gang?

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    • Mike

      Looking at the name of the seller, I’d say you’re first thought is right on Bryan

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      • Alan (Michigan)

        Yea… It is one thing to use a name like that in an irreverent attitude peer forum, quite something else to use it in an online marketplace with worldwide subscribership. More than a little odd, from my point of view.

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  8. DT

    Id be interested in the planer,the roll a round and maybe some totes,once the parts are removed from them. I would not buy anything from a person on e-bay trying to test the “appetite out there”

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  9. Jack R

    The only thing I saw RED in the pictures were tool chests.

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  10. geomechs geomechs Member

    Wonder if the REAL Bonne & Clyde death car is in this collection. Maybe I should drive up there and take a look for myself. It isn’t that far for me…

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  11. Alan (Michigan)

    The listing has me wondering too, if the red resto-mod car is included, or whether the seller is trying to get a fortune for a couple of semi-loads of parts.

    And, I also see the headlights/LF corner of a circa 1960 Corvette peeking out, but that is not for sale?

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  12. Gumby

    While you are “hunting” around for the location of and items in this thread you should look at this story. Fort Saskatchewan is a 20 minute drive east of Edmonton.

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