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1956 Corvette in Pieces

1956 Corvette

We see this over and over again. Someone finds and buys that sports car they had been dreaming of. Once they get it home they decide it would be much more enjoyable to drive if it were restored. So they start pulling it apart, they find some replacement parts and maybe even have a machine shop work the block over, but then the reality of what they have gotten themselves into sets in. Restorations aren’t easy and they certainly aren’t cheap! The owner of this 1956 Corvette started restoring it and had it almost to the point where it was ready to go back together, but for whatever reason put it in the corner of their barn and left it. It was recently pulled from the barn and can now be found here on eBay.

1956 Corvette Project

Now that it is cleared off, it’s easier to see how far the previous owner had gotten. It appears to have been repainted and reassembly started, but they didn’t make it very far. They even found a replacement chassis and had the engine professionally machined, but neither made it into the car. Since this comes with a spare chassis, we are going to assume that means the original is rusted out and beyond repair. The seller really didn’t provide much in the way of the car’s history or even its current condition. There were a lot of parts piled around it when it was found though, so let’s just hope all the pieces are here as the seller claims.

1956 Corvette Parts

Here you can see some of the included parts. We see some N.O.S. stuff in this photo and the seller claims that most of these parts still have their receipts from when they were purchased in the ’70s. While the extra parts are a definite plus, we are very interested in these receipts, as they may provide some clues to this Vette’s history. We hate when a seller offers random details, such as telling us that the motor was stored in the owner’s house, but doesn’t offer information about the condition of the body, paint, or any missing pieces.

1956 Corvette doors

Puzzling this Corvette back together will be a massive challenge, but the results should be rewarding. We would recommend getting yourself some good manuals and possibly making friends with another Corvette owner that will let you look their car over. We would love to see this car all put back together, so hopefully whoever wins the auction will get in touch with us and keep us updated!


  1. Avatar photo braktrcr

    Wow 28K and reserve not met on basket case. It will make a gorgeous car, but it seems like a lot to me. Especially with the questions about how complete it might be

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  2. Avatar photo jim s

    that is going to take a lot of work/money. would be nice when it is back together. not for the for everyone but the bids show there is some interest. nice find

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  3. Avatar photo paul

    This car is good for one of the many Corvette resto guys out there, who have a load of parts so what ever is missing, they will be able to fill in all the gaps. Once done they probably will get about 40-60g’s for a pieced together, maybe non matching # 56 Vette.

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  4. Avatar photo carguy

    Its seems to me that close to $30,000 for pieces, and 60,000 for a complete one. tough one.
    Easy to drop $30,000 on paint pieces, and putting it all back together.
    Still thinking on this one.

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    • Avatar photo Nova

      Interesting piece, unfortunate that block is decked and replacement frame.
      but definitely not a basket case as previously mentioned.

      If it’s truly been tucked away for 42 years and virtually forgotten, it’s spectacular find.

      if you choose to throw your hat into the auction ring “Good Luck” the car will be worthy of sleepless nights waiting for it’s anticipated arrival.



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  5. Avatar photo Don Barzini

    It must be way harder to reassemble a car that you did not take apart. You often hear there are almost always missing parts. I don’t have the knowledge or skill to do it but admire those who can.

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    • Avatar photo geomechs Member

      Yeah, it’s definitely harder if you didn’t take it apart but it isn’t impossible. I’ve helped out with a couple of basket cases and came out OK. Just don’t get in a hurry and be prepared to ask lots of questions in addition to scratching your head.

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  6. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    I’d love to tackle a job like this one! I’d love it even more if it was a ’60 – ’62 but I won’t complain. Realistically though, if it brings much more than what it’s at already, carguy’s comment makes sense.

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  7. Avatar photo Newport Pagnell

    Sexy sure,but rides and drives like a truck.

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    • Avatar photo geomechs Member

      Sorry, Newport, but I have to disagree with you somewhat. I’ve driven a few Corvettes and a lot of trucks, and there ain’t no comparison. Old Corvette to a new one is very different and there is definitely a lot of improvement as the years go by. I’ll still take this vintage of a Corvette.

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      • Avatar photo Newport Pagnell

        Well I’ve put a few miles on a ’60 and a ’67 and there is no comparison in ride dynamics and handling between those years. Of course I’d take the vette too,but the early ones leave a lot to be desired, especially with no PB,PS etc.

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  8. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    Some real nice parts boxes in this lot.

    But seriously……….SCM Guide says $88K for a #2 condition car. Assuming it’s a real 225 HP car and factoring in the hard top and all the NOS parts, then deducting for the replacement frame (not stated whether it’s the only frame that comes with the car) and the engine block with no numbers, it’s probably worth $30K to someone who knows these cars and can actually get it back together correctly.

    My concern would be whether it comes with the original frame, tags, and engine, all documented. Otherwise, it’s a car with ‘stories’ and will always be hard to sell to a lot of C1 fans.

    But if you just want a rare early C1 to drive to the Dairy Queen on a warm summer night then that won’t matter. I really like these early C1s with the plain but very classy look. I wish I knew these well and could afford to take on another resto now.

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  9. Avatar photo tom999p

    That seller is not the owner of the car who took it apart, that’s why he knows nothing about the history of it. I feel bad for the old guy that he gave $2000 to when he bought it as “junk”…

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  10. Avatar photo swm

    Interesting how the hobby is changing. Just a few years ago, this would have been snapped right up. Now, if this was a Porsche or some rusted Italian hulk, would be bid sky high.

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  11. Avatar photo rancho bella

    I don’t get wanting a car, that when you are seated, you have a steering wheel in your face.

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