1937 Chevrolet Sedan: Rough But Running

1937 Chevrolet

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At first glance you would think this Chevy is a rust bucket that has been parked outdoors for the past 30 years, well it might have been outside for that long (who knows?) and it is rusty, but amazingly it runs and drives. The seller claims they actually drove it to and from work everyday last summer. They’ve done some work to it to make it a driver, including converting it to 12 volt and installing a new radiator. They probably should have gone through the transmission though, as they lost 3rd gear after using it so much. I assume the lack of 3rd is why they are selling it, well that and the rust. If it really is as solid as they claim, this could be a cool driver to putt around in. I would want to get the transmission rebuilt, as it probably can’t keep up with modern traffic without all three gears. Find it here on craigslist for $3,500 in Springfield, Minnesota. Special thanks to Robert R for the tip!

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  1. ceezy

    I’d love to have one of these, but that’s too much rust for me to deal with.

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  2. 1998redwagon

    springfield is farm country here in minnesota. could have easily driven it slow into town with not much problem. must have been a summer to remember. wish i had those memories.

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  3. Charles


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  4. craigerb

    More like patina with a little rust mixed in. This car should be saved.

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  5. DT

    I like these…..I like 1937-1942’s ….never had a car,but I had a 1941 pick up,straight foward….You could drive it while you put it back together fairly inexpensively,inclosed driveshaft! Probably why its for sale

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  6. charlieMember

    My Aunt Lilly had a ’37 4 door Deluxe, she drove it until 1953, if it had not rusted, I think she would never have parted with it. Very reliable, very good up to about 55 mph, then, engine was really working. But she never went more than 50. On the flat she would pull out the hand throttle and let it go all by itself – early cruise control if you were a flatlander.

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  7. geomechs geomechsMember

    I think this car is deserving of a major refurbishment; not a concours quality restoration but something to give it new life. The trouble is: they got so far gone that people look at them and all they see is junk, or something that needs a restoration. The car I’ve posted is from our local club. It was pulled from a farmer’s field in ’69 and the owner kept working it over until he got it where he wanted. The paint has only been touched up. In the years the car has crossed the country twice and with all the trips has logged close to 200K miles. It’s starting to smoke a little blue, indicating the need for some engine work but is otherwise pretty much the way he fixed it over 40 years ago.

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  8. Juan

    My grandfather had one exactly like that, he bougth it used in 1947 and drove it for a little more than 400000 km (I´m from Argentina) raced and won every car on the road he crossed (including v8 fords), sold it 5 years later and saw it still running in 1960 (not in the best shape), save it, it deservs a second life.

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