1935 Ford 3 Window For $45k!

1935 Ford 3 Window Coupe

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I know ’35 Ford 3 window coupes are extremely rare and highly sought after by hot rodders and Ford fanatics alike, but can this project really be worth the seller’s $45,000 asking price? It seems insane to me for a car that is in need of just about everything. I guess if you are going to build it into a hot rod anyways, what matters is that it is a solid starting point. It actually looks to be quite solid and rust free, but that leaves me wondering if this barn find wouldn’t be better off being preserved. I’ll have to leave it to you guys to decide the best route for this one! Find it here on eBay in Atlanta, Georgia.

1935 Ford Coupe

The styling of looks of the 3 window coupe really is great, but I’m really struggling with this asking price! I’ve seen rusty examples go for $15k, so I can see where this one would definitely be worth more, but that much more? You can find non-original but running and driving examples for $50k, so it seems like you are paying a considerable premium for an unmodified but non running car. And of course the moment you replace anything other than consumables, the originality is gone. That being said, there doesn’t appear to be any shortage of interest in it!

1935 Ford 3 Window Coupe Interior

The seller claims the engine if free and has good compression, so perhaps you can get it running again with minimal work. That’s a big if for a car this old that has been sitting for who knows how long. Anything is possible though! I’d love to see a few photos of the engine bay, but the seller doesn’t offer any. They do include a few photos of the interior and the floors, so we can see that it is solid and complete.

1935 Ford Coupe Barn Find

If it doesn’t have any serious rust, cleans up nicely and the set of rear fenders can be made to match the rest of the car, I could see it being worth a decent amount of money. There just aren’t many 3 window coupes out there, with many of them being turned into hot rods already or rusted beyond repair. I’d want to go over this car extremely closely before making any kind of offer. And even if it turns out to be as solid as it looks in the photos, I don’t think I would offer anywhere near $45k. Of course, I’ve been known to be wrong on plenty of occasions, so let me know if I’m way off base!

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  1. Mitch

    It needs to be restored, not hot rodded. & if this seller thinks he’s going to get 45K out of it he is on serious drugs.

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    • Davnkatz

      Couple of months back I passed on a 1935 restomod 5 window that looked like it had just rolled off the show room floor – priced at $17K. Had the total “look” of original except for the candy apple red paint. Instead of flathead V8 it had some kind of big engine. Made my mouth water, but thought price was too much.

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    • Rancho Bella

      This is why everyone should stay away from crack………..
      it ain’t good for ye’

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  2. Gerry

    Please,please, needs to be restored, not cut up to hot rod. How could you replace the rear metal fenders? So offer half what is asked.

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    • JoshAuthor

      The seller is including a pair of replacement fenders from a different car, so while they aren’t original, they will be correct for the car.

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  3. Jerry B

    As you see there is NO bids/offer. Get real on the price

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  4. DENIS

    Love the car. Seller is whacked.

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  5. Rick

    My fave old Ford is the ’35 (or ’36) 3 window. $45K seems pretty strong, but I bet there’s not too many of these left that have been sitting around and are not rusty. Wonder if it has the roll down rear window? Anyhow what a cool car!

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  6. MH

    Restore to 100% factory. Hot rods are a waste of a good car. This is about a 10K in my opinion.

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    • dave

      Parting it out wouls bring 20,000 plus.

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    • larry k

      Agree. For C sakes I bought a ZR1 pristine for 15k over that. Yeah way diff car but come on…

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  7. Joe

    Really nice car. Check out one of the ebay photos, the kid in the orange hat–a future Barn Finds reader.

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  8. RayT

    If it was mine — in which case, I wouldn’t be selling it, but if I was selling it — I might ask $45K too. You never know when someone with more money than sense will see your ad!

    It does look like a nice car, ripe for restoration. The “no longer original” doesn’t bother me much, though I’d start with a thorough cleaning to see if it came out of the wash as a nice original.

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    • Raymond Touchette

      Yes, I agree, clean it up, and piece by piece put it back to original. It’s worth the time and labour for such a great car. Remember it was Ford’s first forays into steamlining back in the 30’s. It is amazing how they produced such a nice automobile while moving the V-8 engine 8-1/2 inches forward.

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  9. Nessy

    I picked up a 35 Ford 5 window rumble seat coupe in about the same condition in 1995 for 2000. The floors were kind of rusty but it did run well. I sold it a few years later for 4000. Now, it’s become a hot rod but at least the guy saved the car. 45g? This is a Ford, coupe model or not, they will keep it at that price.

