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1946 Ford Pickup: Swap To Street

left rear

The Hagerty team have taken up the challenge to build a Ford pickup from parts purchased at the Hershey Swap Meet, then drive it home to Traverse City, Michigan. They purchased this Ford from a backyard in Michigan, transported it to Hershey and have begun the process of making it a driver! You can follow their progress live here on youtube!

Watching this truck come together makes me think we should do a live broadcast like this! What do you guys think? Would you enjoy watching us rebuild a barn find live from parts we scrounge up at the salvage yard, swap meets, and eBay?


  1. John

    Sure!! I’d love to see a barnfind video of a find actually being pulled from a barn…warts, mishaps and all

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  2. David Frank David Member

    Sounds like great fun, especially not having to smell it! Either live, fast forward video or lots of pictures alonong the way would be great.

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  3. Howard A Member

    IDK about the rebuilding part, but I agree with John, it would be cool to see someone open a shed door for the 1st time in years, to reveal a true barn find. ( even if it was scripted) I’m reminded of a Hemmings article that showed someone finding a 1929 Packard in upstate NY, and the place was so overgrown, they had to cut a new driveway, just to get to the shed.

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  4. Birdman

    Ok…My wife and I scanned through the 11 hours…yes..11 hours of footage from yesterday…
    We watched for nearly 1/2 hr before they even wheeled the truck into view.. then watched as “who-knows-how-many people” wandered around.. basically doing nothing….
    From there we would jump forward an hour at a time (to keep us from falling asleep from boredom), watch for a bit(15 mins or so), then scan forward another hour… you get the picture..
    At the end of 11 hours of work by 4 or 5 people, we sat there going “What did they do?”
    Ok, given… they got new floors in and got the “bumpers” taken off and replaced… and were those new drums behind the rusted wheels?
    And what was with just lifting off the front clip?
    To me it looked like a pile of work had been done before wheeling the truck before the camera…just my thoughts.
    For having 4-5 people in overalls “working”, if I was the one funding this fiasco, I’d be asking ” What was that? 11 hrs and that’s all that you got done?”
    I’m possibly going to check in again tonight, just to see if today is more productive, but if it’s anything like today, I’ll probably give up after the first 1/2 hour or watching..
    It would have been worth watching last night if there had been one person working on the front, one on the rear, one in the cab… actually getting stuff done…
    Just my 2 cents for what its worth.

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    • ReallyRottenTurbo

      I believe you are forgetting the small detail that the team was also responsible for sourcing the parts needed directly from the Hershey swap meet, which means most of the first couple of days were spent walking miles and miles looking for those parts and getting leads.

      Yet, the truck was still completed with 5 hours to spare. It ran totally solid and made the 750-mile drive home from PA to Michigan under it’s own power, and now in the next week it will be driven to SEMA in Las Vegas.

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  5. Tundra/BMW Guy

    I think that the “Build Idea” would be cool. Maybe if you guys do do a “Build”, don’t set unrealistic goals and expectations. People building a vehicle in X amount of time, while it might be impressive, it leaves one with no confidence that any/all of the details, the small very important stuff, is getting done or done correctly. It’s all well and good to complete it in some unfathomable time frame, but if the whole thing is going to be nothing but a rolling problem factory for the rest of its life, what have you really accomplished? My 2¢ worth…….

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