1955 Chevrolet Nomad: Overgrown Wagon

1955 Chevy Nomad

Hiding in this overgrowth is one of the most recognizable American cars to come out of the ’50s! The foliage makes it a bit difficult to tell what car this is, but I’m sure any dedicated Tri-Five enthusiast will instantly recognized the fins and tailgate of the Chevy Nomad! That’s right, someone parked a ’55 Nomad in this field to rust away. Based on all the cars around it I’m going to assume this place is or was a salvage yard, so there is likely more to this story. I’m quite curious to see what else is on this property, especially what’s inside their shop! I’m not sure if this Nomad will ever see the road again, at least not with the seller’s $5k asking price. It is going to need everything, including an engine and transmission, plus lots of rust repair. You can find this Nomad here on craigslist in De Funiak Springs, Florida. Special thanks to Chuck F for this tip!


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  1. David R.

    I think I’ve driven past this place before. There was a shop on a street corner that had a 1962 Impala and a 1964 also. I turned the corner, and behind it stretched a yard about 2 and a half lots. It was littered with dozens upon dozens of Tri-Five Chevys, and thrown into the mix was an orphaned 1961 Bel-Air. I counted 4 1955 nomads, a 1957 nomad, and countless 2 and 4 door sedans and coupes. I even saw a black 1955 Nomad perched across the hood of a 1956 sedan! All of them were/are in this condition, but they all still had chrome and some still had windows. I drove by thinking of how much just all the trim he had was worth.If I ever back to the town, I’ll be sure to take some pictures.

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  2. randy

    The time for $$ on this Nomad is long past. I guess the owner has a large amount of “hindsight” going on, as do we all.

  3. Dolphin Member

    Randy is right, if the seller has been waiting for the market to meet his price on this Nomad while he takes just a few parts off here and there to sell or use on other cars, the time when this hulk was worth $5K is gone.

  4. Barzini

    If I was the seller, I would get the weed-whacker and pruning sheers out before taking pictures. It’s hard to see what he’s got here.

    • moosie Craig

      WEED WACKER, PRUNING SHEARS,,,,,,,,,,,, That’s too much like work, seller probably just wants to collect pictures of dead presidents.

  5. rick

    Yeah but they ain’t making any more tri-five nomads

  6. Ed P

    I would be afraid to move this car. It might be home to an endangered species, like the snail darter. I don’t need trouble with the Gub’mint over an old car.

  7. GOPAR

    ’55 Nomads have been worth a lot of money for many years. Why in the world would someone allow one of these to sit outside for so long and get in this condition! And then, on top of everything else, expect someone to pay good money for it. I don’t live far from De Funiak, but I wouldn’t waste a 45 minute drive to go fight the snakes to get a closer look at it for that price. But on second thought, if it still has the eyebrow chrome, hmmm……….

  8. gunningbar

    Yeah.. what everybody else said.

  9. John

    No. Just no.

  10. AMCFAN

    The Nomad pictured looks just like the car a friend found in or around 1980 (wow that long ago now!) It was rescued from a dry creek bed. To me as a kid it was an awesome find as it was free for the taking. It was amazingly complete.The friend several years older being the wiser said it was far too rough to do anything with. At the time it was. I remember he was buying and driving hammered tri fives and paying $200-$500 all day long. Those were the days.
    Getting back to the poor Nomad. I saw the car again in the 1990’s and he had let it rust down. So much so that the rain channel had rusted away leaving a huge gaping wound on each side of the roof.
    This is always troubling to see. Death by neglect. If only he would have tried something….anything to preserve it. A tarp, dumping used oil or paint on it maybe it would be salvagable today.


    🙀😭😭😭😭💰That is all I have to say!

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