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  10. Tim

    I sincerely hope this car is restored or preserved as opposed to hot rodded. The rodder will cut and paste the body and ditch the flathead and interior anyway, and that would be a shame. This is a highly original untouched car that deserves to be kept original. The asking price better include his daughter.. Because the car is only worth about half that, needing what it does. 45 grand should get you a nice presentable driver.

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    Has this guy ever heard of a hose?
    WTF seriously these people are lazy slobs on feebay. They aparently never heard a guy named Hoover that invented a machine in the early 20th century that cleans carpets and seats very efficiently.
    It would be nice to see what color the car is…

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  12. JW454

    If he stays anywhere near the 45K price, it’s more likely to become a Hot Rod rather than to be restored. we’d all like to see a nice original one once in awhile but that’s not where the money is in the older Fords. It’s a shame but that’s what happens in the open market.

    It would be nice to know how the seller decided that this was a good price point for this car.

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    • Tim

      The ad suggests rodding, so I think you’re right. Sad really, it would be so nice done original.

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  13. jim s

    this listing has ended. the seller has a 37 lincoln zephyr on ebay at $4001, with no reserve.

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  14. Gary I

    I think maybe a little fishing to test the waters, but I can’t see someone biting at this price. Cool car, but for the ask I bet you could almost pay for one running and driving.

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  15. Rocco

    I want to hear more.

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  16. Tim

    For comparison, here’s a phaeton in beautiful shape for the same price:


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    • Nessy

      Well, that says it all. A super rare phaeton model in good condition for the same price. If you are reading our comments Mr dirty coupe owner, your 45g price is out to lunch. You could have washed it too. I don’t get it when people leave all the filth on a barn find. It’s only a bath folks.

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    • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

      Thanks Tim, that is sweet!

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  17. geomechs geomechsMember

    I see it has ended, so that means that it has been sold or the vendor just decided to pull it off the market. All I can say is that to command that kind of money it better be original right down to the 40A engine with Stromberg 48 carb. The rear fenders really threw a monkey wrench into the works. I can’t help but wonder where they went unless the owner bought the car as a project and they mysteriously disappeared. I’d have liked to try this on myself but the price was out of my league by a vast margin. I’m not saying it wasn’t worth it; a vendor can ask anything he wants; it’s easier to come down than to go up…

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  18. Ed P

    SOLD to the man with $45,000 in his hand.

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  19. Slickimp

    Wow unbelievable

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  20. Nessy

    I do not think anymore really came along and paid 45 thousand bucks for this thing and I think most of you would agree. Time will tell if we see it on the market again in the future.

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  21. Rex Rice

    As Bugs would say: What a maroon!” Asking this much $ for that? Once, many moons ago, my buddy & I saw a ’35 Ford in front yard with a ‘For Sale’ sign on it, ‘$25’. Since we returning from picking beans, on foot & were flush with cash, we each put up $12.50 & drove it home. I think I’ll pass on this one…

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    • dave

      Ya in 1940

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  22. Somer

    Three windows are pretty desirable. I saw a phaeton being sold at a RM auction for a hair over 30K. I asked the guy next to be “why so cheap” (he’s a known hot rodder). He said people just don’t seem to be as interested in them anymore. In the 70’s , people were “creating” them.
    Markets, tastes change.

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  23. DENIS

    how much????

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    • Somer

      How much for what?

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    • David Montanbeau

      50K it was a bidding war

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  24. Tom Rutledge

    No rear fenders and because they are difficult to find and not made in steel only fiberglass the car is not wort the money maybe 20,000 at the very most and only because it’s a 3 window and as far as rust goes, dont be fooled,it has rust believe me and right where you dont want it so plan to replace and repair the lower half of the sheet metal since Ford didn’t put any rust preservative on the steel in the day.

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  25. Donald Horton

    I have a 1935 three window Business coupe that is needed for repair but asking price is $50, 000 or bo phone number is 2562067450. Brand new motor which is a 350, Chevrolet 350 horsepower. It has b.r.o gauges and has custom interior. Needing some TLC.

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  26. Donald Horton

    I have a 1935 three window Business coupe that is needed for repair but asking price is $50, 000 or bo phone number is 2562067450. Brand new motor which is a 350, Chevrolet 350 horsepower. It has b.r.o gauges and has custom interior. Needing some TLC.
    If interested give me a call, serious buyer’s please.

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