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1948 Chrysler Traveler Barn Find

If you’re into rare and unique vehicles, then this 1948 Chrysler Traveler might just be the car for you. With only twelve or so still remaining, six of which are now owned by Chrysler, this is one rare family hauler. It has a few problems from its long term stay in a Kansas barn, but is still solid. If you’re willing to take on this project, find it here on eBay.

The Traveler was based on the Chrysler Windsor, but was the top of the line. It is powered by a 250 cui Spitfire flathead six, which produced 115 hp. The seller claims the engine runs, but we would guess it’s going to need a full service. Parts can be difficult to come by for these cars, but thankfully the seller has many of the parts this car will need replaced.

The interior appears to be complete and very original, but the front seats are in need of some serious attention. We would see if an upholsterer can match the original materials and just have them recovered. The Traveler was meant to be used as a family car for long trips and it looks like it would be a comfortable car to travel in. We love the wooden roof rack and really give this car a lot of character.

Finding parts for such a rare vehicle could be a challenge, but the seller does have quite a few parts for it already. This project will probably be a labor of love, but we think it would be worth the work. What do you think? Is it going to be too expensive to restore or worth the work?


  1. RMS

    I would get it running, fix the seats and drive it as is.

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  2. Horse Radish

    this would be interesting to own and drive daily and see peoples looks on their faces….but

    2 serious questions:

    If he was “poised to complete the restoration” How come he never transferred the title in his name ?
    No mention even how long he’s had the car !!
    How do you crinkle the rear fender like that without signs of impact ?
    Was this ripped from the jaws of a crusher ?

    The whole thing looks like a flip to me……(and for a Jaguar MkIX-project ???)

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    • scot c

      ~ my guess is we can’t see the point of impact, the chrome strip took the brunt of the scrape as the fender dragged along the garage (or barn) door jamb.
      . my oldest brother had a ’47 or ’48 Chrysler New Yorker in high school. what a barge! an entire battalion could camp in one of these.

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  3. Horse Radish

    And what is it with these rumors ??

    Anybody can start one , like how is this ?:

    It is rumored that 4,181 of 4,182 cars produced have survived to this day, stored in a Barn in Nebraska ?

    One got away…………..

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  4. paul

    It may be a flipper , but who cares, it’s all there & orig. & rare.

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  5. Dolphin Member

    I’m with Paul. Cars…..houses…..property…..there will always be flippers. You are buying what you see, and this is an interesting and affordable car for someone who can see the beauty in the Chris-Craft roof rack, that fabulous pure Art Deco dash, those wide, wide whitewalls, the browntones, and even that spotlight—-when was the last time anyone saw a spotlight on a car?

    This isn’t in my realm of collector interest, but I can see the appeal all over it, especially for someone who doesn’t have a Jay Leno budget.

    Congrats to the seller, who has provided more information and better photos than most cars that are listed on eBay or Craigslist. Altho there were a few out of focus photos, the data plates are shown clearly and there are some nice detail shots. If this car doesn’t sell quickly at the low B-I-N price, there’s something wrong in the collector car world.

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  6. willie

    nice to bring back //

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  7. Chris

    The roof rack really sets off the chracter of the car, espceially with the two tone brown and cream. I’d love to have a spotlight, what a cool accessory. But those 115 horses in that big six have a lot of work to do hauilng that Chrysler. Good looking car, I like it a lot, hope it finds a good home.

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  8. Dolphin Member

    Sold in 48 hrs!

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  9. Wayne Norman

    This looks like a 40’s version of the rare “American Family Truckster”. My friend Clark Griswold owned a later model, green in color…..

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  10. Barn Finds

    This one went for $7,900 BIN.

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  11. Tom

    I have a 1948 Windsor that I am parting out. I have all the parts that would make this car look great.

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    • Dave

      Hello Tom,
      I know that your post on your windsor that you are parting out is almost a year old but…
      I have a 1948 Traveler that I am starting a restoration on. Would you still have the car?

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      • Tom

        How are you doing on your project. I still have many parts left on my ’48 Windsor. Would you be interested in the whole car or a few parts? I have sold very few items off of it and would like to get it out of my garage soon. I am in NW Iowa.

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  12. Tom Inman

    I do have the car and it has many good parts. I need to get it sold and out of the garage before winter. I want to start another project. As I look at the pictures, I see that many of the parts are very close to the same as the Traveler. My seats are in very good shape, but are not the same leather and cloth as that car has. The dash and the interior is excellent condition for a 66 year old car. If you are interested in the complete car, I would sell the ’48 Chrysler Windsor as is. I can also leave the Spitfire engine and the transmission in it. Several years ago I had the engine running with pouring fuel in the carburetor. I had planned to keep the engine and transmission for spares for my ’49 DeSoto. I have sold very few parts off of it. The brakes are stuck and you would need a trailer with a winch to get it loaded. Make me an offer.
    I am in Northwest Iowa.

    Tom Inman
    Estherville, Iowa

    I have a couple Thunderbird projects (1961 and 1964) and a ’49 Chevy Sedan Delivery project that has not been started yet. I have a ’49 DeSoto that came from an uncle. We drive it quite a bit during the summer. These are not for sale.

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    • mark house

      Hi Tom, I know its a long shot …but did your Windsor have a roof rack and if so who has it now?, I need one for my 48 Desoto suburban , hope you don’t mind me asking. regards….Mark.

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  13. Frank Opalka

    My Traveler has been improved by installing a small block chevy and overdrive trans, runs great and drives to Hershey from Chicago with ease. Nice hwy cruiser, Great Deco interior, Has 2 tone paint, is brown/cream but u could order cream/brown. Spotlites are still being produced by the company that made them originally. Unity, made one for me. The original engine and trans blew up and this switch is a beautiful installation. I run the car on 6 and 12 volts, no problems so far, car says “Traveler on dash and side hood places.” Interior available in diferent styles, orginial as shown, Highlander Scotch plaid, or Navaho.

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  14. Tom

    We are enjoying our ’49 Desoto. We put on about 2000 miles on last summer. I overhauled the 6 cyl. engine and get a kick out of the Fluid Drive Trany. It actually is fun to drive using that Trany. I still have most of the parts left in my ’48 Chrysler Windsor I am parting out. Do you need any Misc. Parts? I think many items would interchange with your Traveler. I am in north west Iowa.

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    • Dave

      I am in need of the farthest to the rear clip for attaching the rocker trim piece under the doors and three of the fasteners that hold the trim pieces that are on the rear fenders.

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  15. Graham Clayton

    Why does Chrysler own between six and nine of the remaining existing cars? Couldn’t they sell them new back in 1948?

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